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Правообладатель: BOXRAW LTD.  73 Cannon Hill Road  Coventry CV4 7BT  (GB)Представитель:Izaak Amanna  73 Cannon Hill Road  Coventry CV4 7BT  (GB)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:25, 2825 - Clothing; boxing clothing; fitness clothing; bodybuilding clothing; gym clothing; T-shirts; vests; tank tops; hoodies; sweatshirts, jumpers; straps; shorts; trousers; tracksuits; tracksuit bottoms; jogging pants; hats; headwear; footwear; base layer clothing; compression wear clothing; hats, caps; beanie hats; shoes; trainers; track shoes; boots; sandals; flip flops; socks; boxing boots; mma shorts; boxing shorts; socks; underwear; boxer shorts; boxer briefs; wristbands; robes; sleepwear; boxing jerseys; boxing jerseys; exercise suits; sauna suits; gloves; ski gloves; head gear; weatherproof clothing; thermal clothing; sports clothing, footwear and headgear; athletic clothing, footwear and headgear; clothing, footwear and headgear for football, rugby, golf, running, cricket, tennis, basketball, fitness, field hockey, ice hockey, training, handball, American football, baseball, boxing and MMA; polo shirts; headbands; sweat bands; short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; short-sleeved shirts; sleeveless jerseys; undergarments; undergarment skins; brassieres; thongs; baselayer bottoms; baselayer tops; undershirts; unitards; girdles; ankle socks; men's socks; men's dress socks; leggings; long sleeve shirts [turtle necks]; mock turtle necks; jackets; sweat pants; pullovers; fleece pullovers; knitwear; capri trousers; hooded pullovers; hooded sweatshirts; knit shirts; long-sleeved shirts; coats; dresses; skirts; children's clothing, footwear and headwear; sports bras; sports jackets; sports jerseys; sports trousers; jogging trousers; sports shirts; baseball shoes; baseball caps; baseball uniforms; basketball sneakers; swimwear; beachwear; bikinis; beach footwear; bib overalls; camouflage gloves; camouflage jackets; camouflage trousers; camouflage shirts; camouflage vests; hunting jackets; hunting trousers; bib overalls for hunting; hunting shirts; hunting vests; cleats for attachment to sports shoes; fishing shirts; sports shoes; sneakers; training shoes; running shoes; football shoes; soccer boots; golf shorts; golf shirts; golf caps; golf trousers; martial arts uniforms; mixed martial arts suits; volleyball jerseys; yoga trousers; yoga shirts; athletic uniforms; foul weather gear; rainwear; moisture-wicking sports bras; moisture-wicking sports trousers; moisture-wicking sports shirts; rain suits; rain jackets; rain trousers; rainproof jackets; waterproof jackets and pants; waterproof trousers; windproof trousers; wind resistant jackets; windproof shirts; splash tops; ski bibs; ski gloves; ski jackets; ski pants; ski trousers; ski wear; snow trousers; shorts; snowboard gloves; snowboard mittens; snowboard pants; snowboard trousers; tennis wear; visors; padded shirts; padded trousers; padded shorts; padded elbow compression sleeves; belts; parts, fittings and accessories for all the aforesaid goods.28 - Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; gymnasium, sport and training equipment; balls; sport and game balls; footballs; rugby balls, american footballs; golf balls; boxing gloves; table tennis balls; basketballs; bats; table tennis bats, golf clubs, cricket bats, baseball bats, lacrosse sticks; skis; snowboards; basketball rings; table tennis tables; athletic exercise cones; sporting protective items; weight lifting belts, athletic knee and wrist supports, boxing gloves; punch bags; lifting weights; exercise balls; treadmills; exercise machines; cardio-vascular exercise machines; exercise bicycles; cross-trainer exercise machines; stepping exercise machines; boxing bags; boxing rings; boxing balls; boxing wraps; ear and eyebrow protectors for boxers; boxing masks; striking bags; fighting gloves; training dummies; striking-bag platforms; dumbbells; athletic sports goods, namely, guards and protectors for football players; rowing machines; chest weights; spring exercisers; grip developers; medicine balls; punching bags; training bags; skipping ropes; wrestling and boxing trunks; supporters; shoe guards; wrestling rings; parallel bars; climbing ropes; bicycle trainers; weight benches; step machines; weightlifting gloves; equipment bags; trampolines; exercise equipment; weight lifting equipment; weight lifting belts; jumping ropes; free weights; aerobic equipment, namely, aerobic fitness belts, stationery cycles, elastic exercise bands, ankle weights, wrist weights, treadmills, exercise bikes; martial arts equipment, namely, kicks, shin guards, punch gloves, body shields, target paddles, punch and kick boards; sporting equipment; sporting articles and equipment for football, rugby, golf, running, cricket, tennis, basketball, fitness, field hockey, ice hockey, training, handball, American football and baseball; bags adapted for sporting articles and sporting equipment; leg and arm guards for sport; protective padded articles for use in sport; apparatus for use in training in sport [sporting equipment]; lip guards for sport; chin pads for athletic use; football girdles; protective athletic cups; jock straps; baseball and softball equipment for catchers, namely, face masks, chest protectors, leg guards, knee guards for sports use; toys; parts, fittings and accessories for all the aforesaid goods.