Международный товарный знак №1431727 logitech
Номер регистрации: 1431727 Дата регистрации: 29.08.2018Базовая заявка:US, 01.03.2018, 87816762 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:29.08.2028
Правообладатель: Logitech Europe S.A.  EPFL - Quartier de l'Innovation,  Daniel Borel Innovation Center  CH-1015 Lausanne  (CH)Представитель:Christopher M. Dolan Barnes & Thornburg LLP  One North Wacker Drive  Suite 4400  Chicago IL 60606  (US)
Венская классификация:27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 289 - Computer and electronic equipment, namely, computer hardware; computer hardware for use with mobile phone and computer tablet applications; computer peripherals, namely, keyboards, mice, trackballs and wireless electronic controllers all for use with consumer electronic equipment; decoding boxes, set top boxes; computer software for classifying, transmitting, receiving, processing, reading and watching, and controlling applications, texts, electronic data, images, audio and video files; computer software for reproducing, processing and streaming audio, video and multimedia content and for audio calling, video calling and remote collaborating; computer software for controlling the operation of audio and video apparatus and for viewing, searching and/or reading sound, video, television, films, photographs and other digital images and other multimedia content; computer game programs; computer software for multimedia sharing, media-share computer software for computers; digital electronic apparatus for recording, classifying, transmitting, receiving, processing, reading and viewing, and examining texts, data, images, audio and video files, namely, computer software and computer hardware; wireless mice, keyboards, and remote controls for use with televisions, computers, and set-top boxes; computer cursor control devices; touch pads; electronic drawing and sketching whiteboards; electronic whiteboards; computer keyboard controllers; video devices, namely, software and hardware for audio and video enhancement sold as an integral part of web cameras and video cameras; digital cameras and web cameras; wearable cameras, mobile cameras, security cameras; audio and sound system devices, namely, audio speakers, mobile speakers, wireless speakers, headsets, headphones, earbuds and microphones; audio conduit, namely, acoustic conduits; amplification and monitoring units, namely amplifiers; acoustic separation units; audio mixers; telephony equipment, namely, headsets, headphones, earbuds and microphones for use with computers and telephones, telephones, mobile phones, videophones; video-conferencing equipment, namely, video-conferencing cameras, speakerphones, computer monitors, televisions; digital writing systems for computers and mobile phones primarily composed of digital light pen and computer software; remote controls for controlling TVs, video players, video recorders, stereos, speakers, amplifiers, entertainment systems, home lighting systems, personal computers; protective cases for computer peripherals; protective cases for mobile phones, battery charging cases for mobile phones, car dashboard mounts for mobile phones; mobile phone accessories, namely headphones; keyboards for mobile phones; mobile keyboards and control devices for mobile platforms, namely keyboards for smartphones and tablets; protective cases for tablet computers; keyboards for tablet computers; computer peripherals for accessing and transmitting data and content among consumer electronics devices, televisions, and displays, namely wireless routers; computer peripherals for digital watches; computer software and computer programs for providing an interface between a computer and a peripheral device; computer software and computer programs for manipulating and controlling images from web cameras and digital cameras; computer software and computer programs for producing sound; computer software and computer programs for handwriting and character recognition; computer software and computer programs for electronic transmission of video, audio and data across local area, wide area and global computer networks; remote control devices for home automation and control of sensors, locks, switches, lights, radios, televisions, stereos, audio-visual equipment, household appliances, window coverings and climate control; downloadable software for programming a remote control for sensors, locks, switches, radios, television, stereos, audio-visual equipment, household appliances, window coverings, climate control, lighting and other home electronics; computer monitors; audio, video and radio transmitters; audio, video and radio receivers; stereo tuners and radio signal tuners; audio and video recorders; audio and video players; radios; microphones; wireless presenters in the nature of wireless remote pointers; notebook computer stands; notebook computer docking stations; computer docking stations; number keypads, namely, number keypads on computer keyboards; battery packs; electric and electronic cables; wearable digital electronic devices comprised of display screens and software for measuring fitness, self-improvement and data-gathering; electronic temperature sensors; lighting control systems comprised of motion sensors for security lights and computer hardware and software for use in activating and deactivating electrical lights; and electronic instruction manuals sold as a unit with the aforementioned goods; wireless chargers and charging pads for computer mice; charging stands.28 - Video game control devices, namely, remote controls, joysticks, video game steering wheels, all for use with computer and video game console platforms; computer peripherals, namely, controllers and gamepads being controllers for mobile gaming; video game control devices, namely, headsets, keyboards and mice all for use with computer and video game console platforms.