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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:31, 4331 - Foodstuffs and fodder for animals; agricultural and aquacultural crops, horticulture and forestry products; live animals, organisms for breeding; bedding and litter for animals; plants; fungi; fresh corni fructus (sansuyu) in the nature of live plants; fresh mugwort (yakssuk) in the nature of live plants; horticultural mulches; maize; horticultural mulches made from cocoa shell waste; mycelium for agricultural purposes; spores for agricultural purposes; agricultural produce (unprocessed -); fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs; trees and forestry products; flowers; malts and unprocessed cereals; natural turf; plant residues (raw materials); seeds, bulbs and seedlings for plant breeding; flax seeds, unprocessed; ferns; natural edible plants [unprocessed]; nettles; flowering plants; foliage plants; nursery plants; hanging basket liners [moss]; aloe vera plants; fresh ginseng; fresh edible cacti; live rootstocks; asparagus plant material (fresh -); fresh plants; fresh garlic scapes; fresh balloon flower root (doraji); aloe vera, fresh, for food; fresh cut wreaths; natural greenery for decoration; live topiaries; dried corn husks for decoration; plants for ponds [live]; live plants used as aquarium landscapes; live plants with symbiotic microorganisms; plants for aquaria [live]; natural plants; living fruit plants; dried herbs for decoration; wreaths of dried herbs for decoration; climbing plants; catnip; irish moss, other than for medical purposes; leguminous plants; hop cones; hop saplings; hops; grasses [plants]; garlands of natural flowers; dried cattails for decoration; plants, dried, for decoration; dried plants; fresh fern (gosari); fresh chives; sugarcane; house plants; unprocessed teff; unprocessed ginseng; unprocessed sugar crops; peat moss; potted plants; asparagus plants; weeds for human or animal consumption; roses [plants]; vine plants; pyrethrum [plants]; pennyroyal [plants]; seedlings; onions; chicory roots; roots for animal consumption; juniper berries; unprocessed vegetables; unprocessed cabbage; unprocessed peppers; unprocessed garlic; unprocessed ginger; unprocessed onions; unprocessed sugar beets; unprocessed zucchini; unprocessed lemons; raw nut kernels; unprocessed lychee fruit; unprocessed herbs; unprocessed coconuts; cherries (unprocessed -); unprocessed potatoes; unprocessed fruits; peanuts, unprocessed; unprocessed dates; unprocessed beans; unprocessed apricots; unprocessed artichokes; unprocessed avocados; unprocessed blueberries; salad crops; unprocessed asparagus; raw red beans; raw horseradish root; cocoa beans, raw; locust beans, raw; berries (unprocessed -); peppers [plants]; capsicums; nuts [fruits]; unprocessed sweet corn ears [husked or unhusked]; almonds [fruits]; living salad; kumquats; copra; kola nuts; coconuts; potatoes, fresh; fresh fruits in a gift basket; pomegranates; root vegetables [fresh]; fresh wheatgrass; salad vegetables [fresh]; fresh fruits and vegetables; fruit, fresh; fresh leafy asian vegetables; mixed fruits [fresh]; fresh khorasan wheatgrass; vegetables, fresh; fresh basil; fresh japanese leeks; fresh cabbage; sweetcorn [fresh]; fresh thyme; spinach, fresh; fresh brussel sprouts; fresh rosemary; fresh arugula; fresh sage; fresh bok choy; fresh asparagus; rhubarb, fresh; fresh radicchio; fresh kohlrabi; fresh cilantro; fresh oregano; fresh peppers; leeks, fresh; garlic, fresh; fresh chervil; fresh japanese edible horseradishes (wasabi); fresh ginger; fresh kale; lettuce, fresh; fresh napa cabbage (baechu); onions, fresh; fresh zucchini; fresh citrus fruits; lemons, fresh; fresh wine grapes; fresh hawthorn fruits; fresh sugar-apples; watermelon, fresh; fresh water chestnuts; tropical fruits [fresh]; fresh waxberries; fresh walnuts; grapes, fresh; fresh tomatoes; fresh string beans; fresh carambolas; fresh sweet potatoes; fresh gooseberries; fresh soursops; fresh soya beans; fresh blackcurrants; fresh black raspberry (bokbunja); fresh redcurrants; fresh oriental melon (cham-oe); fresh shallots; fresh sapodillas; fresh rambutans; fresh beets; fresh sapotes; fresh quince; fresh plum tomatoes; fresh pine nuts; fresh pistachio nuts; fresh plums; fresh peaches; fresh pecans; fresh perilla leaves (shiso); fresh parsley; fresh chanterelles; fresh passion fruit; fresh brazil nuts; olives, fresh; oranges, fresh; pomelos, fresh; fresh papayas; fresh okra; nuts being fresh; fresh noni fruit; fresh cloudberries; mint [fresh]; melons; vegetable marrows, fresh; fresh mulberries; chestnuts, fresh; fresh mangosteens; fresh lotus roots; fresh naranjillas; mandarins [fruit, fresh]; fresh mangos; fresh loquats; fresh loganberries; lichees, fresh; lentils, fresh; fresh spanish limes; fresh limes; garden herbs, fresh; fresh pumpkins; potted fresh herbs; fresh coconuts; fresh cola nuts; arrangements of fresh fruit; beer barley; organic fresh vegetables; organic fresh herbs; organic fresh fruit; chillies; chillies (unprocessed -); edible nuts [unprocessed]; fresh cut garlands; fresh adzuki beans; pineapples [fresh]; fresh pineapple guavas (feijoa); fresh apple mangos; fresh apricots; fresh white carrots (arracacha); artichokes, fresh; eggplants; fresh avocados; fresh bamboo shoots; fresh bananas; berries, fresh; betel nuts, fresh; fresh flavoring leaves of japanese pepper tree (sansho); fresh apples; apples; fresh edible rootstocks; fresh edible flowers; beans, fresh; fresh scallions; fresh figs; fresh fava beans; fresh strawberry guavas; strawberries [fresh]; peanuts, fresh; peas, fresh; chicory, fresh; fresh champignons; fresh chilies; fresh cranberries; fresh dates; fresh grape tomatoes; fresh dragon fruits; fresh durians; fresh cashew apples; fresh cashew nuts; fresh blackberries; fresh boysenberries; pears, fresh; fresh blood oranges; fresh bean sprouts; young fresh soybeans in the pod (eda-mame); fresh japanese persimmons; fresh green split-peas; fresh plantains; fresh kiwi fruit; fresh cherry tomatoes; cherries (fresh -); fresh chick peas; catnip [fresh]; carrots (fresh -); fresh jackfruit; fresh yams; fresh currant; fresh golden berries; fresh ice cream beans; fresh pulses; fresh guavas; cucumbers, fresh; fresh hazelnuts; fresh raspberries; grapefruits; fresh goji berries; squashes, fresh; garden salads; fresh gingko nuts.43 - Boarding for animals; rental of furniture, linens and table settings; services for providing food and drink; providing temporary accommodation; pet boarding services; pet day care services; dog day care services; cattery services; boarding for horses; boarding for pets; services for the housing of pet fish; services for the housing of pet birds; rental of rugs; rental of lighting apparatus; hiring of furniture for presentations; hiring of furniture for conferences; rental of furniture; rental of kitchen worktops for preparing food for immediate consumption; rental of pillows; rental of internal furnishings; hire of interior lighting; rental of towels for hotels; rental of glassware; rental of beverage fountains; rental of crockery; rental of floor coverings for hotels; hiring of mats; hire of interior matting; rental of floor coverings; rental of futon; rental of blankets; rental of catering equipment; rental of lighting apparatus (domestic -); rental of cutlery; rental of quilts; rental of beds; rental of cotton candy making machines; hire of bed linen; rental of wall hangings for hotels; rental of curtains for hotels; hire of interior tables; rental of carpets; hire of interior chairs; rental of chairs and tables; rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware; rental of tableware; rental of chafing dishes; rental of chocolate fountains; rental of popcorn poppers; hiring of furniture for exhibitions; rental of furniture for hotels; provision of temporary furnished accommodation; leasing of metal and non-metal transportable buildings; emergency shelter services [providing temporary housing]; rental of temporary accommodation; hire of pavilions; booking of temporary accommodation via the internet; travel agency services for booking accommodation; hospitality services [accommodation]; provision of information relating to the booking of accommodation; holiday accommodation services; creche services provided in shopping locations; reception services for temporary accommodation [management of arrivals and departures]; accommodation booking agency services [time share]; agency services for the reservation of temporary accommodation; accommodation letting agency services [time share]; tour operator services for the booking of temporary accommodation; room booking; booking of accommodation for travellers; accommodation exchange services [time share]; consultancy provided by telephone call centers and hotlines in the field of temporary accommodation; operating membership accommodation; charitable services, namely providing temporary accommodation; nurseries, day care centers and providing day-care services for the elderly; hotels, hostels and boarding houses, holiday and tourist accommodation; event facilities and temporary office and meeting facilities; providing information about temporary accommodation via the internet; providing information about temporary accommodation services; accommodation bureau services; temporary accommodation reservations; temporary room hire; accommodation services for functions; room hire services; rental of rooms as temporary living accommodations; rental of transportable buildings; arranging and providing temporary accommodation; arranging temporary housing accommodations; rental of tents; provision of caravan park facilities; providing temporary housing accommodations; rental of rooms for social functions; booking agency services for hotel accommodation; tourist home services; holiday camp services [lodging]; consultancy services relating to hotel facilities; providing temporary lodging for guests; providing temporary accommodation as part of hospitality packages; providing temporary accommodation in holiday homes; providing temporary accommodation in holiday flats; providing temporary accommodation in boarding houses; providing campground facilities; resort hotel services; hotels and motels; guesthouses; tourist hostels; rating holiday accommodation; appraisal of hotel accommodation; travel agencies for arranging accommodation; booking of campground accommodation; booking of hotel rooms for travellers; booking agency services for holiday accommodation; travel agency services for reserving hotel accommodation; travel agency services for making hotel reservations; tourist camp services [accommodation]; hotel accommodation services; hostels; hotel reservation services provided via the internet; resort lodging services; provision of hotel accommodation; rental of temporary accommodation in holiday homes and flats; providing temporary trailer park facilities; providing accommodation in hotels and motels; arranging of accommodation for holiday makers; reservation of temporary accommodation in the nature of holiday homes; travel agency services for booking temporary accommodation; reservation of rooms for travellers; reservation of tourist accommodation; booking of hotel accommodation; arranging of accommodation for tourists; information relating to hotels; making hotel reservations for others; hotel services for preferred customers; provision of information relating to hotels; electronic information services relating to hotels; tourist inns; services for reserving holiday accommodation; hotel services; youth hostel services; motel services; boarding house services; providing lodging information via the internet; providing travel lodging information services and travel lodging booking agency services for travelers; providing on-line information relating to holiday accommodation reservations; providing online information relating to hotel reservations; accommodation bureau services [hotels, boarding houses]; boarding house bookings; hotel reservations; providing room reservation and hotel reservation services; temporary accommodation provided by dude ranches; temporary accommodation services provided by holiday camps.