Международный товарный знак №819728 CHULLANKA
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Правообладатель: PORMENAZ  2222 route de Grasse  F-06600 ANTIBES  (FR)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 35, 39, 419 - Data processing apparatus, namely computers, computer mice; computer programs, namely software, namely CD-ROMs for entertainment or educational purposes; intercommunication apparatus, namely walkie-talkies, radios, computers; downloadable electronic publications provided on line and in particular from the global telecommunications network known as the 'Internet' and from the global network known as the "Web"; blank and prerecorded video tapes in the field of sports; blank and prerecorded audio and video compact disks; protective screens; apparatus for games adapted for use with television receivers only, namely games consoles; optical lamps, batteries for pocket lamps; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; fire extinguishers; protection devices for personal use against accidents, namely protective eyewear, protective nets, safety restraints (other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment), safety nets; sighting telescopes for firearms, bullet-proof vests, limb guards (not for sports); swimming belts, lifebelts, life-saving rafts; protective helmets and masks; diving suits, gloves and masks, underwater breathing apparatus, namely pressure regulators; ski masks, sunglasses, glacier eyeglasses, swimming goggles, goggle cases; heartrate monitors; speedometers, revolution counters, pedometers; hydrometers, hygrometres, barometers, guidance systems (GPS), altimeters, pedometers, directional compasses, fog signals, beacons; observation instruments, namely binoculars, photographic cameras, tripods for cameras, exposed films, instruments for astronomy, namely telescopes; instruments for navigation, namely anemometers, opisometers, meteorological information systems, namely meteorological stations (nto metering); dog whistles.16 - Paper, namely letter paper, drawing paper, newsprint, packing paper, cardboard, cardboard packing, namely cardboard boxes; bags (covers, pouches) for packaging purposes (of paper or plastic materials); printed matter; bookbinding material, folders; photographs, printing blocks; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; articles of stationery, namely adhesive tape dispensers, envelopes; artists' supplies, namely paintbrushes; office requisites (except furniture), namely electric or non-electric typewriters, staples for offices, drawing pins (tacks), correcting fluids, paperknives, filing cabinets, spools for inking ribbons, sealing machines, directories; teaching materials (except apparatus), namely geographical maps, books, posters; types; school supplies, namely pens, pen cases, pen holders, pencil sharpeners, pencils, propelling pencils, rubber erasers, exercise books; compasses for drawing, French curves, namely rulers; publications, namely magazines, journals, reviews (periodicals), catalogues, prospectuses, atlases, posters, albums, books, almanacs, brochures; calendars; paper coffee filters; transfers; garbage bags (of paper or plastic materials); bags for microwave cooking; signboards of paper or cardboard; toilet paper, table linen of paper, hand towels of paper, paper handkerchiefs, postcards; paper pennants and flags.18 - Goods of leather or imitation leather (excluding cases adapted to the products for which they are intended, gloves and belts) and of animal skins, hides, namely travelling bags, sports bags, whips and saddlery, harness articles; handbags, travelling bags (not made of leather or imitation leather), schoolbags, school satchels, bags for campers, rucksacks; sports bags (other than those adapted to products for which they are made), beach bags, bags for climbers, waist bags, beggar's bags, satchels, document wallets, attaché cases, briefcases (leatherware); purses, wallets, purses, not of precious metal, key cases (leather goods); hunting bags, game bags; sling bags for carrying infants; golf bags, sports bags, bags for climbing powder, bags for divers; trunks and suitcases; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; mountaineering sticks; straps for skates; saddle trees and straps, bridles (harness), collars, saddle covers, halters, all the aforementioned items intended for horses; harnesses for animals; bits for animals (harnesses).20 - Furniture, namely garden chairs and tables, camping furniture, namely folding and non-folding tables and chairs, folding and non-folding stools, armchairs; mirrors, frames for framing; display boards, filing cabinets, drinking straws, bedding material (excluding linen), namely sleeping bags for camping, camp beds, mattresses, air mattresses, not for medical purposes; covers for garments (storage), non-metallic identity and registration plates, locks, not of metal, for vehicles, infant walkers.22 - Ropes (neither made of rubber, nor intended as strings for rackets or musical instruments), string, fishing nets, nets for camouflage, tents, tarpaulins (neither as safety tarpaulins, nor as pushchair covers), sails (rig), padding and stuffing materials not of rubber or plastics; raw fibrous textile; covers for sails.25 - Clothing, footwear (other than orthopaedic