Международный товарный знак №1243558 Timbetter
Номер регистрации: 1243558 Дата регистрации: 11.11.2014Базовая заявка:CN, 16.04.2014, 14389496 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:11.11.2024
Правообладатель: Timbetter Chemi-industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  Room 208, 210 and 212,  Unit 5 of Building 1,  No. 688 of Qiushi Road,  Jinshanwei Town, Jinshan District  Shanghai  (CN)Представитель:GUANGZHOU UTC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CO., LTD.  Floor 12, Building A4,  Economic Zone, No. 241 of Kexuedadao,  Luogang Tech City,  Huangpu District, Guangzhou City  Guangdong Province      (CN)
Венская классификация:03.07.24; 27.05.08
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:01, 421 - Textile-impregnating chemicals; wetting preparations for use in dyeing; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in dyeing; synthetic resins, unprocessed; artificial resins, unprocessed; adhesives for industrial purposes; phenolic resins; urea-formaldehyde resins; polyurethane; curing agent.42 - Technical research; technical project studies; research and development of new products for others; research in the field of environmental protection; quality evaluation of standing timber; chemical analysis; chemistry services; material testing; textile testing; physics [research].