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Правообладатель: Falck Danmark A/S  Falck-Huset,  Polititorvet  DK-1780 København V  (DK)Представитель:Awapatent A/S  Strandgade 56  DK-1401 Copenhagen K  (DK)
Венская классификация:03.07.01; 03.07.17; 26.04.01; 26.04.15
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:01, 05, 06, 09, 16, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 451 - Chemicals and fire extinguishing compositions; chemicals for the neutralization of toxic gas, toxins, pathogenic viruses and/or bacteria; chemicals slowing down the spreading or fire; fireproof chemicals; synthetic materials absorbing oil and fuel.5 - Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; filled first-aid boxes and closets; plasters and materials for dressings, iodine; ointments and creams for medical purposes; disinfectants.6 - Storage and transportation boxes (of common metals) for cash, securities, valuables and documents; electronic storage and transportation boxes for securing cash, securities, valuables and documents.9 - Electric and electronic apparatus and instruments, not included in other classes; television and data supervision apparatus; apparatus for recording, reproduction and transmission of sound and images; life saving apparatus and instruments not included in other classes; electric and electronic apparatus and instruments, not included in other classes, and apparatus and instruments for alarm, signalling, control and supervision; apparatus and instruments for supervision, control and security check, including navigational instruments and apparatus for the tracking of vehicles and persons; alarm apparatus and instruments, including safety alarms; fire extinguishing apparatus and instruments, including hand-operated apparatus and instruments; fire engines; powder and foam fire extinguishers; evacuation and rescue equipment, including ladders, lifesaving boats and rafts; lifejackets and lifebelts; fire escapes; rescue cloths; fireproof clothing; fireproof boots and fire helmets; safety clothing, including security masks, security goggles and gloves; bullet-proof waistcoats; reflecting bands and signs, being parts of safety clothing, for the prevention of traffic accidents; security equipment for securing persons, animals, intangibles and valuables against accidents, smoke, poison, fire and flood; detectors, including smoke detectors; smoke and gas alarms; diving and smoke diving equipment, including diving suits and masks; sensors, including sensors for registering movement, sound, smoke, chemicals and gas; signal boards; teaching apparatus and instruments; nautical apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for watch, surveillance, supervision and control purposes; weighing, measuring, signalling and alarm apparatus and instruments; security systems; alarms, including fire alarms, smoke alarms, gas and poison alarms, flood alarms, theft and burglary alarms, assault and safety alarms; parts and accessories not included in other classes for the aforesaid alarm apparatus; fire extinguishing systems; electric and electronic surveillance and supervision apparatus, including television and video surveillance and supervision apparatus, detectors, sensors, parts and accessories not included in other classes for all the aforesaid goods; electronic control and security apparatus and instruments, including for security check and access control, including perimeter protective systems; magnetic cards and electronic keycards for access control; security software for security management and as support for guarding and reception services; patrol control systems; instructional and teaching material (except apparatus).16 - Instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); course books, printed books and publications, brochures, folders; apparatus and instruments for the destruction of money and securities (office equipment).35 - Commercial and business organization consultancy relating to the coordination, acquisition and maintenance of material means (so-called logistic services) necessary for the support and organization of projects, project management, transport management, temporary storage, accommodation and housing services; business management and business organization consultancy, including (operational) management of private and public companies and institutions; commercial intermediary services, commercial management and coordination for the benefit of companies active in cleaning, catering, as well as for prisons and refugee camps (so-called facility management services); recruitment, appointment and dismissal of personnel; reception services, including welcoming of guests, visitors and customers, and receiving, sorting and forwarding mail, telefaxes and emails; office functions, namely answering the telephone and copying of documents; reading the meter; counting and sorting money; coding cheques and other banking documents; commercial assistance relating to the recruitment of private detectives; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services.36 - Financial services; insurance, including travel insurance, fire insurance and insurances against storm damage and floods; financial research and analysis in connection with risk management; monetary and banking services; leasing of security vehicles and apparatus for the transport of valuables; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services.37 - Installation, repair and maintenance services, including installation, maintenance and repair of alarm apparatus, supervision apparatus, security check apparatus, television and video surveillance apparatus, detectors, also for access control, sensors, control, security and protection apparatus, lifesaving