Международный товарный знак №757455 VITADVANCE
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Правообладатель: AVON PRODUCTS, Inc.  1345 Avenue of the Americas  New York, N.Y. 10105-0196  (US)Представитель:BREESE - DERAMBURE - MAJEROWICZ  38, avenue de l'Opéra  F-75002 PARIS  (FR)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 053 - Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, grease removing and abrasive preparations; perfumery, sanitary and beauty products, namely make-up, creams, brilliantines, lotions, shampoos, dentifrices, hair dyes, toilet soaps; soaps, deodorant soaps, toilet waters, scented water, essential oils, oils for toilet purposes, almond oils and milk of almonds for cosmetic use, cleansing milk, colorants for toilet purposes, antiperspirants, cosmetics, lipstick, cotton wool for cosmetic purposes, make-up powder, cosmetics for skin care, cosmetic bath preparations, cotton buds for cosmetic purposes, cosmetic creams, cosmetic pencils, make-up removing preparations, make-up, paper guides for eye make-up, nail enamel for cosmetic use, pomades for cosmetic purposes, cosmetic suntan lotions, shampoos, hair lotions, cosmetic dyes, shaving products, after-shave lotions, non-medicated mouth care products, talcum powder, depilatories, hair lotions, cream hair treatments, oil hair treatments, smoothing stones, polishing stones, pumice, blocks of face powder and rouge, lipstick, rouge, powders, toners, creams, lotions for the face, skin and hands, bath salts and oils; deodorant and refreshing compositions, depilatories, creams and extracts of astringent hamamelis, preparations used for rinsing hair, hair oils and lotions, hair tonic preparations, lotions for beards, shampoo preparations, hair care preparations, cosmetic hair products prepared from bay rum, nail varnish and cream, cosmetic preparations for removing or applying nail varnish, oils for the skin, demulcent creams and cosmetic preparations, tooth cleaning preparations and creams.5 - Pharmaceutical preparations and products, skin care products and preparations for medical use; dietetic substances for medical use; antiseptic powder and solutions, sun-protection preparations, balms for medical purposes.