The Hemp Line

Международный товарный знак №1249176 The Hemp Line
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Правообладатель: Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG  Münsterstrasse 336  40470 Düsseldorf  (DE)Представитель:PATENTANWALT DIPL.-ING. P.-C. SROKA, RECHTSANWALT JAN SROKA  Düsseldorfer Straße 8  40545 Düsseldorf  (DE)
Венская классификация:05.03.11; 05.03.14; 29.01.12
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 253 - Make-up removing preparations; aromatics (essential oils); ethereal essences; essential oils; eyebrow cosmetics; eyebrow pencils; bath salts, not for medical purposes; cosmetic preparations for baths; extracts of flowers (perfumes); deodorants for personal use; deodorant soap; preparations for perfuming linen; scented water; cosmetic dyes; scouring preparations, other than for use in manufacturing processes; stain removers; shining preparations (polish); bases for flower perfumes; hair wash; hair lotions; cosmetic creams; cosmetic preparations for skincare; cosmetics; cosmetic kits; cosmetic pencils; lipsticks; lotions for cosmetic purposes; make-up; mouth washes (not for medical purposes); nail polish; nail care products; oils for cosmetic purposes; oils for cosmetic purposes; oils for cleaning purposes; oils for perfumes and scents; perfumery goods; perfumes; flavourings for beverages (essential oils); pomades for cosmetic use; preparations for shaving; shaving soaps; after-shave; cleansing milk for toilet purposes; cleaning preparations; make up; make-up preparations; make-up powder; beauty masks; anti-perspirant soap; soaps; soap for foot perspiration; shampoos; sun-tanning preparations (cosmetics); toiletries; toilet soaps; soap for foot perspiration; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; mascara; dentifrices.25 - Suits; layettes (clothing); babies' pants; clothing; ladies' dresses; inner soles; slippers; ladies' shirts; shirt yokes; shirts; slips [undergarments]; trousers; hats; jackets; jersey clothing; stuff jackets [clothing]; sweat-absorbent underclothing (underwear); coats; outerclothing; pullovers; skirts; sandals; shawls; scarves, sashes for wear; pyjamas; breeches [for wear]; shoes; footwear; briefs; socks; sports shoes; sports shoes; headbands [clothing]; esparto shoes or sandals; beach shoes; stockings; sweat-absorbent stockings; tights; sweaters; togas; t-shirts; topcoats; underpants; underwear; leggings; waistcoats.