apparatus, fire extinguishing apparatus; information about installation, repair and maintenance of alarm, supervision, control and security apparatus; installation, maintenance and repair of automated teller machines; consultancy in relation to the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of automated teller machines; recovery and repair services in case of accidents caused by storms of floods; vehicle repair, including emergency repair services; assistance for land vehicles, namely assistance with the starting of motors, opening doors and changing of wheels; building, construction; interior cleaning of buildings; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services.38 - Telecommunications for emergency and supervision centres; receiving and transmission of emergency and control reports; receiving and transmission of images; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services.39 - Emergency transport and emergency aid services, especially in connection with theft, burglary, fire, smoke, gas, chemical leakage, assault and safety (transport); supervision relating to transports; rescue and salvage operations (transport); transportation of persons and animals, including transportation of sick people and patients; evacuation of persons and animals in case of danger or accidents; life saving services in connection with ship wrecks (salvage); towing, including crane and vehicle transport; lease and rental of means of transport; rental of security vehicles and equipment for the transport of valuables; transport, including guarded transport of valuables, cash, banknotes, coins, foreign currencies, checks, securities and documents, including credit cards, phone cards, computer data and official documents, such as passports and driving licenses; consultancy concerning transport of valuables; storage of cash, securities, documents and valuables; collection, distribution and delivery of cash; replenishing of automated teller machines; guarded transportation of persons, including transportation of prisoners; rental of hire cars and vehicles and equipment for the transportation of persons and animals; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services.41 - Education and providing of training; courses, including first aid courses and courses dealing with emergency measures; evacuation courses, courses relating to security and access control, courses regarding supervision of buildings and spaces; courses for prisoners and persons detained in closed institutions in aid of their rehabilitation; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services.42 - Design and development of software and network communication systems for the operation of automated teller machines; development of security systems; technical inspection and supervision of vehicles; services of meteorological measuring institutes; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services; technical inspection, control of transports.43 - Temporary accommodation provided by refugee and immigration centres; services of canteens and catering establishments; information and consultation related to the aforesaid services.44 - Health services; medical assistance; services rendered by clinics; physiotherapy; veterinary services; services in the field of hygiene; rental of apparatus for health care and home care; medical services rendered by hospitals and sanatoriums; nursing; information in relation to health and health and health care; medical services; rental of medical apparatus and instruments for health and home care purposes; medical services rendered by rest and nursing homes; home care services and health care applied at home; information and consultancy related to the aforesaid services.45 - Security services, including fire extinguishing, fire fighting, and fire fighting by firemen equipped with smoke masks (so-called 'smoke diving'); consultancy relating to security and risk issues, including the securing of persons and valuables, minimizing damages and value loss; rental of equipment used to safeguard and rescue/protect persons, animals, and properties; technical consultancy in relation to the security of buildings, companies and outdoor spaces; guarding services, including surveillance and supervision of buildings, outdoor spaces and companies; security services in and around airports and on aeroplanes; security services at reception desks of companies; security services for the protection of individuals and properties; access control regarding persons and goods; access and security control of buildings, embassies, airports, train and bus stations, companies, at conferences, exhibitions and other events; technical consultancy concerning the securing of buildings, companies and outdoor spaces; shop security, also rendered by shop detectives; security and body-guarding of very important persons (so-called 'VIP's); security services at major events, such as exhibitions, sporting events, concerts, seminars and meetings; consultancy concerning security; alarm services, including consultancy and information in relation to the security of persons and in relation to the security of goods and properties; consultancy in relation to the protection of commercial companies against accidents, theft and burglary; consultancy in relation to security and access control; rental of alarms and protective devices; mobile security patrols, also on and around premises and in buildings; services rendered by prisons; monitoring of burglar and security alarms and security services; investigations into missing persons; social services within the context of rehabilitation of prisoners and persons in closed institutions; information and consultancy relating to the aforesaid services; mobile patrol services.