IB Bragheria Italiana

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Правообладатель: BRAGHERIA ITALIANA S.r.l.s.  Via Vincenzo Viviani n. 2  I-20124 MILANO  (IT)Представитель:G.D. DI GRAZIA D'ALTO & C.S.n.c.  Centro Direzionale Isola E1  I-80143 Napoli  (IT)
Венская классификация:24.09.02; 24.09.05; 27.05.11; 27.05.22; 29.01.13
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:18, 25, 3518 - Bags; purses; sling bags for carrying infants; wheeled shopping bags; briefcases; game bags [hunting accessories]; beach bags; leather bags; travelling bags; baby changing bags (diaper bags); gym bags; bags for sports; bags for campers; satchels; school satchels; chain mesh purses; shoe bags for travel; garment bags for travel; pocket wallets; key bags; vanity cases, not fitted; belt bags; suitcases, luggage, wallets; leather shopping bags; sling bags for carrying infants; wheeled shopping bags; umbrellas, parasols; umbrellas covers; walking sticks, saddlery.25 - Clothing, namely sweaters, shirts, jumpers, suits, ready-made clothing, trousers, outer clothing, knitwear, coats, skirts, petticoats, pullovers, overcoats, jackets, stuff jackets, parkas, T-shirts, blouses, pants, dressing gowns, vests, jerseys, pajamas, bathrobes, brassieres, camisoles, corselets, slips, bathing caps, bathing suits, raincoats; shawls; scarves; maternity clothing; ties [clothing]; corsets [underclothing]; tops [clothing]; muffs [clothing]; shorts [clothing]; culottes [clothing]; sportswear; gloves [clothing]; neck scarfs [mufflers]; caps [headwear]; ear muffs [clothing]; visors [headwear]; jogging outfits namely jogging trousers, jogging suit and jogging pants; clothing for fishermen namely fishermen's jackets, pants and trousers; boys' clothing; fur clothing; cyclists' clothing; beachwear; formal dresses; quilted jackets [clothing]; maternity clothing; children's clothing; clothing for gymnastics; motorists' clothing; clothing of leather; money belts [clothing]; headgear namely hats; casual footwear; ski clothing namely ski jackets, ski pants, ski boots; leather belts [clothing]; layettes [clothing]; knitted underwear; waterproof clothing; clothing of imitations of leather; shirts; childrens' clothing; headbands [headwear]; short sets [clothing]; footwear; wooden shoes; pumps [footwear]; insoles for shoes; inner soles; children's shoes; babies' shoes; beach shoes; shoes for men, women and children; slippers.35 - Retail services, wholesale services through mail order for clothing and accessories therefore, footwear, leather goods, bags, umbrellas and saddlery; business management for shops; shop window dressing; administration of the business affairs of retail stores; business advice and assistance in the field of franchising; management advisory services related to franchising; business advertising services relating to franchising; business assistance relating to the establishment of franchises.