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Правообладатель: GRIFFESHIELD S.R.L.  Via Aldo Moro, 45  I-30020 Quarto D'Altino, Venezia  (IT)Представитель:Jacobacci & Partners S.p.A.  Corso Emilia, 8  I-10152 Torino  (IT)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 35, 37, 38, 41, 42, 459 - Application software; application software for smartphones; security tokens [encryption devices]; security surveillance robots; e-mail security software; downloadable computer security software; computer software for blockchain technology; computer software for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency; computer software for interacting with blockchain platforms; computer utility programs for file management; computer search engine software; artificial intelligence software; computer software for blockchain data mining; computer software for synchronizing data between handheld or portable computers and host computers; electronic tags for goods; radio-frequency identification [RFID] tags; electronic labels; magnetic labels; encoded bar code labels; labels with integrated RFID chips; optically encoded labels; apparatus for data storage; apparatus for processing electronic payments; apparatus for the transmission of sound or images; apparatus for the recording of sound or images; apparatus for speech recording and replaying; computers; computer hardware; pattern recognition systems composed of computer chips, computer hardware and software; USB flash drives; counterfeit coin detectors; downloadable cloud computing software; network cards; network routers; network servers; computer software for administration of computer local area networks; computer programs for searching remotely for content on computers and computer networks; computer software and telecommunications apparatus, including modems, to enable connection to databases, computer networks and the internet.35 - Brand evaluation services; brand positioning services; brand strategy services; brand management; brand consultancy; business research; marketing research; web indexing for commercial or advertising purposes; business information; business investigations; cost price analysis; systemization of information into computer databases; business reputation management and improvement services; commercial consultancy in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency; market intelligence services; competitive intelligence services; commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; computerized central file and business file management; business file management; central file management; computer file management; search engine optimisation; sponsorship search consultancy services; search engine optimisation for sales promotion; search engine optimization for sales promotion; on-line advertising on a computer network; providing commercial information via a global computer network; provision of advertising space on a global computer network; business administration services for the processing of sales made on a global computer network; price comparison services; compilation of legal information; compilation of legal information into computer databases; providing consumer information relating to global computer network address and URL registration; services related to the analysis, evaluation, creation and brand establishment of trade names and domain names; advertising; advertising of business websites; compilation of information into computer databases; data search in computer files for others; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; compilation and analysis of business data in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.37 - Installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; installation, maintenance and repair of computer network and information technology equipment; consultancy relating to the installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; customization of computer hardware through installation of new components; installation of hardware for computer networks; installation of radio systems and networks; installation, maintenance and repair of hardware for computer networks.38 - Internet service provider [ISP] services; hosted PBX services; communications by computer terminals; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; providing user access to global computer networks; rental of access time to global computer networks; computer aided transmission of messages and images; communications by telephone; message sending; providing access to databases; providing online forums; provision of telecommunications connections for telephone chat lines; internet communication; providing internet chatrooms and internet forums; providing voice communication services via the internet; wireless transfer of data via the internet; Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP] services; providing access to e-commerce platforms on the internet; providing access to data and information on the internet; electronic transmission of audio, video and other data and documents via a peer-to-peer network; electronic transmission of digital photo files via a peer-to-peer network; digital network telecommunication services; computer network communication services; communication via virtual private networks [VPN]; providing access to a global computer network; providing multiple-user access to proprietary collections of information by means of global computer information networks; providing multiple user access to proprietary collections of information by means of global computer information networks; transmission of messages and images via computer networks; Integrated Services Digital Network [ISDN] services.41 - Training in the field of communication technologies; providing business news and commentary in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency; teaching and training services in the fields of business, industry and information technology; arranging and conducting of conferences, congresses, seminars and training workshops; publication of electronic newspapers accessible via a global computer network; publication of the editorial content of sites accessible via a global computer network; educational services; teaching and training services in the fields of data protection, information security, anti-counterfeiting, product protection, brand protection, intellectual property protection, domain management and security, antipiracy and antifraud.42 - Rental of application software; hosting of computer software applications for others; consultancy in the field of cloud computing networks and applications; online provision of non-downloadable web-based applications; providing temporary use of on-line applications and software tools; hosting computer application software in the field of knowledge management for creating searchable databases of information and data; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software applications accessible via a website; computer programming services for the protection of software; computer security threat analysis for protecting data; software research; software development; development of computer database software; installation of computer software; computer software consultancy; computer system analysis; computer system design; creating and designing website-based indexes of information for others [information technology services]; platform as a service [PaaS]; providing search engines for the internet; rental of web servers; rental of computer software; server hosting; software as a service [SaaS]; computer security consultancy; data security consultancy; internet security consultancy; computer and internet security consultancy and data encryption services; updating of computer software relating to computer security and prevention of computer risks; electronic storage of files and documents; hosting of computerized data, files, applications and information; providing internet search engines with specific search options; development, maintenance and updating of a telecommunications network search engine; design and development of search engines; computer network configuration; configuration of computer networks by software; implementation of computer programmes on networks; computer security services for protection against illegal network access; leasing of operating software for computer networks and servers; leasing of operating software for accessing and using a cloud computing network; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable operating software for accessing and using a cloud computing network; industrial analysis; providing on-line information about industrial analysis and research services; computer aided industrial design, research, testing and analysis services; conversion of computer programs and data, other than physical conversion; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; cross-platform conversion of digital content into other forms of digital content; monitoring of computer systems to detect breakdowns; monitoring of computer systems for detecting unauthorized access or data breach; database design; computer database design; hosting computer databases; development of computer databases; maintenance of database software; updating of database software; data mining; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software for analyzing financial data and generating reports; preparation of reports in the field of industrial design; design of computer hardware and software for commercial analysis and reporting; IT security services in the nature of protection and recovery of computer data; technological consultancy; computer technology consultancy; cloud computing services.45 - Intellectual property consultancy services in the field of patents and patent applications; intellectual property watch services; advisory services relating to intellectual property rights; legal research relating to intellectual property rights; licensing of copyright and intellectual property rights; monitoring intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes; domain name registration services; domain name registration services, namely, conducting domain name searches for the purpose of providing legal advice on domain name registration; trademark watching services; consultancy relating to copyright protection; consultancy relating to patent protection; consultancy relating to trademark protection; consultancy relating to the protection of geographical indications; consultancy relating to the protection of industrial designs; legal services relating to the protection and exploitation of copyright for film, television, theater and music productions; licensing of computer software [legal services]; legal research; alternative dispute resolution services; arbitration services; copyright management; legal administration of licences; legal document preparation services; legal services in relation to the negotiation of contracts for others; legal watching services; litigation services; registration of domain names for identification of users on a global computer network; fraud and identity theft protection services; copyright licensing; patent licensing; licensing services; computer software licensing; licensing of industrial property rights; licensing of databases; licensing of trademarks; licensing of technology; licensing of registered designs; granting of licenses for franchising concepts; management and exploitation of industrial property rights and copyright by licensing for others; legal advice; preparation of legal reports; personal legal affairs consultancy; legal services relating to copyright licensing, legal services relating to the exploitation of patents; legal services relating to the registration of trademarks; detective agency services; arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution services; management of industrial property right about domain names and advisory services in respect to this; legal services relating to online brand protection and monitoring, anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy; searching services, namely the searching, review and analysis of third party intellectual property rights.