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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:07, 09, 11, 127 - Machines, installations and motors and engines and components thereof (included in this class), particularly machinery and installations ecological technical applications and building, such as construction machines, machines for laying road surfaces and stabilising, rollers, including static rollers and vibratory rollers, vibrating machines, spreaders for asphalt, pavers, counter sinks, installations for compounding for asphalt and concrete, installations for preparing bitumen coatings, kettles for bitumens and tars as well as tar and bitumen dressing machines, installations for splitting, sifting, washing and transporting stones and other materials, crushers for asphalt to be recycled, grinders, gritters, vibrating sifters, percussion crushers, installations for treating sand, gravel and other washing materials, installations for treating slurry, installations for solids and recycled materials, installations for treating waste incineration products, floor cleaning machines, sweepers and automatic scrubbers, scrubbers; heat/force units; settlers; motors and engines running on diesel oil, electricity and gas for all uses; belt conveyors; generator units for building sites, emergency generators; installations for transport and food for building sites and for maintaining roads, such as excavators, leveling machines, loaders, cranes, self-propelling cranes, stacker vehicles, preparers of orders and machines for servicing shelves.9 - Dosing installations, electric and electronic apparatus and instruments (included in this class), particularly microprocessor controls, distribution and control installations.11 - Heating, drying and ventilation apparatus and installations as well as components and accessories thereto (included in this class), particularly exhaust air discharging installations, filters, installations for drying setting sludge, waste-water treatment plants, drying systems for central-mix plants, combustion installations, including burners and ovens; heat pumps.12 - Vehicles and apparatus for land locomotion and components thereof (included in this class), particularly tractors, dumper trucks, forklift trucks; pallet trucks.