Международный товарный знак №816180 JAXA
Номер регистрации: 816180 Дата регистрации: 18.08.2003Базовая заявка:JP, 10.04.2003, 2003-028971 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:18.08.2023
Правообладатель: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency  44-1 Jindaiji Higashi-machi 7-chome,  Chofu-shi  Tokyo 182-8522  (JP)Представитель:OSHIMOTO Yasuhiko  Akasaka Chalet II No 201,  18-19, Akasaka 2-chome,  Minato-ku  Tokyo 107-0052  (JP)
Венская классификация:27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 12, 13, 41, 429 - Earplugs for soundproofing; infrared-ray absorbing glass (optical products); ultraviolet-ray transmitting glass (optical products); electric sign boards for displaying target figures, current outputs or the like progress in work; photo-copying machines; life nets; fire extinguishing apparatus; gas alarms; protective helmets; arcade video game machines; software for arcade video game machines; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; sports training simulators; cameras; exposure meters; lenses for photographic apparatus; cinematographic cameras; editing machines for movie films; transparencies for overhead projectors; sound recording apparatus and instruments; binoculars; telescopes; tripods for telescopes; measuring machines and instruments using world-wide ground reference stations and related space-based satellite systems; temperature indicators; accelerometers; actinometers; altimeters; manometers; tachometers; clinometers; distance measuring machines or apparatus; gyrocompasses; magnetic gyrocompasses; meteorological machines and apparatus; photogrammetric machines; infrared scanners; radar altimeters; electric switches; electric relays; circuit breakers; power controllers; current rectifiers; electric connectors; electric circuit closers; electric capacitors; electric resistors; local switches; solar panels for electricity generation used in the universe for supplying power to space crafts, accumulators; dry cells; photovoltaic cells; antenna parameter measuring apparatus, magnetometers; fiber optic cables; telecommunication cables; space communication antennas for ground stations; telephone sets; phototelegraphy apparatus; television apparatus; television transmitters; radio receivers; radio transmitters; portable radio communication machines and apparatus; aeronautical radio communication machines and apparatus; navigation apparatus for vehicles (on-board computers); radio beacon machines and apparatus; radar machines and apparatus; remote control telemetering machines and instruments; compact disc players; sound recording machines and apparatus (audio-frequency apparatus); videocameras; videodisc players; videotape recorders; microwave antenna for the reception of satellite data; antennas; electric resistors (for telecommunication apparatus); electric capacitors (for telecommunication apparatus); electrostatic copying machines; Geiger counters; diodes; transistors; integrated circuits; large scale integrated circuits (LSI); computer programs; resistance wires; electrodes; safety space suits; satellites; earth satellites for use in earth observation; earth satellites for use in telecommunications; gloves for protection against accidents; fireproof garments; goggles for sports; ordinary spectacles; sunglasses; CD-ROMs recorded programs for hand-held games with liquid crystal displays; consumer video games; CD-ROMs recorded programs for consumer video games; electronic circuits recorded programs for consumer video games; electronic circuits recorded programs for hand-held games with liquid crystal displays; protective helmets for sports; long-playing records; sound recorded magnetic cards; sound recorded magnetic sheets; sound recorded magnetic tapes, recorded compact discs; CD-ROMs recorded automatic performance programs for electronic musical instruments; electronic circuits recorded automatic performance programs for electronic musical instruments; exposed cinematographic films; recorded video discs; recorded video tapes; electronic publications.12 - Parachutes; AC or DC motors for land vehicles, not including "their parts"; boats; motorboats; yachts; gliders; turbo-jet airplanes; turbo-prop airplanes; airships; helicopters; rotor blades for helicopters; landing gears; seats of aircraft; oxygen inhalers of aircraft; structural struts of aircraft; landing gear wheels of aircraft; wings of aircraft; flight control gears; tires for landing gear wheels of aircraft; inner tubes for aircraft wheel tires; fuselages of aircrafts; fuel tanks for aircrafts; airplane propellers; oil hydraulic system components for aircraft; spacecrafts; passenger cars; buses; fork lift trucks; air bags for automobiles; air pumps of automobiles; seats of automobiles; seat covers of automobiles; doors of automobiles; automobile windshields.13 - Rockets; observation rockets; sky rockets; signal rockets.41 - Education about space science technology; language instruction; organization, management or arrangement of lecture classes relating to truth, providence and energy of the universe and nature; organization, management or arrangement of seminars; providing electronic publications; library services for literature and documentary records; publication of books; planning of showing movies, shows, plays or musical performances; movie projection, film production, or movie film distribution; production of broadcasting programs; production of video tape film in the fields of education, culture, entertainment or sports (not for movies, radio or television programs and not for advertising and publicity); direction of making broadcasting programs; operation of video equipment or audio equipment for production of broadcasting programs; providing swimming pools; providing amusement facilities and playing areas where imaginary experiences are carried out in a virtual environment using computer graphic technology; amusement parks; providing astronomical observation installations; providing facilities for movies, shows, plays, music or educational training; rental of movie projectors and accessories; rental of cine-films; rental of television sets; rental of radio sets; book rental; rental of records or sound recorded magnetic tapes; rental of image recorded magnetic tapes; rental of negatives; rental of positives; rental of toys; photography services; rental of cameras; rental of optical machines and apparatus included in this class.42 - Providing meteorological information; surveying; geological surveys or research; earth observation with rockets including space stations and artificial satellites; development of rockets including space stations and artificial satellites; designing of artificial satellites; designing of machines, apparatus, instruments (including their parts) or systems composed of such machines, apparatus and instruments; designing; computer software design, computer programming, or maintenance of computer software for artificial satellites and space stations; computer software design, computer programming or maintenance of computer software; creating or maintaining web sites for others; technical advice relating to performance and operation of computers, automobiles and other machines that require high levels of personal knowledge, skill or experience of operators to meet the required functions; testing, inspection or research of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or foodstuff; experiment of material; experiment for investigations about relation of gravity and a life; development of new material; testing or research relating to space energy; testing or research on electricity; research, investigation, testing, or experiment about electricity, current and electric charge; testing or research on machines, apparatus and instruments; testing, inspection or research on rockets including space stations and artificial satellites; research of space transportation technology, robot technology, communication technology, energy and structures; research on manned space technology; rental of measuring apparatus; rental of server's memory; computer rental; providing computer programs; rental of experiment institutions.