Международный товарный знак №814039 SPRING
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Правообладатель: Spring International GmbH  Hoehscheider Weg 29  42699 Solingen  (DE)Представитель:dompatent von Kreisler Selting Werner - Partnerschaft von Patentanwälten und Rechtsanwälten mbB  Deichmannhaus am Dom,  Bahnhofsvorplatz 1  50667 Köln  (DE)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 07, 11, 213 - Cleaning products for silverware, copper, brass and stainless steel.7 - Fruit juicers for household use, mixers for household use, mills for household use, whisks for household use, grinders for household use and food processors, all the aforesaid goods operated electrically.11 - Fixed or portable non-electrically heated cookers, including fondue cookers and raclette cookers, grill-stones, food warmers, plate warmers, butter warmers, sauce warmers, Irish Coffee warmers, transportable apparatus for water-bath heating (called buffet butler, chafing dishes) and their accessories (included in this class); apparatus and installations for cooking; cookers, rice cookers, electric cooking devices, braizing pans, slow cookers; electrical pressure cookers and speed cookers, steamers; cooking stoves, induction cookers, glue heating devices, microwave ovens, toasters; electrical coffee machines.21 - Kitchenware, cookware and tableware, also for preparing food at the table including pans and cooking pots, dish covers; fondue dishes and fondue plates, service plates, meat trays, snail pans; service trays, shakers, snow buckets, ice buckets, wine coolers, jiggers, single glass holders, whistling kettles and tea kettles, sugar holders, salt and pepper shakers and mills; scrapers in the form of spatulas made of plastic or of wood; ash sieves; containers for household and kitchen use (not of precious metal); household filters, non-electric fruit juicers for household use; equipment and containers for household or kitchen use (not of precious metal or plated therewith); household gloves; ceramic products for the household; baskets (not of precious metal) for the household; cooling elements for foodstuff (containing heat-exchanging fluids) for household use; non-electrical mixing devices for the household, hand-operated mills for household use; non-electrical polishing devices and machines for household use; smoke consumers for household use; graters, non-electrical egg whisks for the household, sifters for household use; strainers for household use; trays of paper for household use, trays (not of precious metals) for household use; non-electrical household choppers, picnic cases (dinnerware); steaming pans (not electrical); closure heads for pans; non-electrical coffee makers (not of precious metal); cooking moulds; non-electrical cooking equipment, cooking pots; plates for preventing the milk from boiling over, pressure cookers (non-electrical); equipment for cooking and for flambeing.