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Правообладатель: LO IP SA  Rue de la Corraterie 11  CH-1204 Genève  (CH)Представитель:Baker & McKenzie Zurich  Holbeinstrasse 30  CH-8034 Zürich  (CH)
Венская классификация:01.01.25; 24.13.25; 27.07.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:36, 38, 4236 - Insurance services; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; financial services, namely financial and asset management; services provided by consultants relating to asset investment in securities, precious metals, funds and real estate; investment services; investment portfolio services, securities trading, investment fund management; financial information; provision of services in the field of asset management via a network and an Internet platform; fund management; mutual funds; investment services in the fields of financial securities; brokerage.38 - Telecommunication consultancy in the field of payment systems; transmission, distribution and sending of documents, messages, data and information via computer networks or other electronic or digital communication networks; transmission (including on-line transfers) of financial transactions; transmission of financial information via global computer networks; provision of access to global computer networks (the Internet), to databanks and web sites; provision of multi-user access to global computer networks; provision of telecommunication installations for taking electronic orders for financial services; services in connection with a data bank, namely reception of information of all types originating from users and transmission of said information to other users; creation of access to hyperlinks for obtaining data and information via global computer networks; consulting services for all of the above-mentioned services; rental of access time to databases particularly on the Internet.42 - Design and development of computers and software; design, development, installation and updating of software, particularly for financial management; consulting services in the field of design, development, installation and updating of software; custom development of software; research and development relating to computer hardware and software; lending and rental of software; programming for computers.