Международный товарный знак №1445513 Odder
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Правообладатель: Odder Barnevognsfabrik A/S  Ballevej 7  DK-8300 Odder  (DK)Представитель:Niels Uth  Aagade 97, 1st floor  DK-8370 Hadsten  (DK)
Венская классификация:26.01.03; 26.01.18; 26.01.24; 27.05.24; 29.01.12
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:12, 20, 2412 - Prams; pushchair hoods; pushchair hoods; perambulators incorporating carry cots; harnesses for prams; pushchair hoods; baskets for perambulators; stroller covers; fitted footmuffs for prams; children's bicycle seats; stroller covers; pushchairs; fold-up pushchairs; pushchair hoods; stroller covers; pushchair hoods; pushchair hoods; baskets for perambulators; fitted footmuffs for pushchairs; bags adapted for pushchairs; pushchairs for pets; power rumble seats; harnesses for use with pushchairs; pushchairs for use with carry cots; pushchair covers and hoods; pushchair hoods; children's bicycles; children's car seats; safety seats for children, for vehicles; tires for children's bicycles; car safety seats for children; portable children's seats for vehicles; child safety harnesses for vehicle seats; balance bicycles [vehicles]; push scooters [vehicles]; pedal scooters; non-motorized scooters [vehicles]; vehicle safety seat cushions; seat cushions for the seats of vehicles; seat cushions for the seats of water vehicles; cushions adapted for use in vehicles.20 - Cots for babies; seats for children; safety cots; adjustable seat carriers; travel cots; high chairs for babies; folding chairs; folding tables; drop-leaf tables; portable folding stadium seats; furniture for children; shelves being nursery furniture; furniture for children; bumper guards for furniture; child resistant security closures (non-metallic -) for bottles; child resistant security closures (non-metallic -) for containers; children's beds made of cloth in the form of a bag; cushions; cushions (upholstery); inflatable pillows; scented pillows; accent pillows; stuffed pillows; soft furnishings [cushions]; cushions filled with hair; seat cushions; seat cushions; pet cushions; latex pillows; u-shaped pillows; bean bag pillows; maternity pillows; storage boxes for pillows [furniture]; nap mats [cushions or mattresses]; head supporting pillows; beds, bedding, mattresses, pillows and cushions; inflatable cushions, other than for medical purposes; cushions adapted to support the face [other than for medical use]; cushions [other than for medical use] for supporting infants being examined; inflatable pillows [other than for medical use] for fitting around the neck; mattresses; fire resistant mattresses; mattresses [other than child birth mattresses]; mats for infant playpens; camping mattresses; sleeping mats for camping [mattresses]; inflatable mattresses for use when camping; floating inflatable matresses [airbeds]; mattresses made of flexible wood; futon mattresses [other than childbirth mattresses]; inflatable mattresses, other than for medical purposes; spring assemblies (non-metallic -) for incorporation into mattresses; furniture; furniture and furniture fittings, not of metal; credenzas [furniture]; stands [furniture] for use with television; consoles [furniture]; book rests [furniture]; book rests [furniture]; rotating stands [furniture]; metal cabinets [furniture]; inflatable furniture; wall shelves furniture; toy boxes [furniture]; integrated furniture; head-rests [furniture]; storage modules [furniture]; computer cabinets [furniture]; pouffes [furniture]; storage shelves [furniture]; mirrors [furniture]; recliners [furniture]; tables [furniture]; storage drawers [furniture]; fitted furniture; racks; drafting tables; indoor furniture; composable furniture; wooden racks [furniture]; benches [furniture]; boot trays [furniture]; upholstered furniture; storage baskets [furniture]; furniture cabinets; clothes racks [furniture]; racks being furniture of metal; racks being furniture of metal; trolleys [furniture]; coat racks; high stools [furniture]; seats; storage units [furniture]; futons; furniture of plastic materials; hanging storage racks [furniture]; furniture of metal; prefabricated shelves [furniture]; upholstered convertible furniture; drawers [furniture parts]; doors made of glass for furniture; furniture made from steel tubing; woven timber blinds [furniture]; mobile stools [furniture]; modular shelving [furniture]; furniture made of steel; storage drawers [furniture]; stackable furniture; furniture incorporating beds; countertops [furniture parts]; protective coverings for furniture [shaped]; protective coverings for furniture [shaped]; wooden shelving [furniture]; drawers [furniture parts]; desk racks [furniture]; metal wall units [furniture]; seat covers [shaped] for furniture; bentwood furniture; furniture made principally of glass; cupboards being furniture; non-metallic storage racks [furniture]; seat pads being parts of furniture; non-metallic wall shelves [furniture]; racks being furniture made of non-metallic materials; furniture for house, office and garden; shelf supports of metal [parts of furniture]; fixings, not of metal for furniture; furniture adapted for use by those with mobility difficulties; plaques (decorative wall -) [furniture] not of textile; non-metallic storage racks [furniture]; shelf dividers of metal [parts of furniture]; metal drawers [parts of furniture]; brackets, not of metal, for furniture; racks [furniture] made principally of wood for storage purposes; furniture locks (non-metallic -); ceramic pulls for cabinets, drawers and furniture; furniture being convertible into beds; air cushions in the nature of furniture [not for medical purposes]; racks being furniture made of non-metallic materials; non-metal safety gates for babies, children, and pets.24 - Cot blankets; cot sheets; cot covers; eiderdowns [down coverlets]; duvet covers; duvets filled with goose feathers; duvets filled with goose feathers; tick [linen]; tick [linen]; textile covers for duvets; covers for eiderdown and duvets; pillowcases; pillowcases; pillowcases; pillowcases; ticks (mattress and pillow coverings); cushion covering materials; paper pillowcases; cushion covers; woven fabrics for cushions; textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of pillowcases; textile piece goods for making cushion covers; coverings for furniture; velours for furniture; furniture coverings of textile; furniture coverings of plastic; coverings for furniture; coverings for furniture; materials for soft furnishings; furniture coverings of plastic; protective loose covers for mattresses and furniture.