footwear) and headwear.28 - Games, namely board games, dart games, packs of cards, sets of skittles, construction kits; toys, namely toys for domestic pets, cuddly toys, inflatable toys, scooters; play balloons; gymnastics and sports apparatus (excluding clothing, footwear and rugs), namely skating boots with skates attached, rollerskates, inline rollerskates, covers for inline rollerskates, hang gliders, archery implements, covers for bows for archery, bows for archery, bobsleighs, kites, kite reels; strings for rackets, gut for rackets, tennis rackets, tennis racket covers, table tennis bats, covers for table tennis bats, badminton rackets, covers for badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, balls for games, sailboards, covers for sailboards, harnesses for sailboards, surf boards without automotive power; surfboards, covers specially designed for surfboards, snowboards, covers for snowboards, boards for swimming, snorkels, nose clips, balls, baseballs, balls, nets for sports, golf clubs, golf tees, nets for golf, golf equipment and accessories, protective covers for golf clubs, golf bags (with or without wheels), hockey sticks, skis, ski poles, water skis, edges of skis, ski bindings, ski covers, snowshoes, covers for snowshoes; fencing weapons, namely bows for archery, crossbows and arrows, harpoon guns (sports articles), flippers for swimming, weights and dumbbells, stationary exercise bicycles, chest expanders (exercisers), machines for physical exercises, namely abdominal boards (gymnastics apparatus), guided weight appliances for muscular development, equipment and accessories for climbing walls, namely climbing harnesses, handled jumars for climbing, snap-hooks for climbing, tables for table tennis, elbow guards (sports articles), knee guards (sports articles), shin guards (sports articles), golf gloves, fencing gauntlets, baseball gloves, boxing gloves; water games and toys, namely swimming pools (nonmetallic structures), slides (games); skateboards; practical jokes (novelties); swings; petanque balls, covers for petanque balls; billiard tables, cues and balls, billiard cues; fishing tackle, namely fishing rods and fishing accessories; covers for fishing rods, fishing reels, lines, floats, fish hooks, bait and lures; theatrical masks; sleighs (sports articles), sledges; scooters; Christmas tree decorations (excluding lighting and confectionery); coin-operated amusement machines.35 - Newspaper subscription services for third parties; commercial information agencies; advertising agencies; dissemination of advertisements; commercial or industrial management assistance; business organisation and management consulting; distribution of advertising material (leaflets, printed matter, samples, prospectuses); updating of advertising material; document reproduction; organisation of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; rental of advertising space; rental of advertising material; market study; sales promotion (for third parties); publishing of advertising texts; advertising mailing; radio advertising; television advertising; public relations; market research.39 - Transport of passengers or goods by air, rail, sea or road; packaging and storage of goods; travel and cruise arrangement; organisation of walking tours; escorting travellers; air transport; tourist offices (except for hotel reservation); booking of seats (transport), namely sea, air and rail ticket office services; warehousing, wrapping and packing of goods; supply (delivery) of goods, namely delivery of sports equipment, clothes and articles; warehousing; rental of warehouses, rental of vehicles, automobiles, vehicle roof racks, garages, rental of bicycles; vehicle breakdown assistance; furniture removal services; newspaper delivery; transportation information; travel information.41 - Educational and teaching services, namely correspondence courses, professional training; practical training (demonstration), namely initiation in sports, in sports learning games; entertainment, namely amusement parks, providing casino facilities (gambling); health club services (physical fitness); physical education; discotheque services; operating sports facilities, namely making available and rental of sports learning spaces, namely stadiums, swimming pools, sports halls, sports grounds, cycle tracks, roller and skateboard tracks; sports and cultural activities; organisation of sports events and competitions, namely tournaments, races, hikes; publication of books, reviews, sound recordings; book lending; show and film production; performance artist services; rental of films, video recorders, televisions, video tapes, sound recordings, cinematographic apparatus and accessories, sets for shows; rental of sports equipment (except vehicles); rental of sports equipment, ski rental; arranging of competitions in the field of education or entertainment; organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organisation and holding of colloquiums, conferences and conventions on sports and sports expeditions; information on educational or entertainment events; providing cinema facilities; cinema studios; production of radio and television programmes; recording studio services; electronic publishing of books, periodicals, texts on line; writing texts.