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Правообладатель: Tarkett Sports B.V.  Galliërsweg 35 A  NL-5349 AT Oss  (NL)Представитель:Laura M. Franco, Winston & Strawn LLP  101 California Street  San Francisco, CA 94111  (US)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:2727 - Floor coverings for sports fields, namely artificial turf, synthetic turf and floor coverings for sports tracks; synthetic floor coverings consisting of synthetic fiber ribbons woven in support and partially covered by the filling of particles for football fields, American football, lacrosse, field hockey, cricket and other sports fields; rugs, carpets, mats and matting; linoleum for covering existing floors; non-slip mats for bathtubs; gymnastic mats; carpets for automobiles; floor coverings and wall coverings of vinyl and plastic materials; the aforesaid goods not in connection with the game of golf.