Международный товарный знак №1404085 HiKOKI
Номер регистрации: 1404085 Дата регистрации: 04.10.2017Базовая заявка:JP, 03.10.2017, 2018-117476 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:04.10.2027
Правообладатель: Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.  15-1, Konan 2-chome,  Minato-ku  Tokyo 108-6020  (JP)Представитель:Tsutsui & Associates  3F Shinjuku Gyoen Bldg.,  3-10, Shinjuku 2-chome,  Shinjuku-ku  160-0022 Tokyo  (JP)
Венская классификация:27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:06, 07, 08, 09, 106 - Metal hardware; nails; washers of metal; nuts of metal; screws; tacks of metal; plugs [metal hardware]; bolts of metal; rivets; bindings of metal; buckles of common metal [hardware]; stops of metal; pegs of metal; nuts of metal; screws of metal; pins [hardware]; latch bars of metal; rivets of metal; rings of metal; tacks [nails]; staples for construction or industrial use; metal casters; wire ropes; bands of metal for tying-up purposes; industrial packaging containers of metal; containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; containers of metal for liquid fuel; tool boxes of metal (empty); loading and unloading pallets of metal.7 - Agitators, other than those for painting machines and apparatus; mortar agitators; apparatus for machining; aprons [parts of machines]; atomizers [machines]; bellows [machines]; bending machines; blade sharpening [stropping] machines; blades [parts of machines] for metalworking, mining, construction, chemical processing, food or beverage processing, lumbering, woodworking, veneer or plywood making, stone working [machines]; blowing engines; blowing machines; brushes [parts of machines]; brushes, electrically operated [parts of machines]; centrifugal machines; centrifugal pumps; centrifuges [machines]; chain saws; chisels for machines; chucks [parts of machines]; cleaning appliances utilizing steam; clippers [machines]; coal-cutting machines; compressed air machines; compressed air pumps; compressors [machines]; compressors for refrigerators; concrete mixers [machines]; crushing machines; cultivators [machines]; current generators; cutting machines; die-cutting and tapping machines; die-stamping machines; diggers [machines]; disintegrators; ditchers [ploughs]; drill chucks [parts of machines]; drilling bits [parts of machines]; drilling heads [parts of machines]; drilling machines; dynamos; earth moving machines; electric arc cutting apparatus; electric arc welding apparatus; electric hammers; electric hand drills; electric welding apparatus; embossing machines; emergency power generators; engines for boats; engines, other than for land vehicles; engraving machines; excavators; finishing machines; food preparation machines, electromechanical; foundry machines; generators of electricity; glue guns, electric; electric grinders and crushers for household purposes; grinding machines; guns [tools using explosives]; hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; harrows; hemming machines; high pressure washers; igniting devices for internal combustion engines; igniting magnetos; knives for mowing machines; lathes [machine tools]; machine wheelwork; electric machines and apparatus for cleaning; electric machines and apparatus for polishing; meat choppers [machines]; meat mincers [machines]; milling machines; mine borers; molding machines; mortising machines; motorized cultivators; motors for boats; motors, other than for land vehicles; mowing and reaping machines; mufflers for motors and engines; nail extractors, electric; nail pullers, electric; nut-tapping machines; paring machines; peeling machines; planing machines; pneumatic hammers; power hammers; presses [machines for industrial purposes]; pumps [machines]; pumps [parts of machines, engines or motors]; rammers [machines]; rams [machines]; saws [machines]; scissors, electric; sharpening machines; sharpening wheels [parts of machines]; shears, electric; shredders [machines] for industrial use; snow ploughs; spraying machines; threading machines; trimming machines; turbocompressors; vacuum cleaner bags; vacuum cleaner hoses; vacuum pumps; washing apparatus; metalworking machines and tools; mining machines and apparatus; construction machines and apparatus; loading-unloading machines and apparatus; industrial fishing machines; chemical processing machines and apparatus; textile machines and apparatus; food or beverage processing machines and apparatus; lumbering, woodworking, or veneer or plywood making machines and apparatus; pulp making, papermaking or paper-working machines and apparatus; agricultural machines, agricultural implements other than hand-operated; plastic processing machines and apparatus; machines and apparatus for manufacturing rubber goods; stone working machines and apparatus; non-electric prime movers, not for land vehicles, and parts of non-electric prime movers; pneumatic or hydraulic machines and instruments; washing machines [laundry]; vehicle washing installations; food mixing machines for commercial use; food peeling machines for commercial use; food cutting, chopping and slicing machines for commercial use; dishwashers; machines and apparatus for wax-polishing, electric; vacuum cleaners; machine elements [not for land vehicles]; lawnmowers; waste crushing machines; starters for motors and engines; AC motors and DC motors [not including those for land vehicles but including "parts" for any AC motors and DC motors]; AC generators; DC generators; electric food blenders for household purposes; dynamo brushes.8 - Abrading instruments [hand instruments]; bits [hand tools]; bits [parts of hand tools]; blade sharpening instruments; blades for planes; cutting tools [hand tools]; drills, hand-operated; files [tools]; gimlets [hand tools]; gouges [hand tools]; grindstones [hand tools]; hollowing bits [parts of hand tools]; hoop cutters [hand tools]; non-electric caulking guns; saws [hand tools]; stamping-out tools [hand tools]; whetstones; wrenches [hand tools]; electric razors and electric hair clippers; bladed or pointed hand tools; hand tools, hand-operated.9 - Electric accumulators; electric batteries; battery boxes; battery chargers; condensers [capacitors] for telecommunication machines and electronic machines; radios; sound reproduction apparatus; laboratory apparatus and instruments; solar batteries; batteries and cells; electric wires and cables; telecommunication machines and apparatus; electronic machines, apparatus and their parts; gloves for protection against accidents; spectacles [eyeglasses and goggles]; television receivers [TV sets]; loud speakers; laboratory instruments, equipment and apparatus; centrifuges.10 - Ear plugs for soundproofing; medical apparatus and instruments; centrifuges for medical purposes.