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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 35, 36, 38, 429 - Power supplies for toys, in particular current transformers, control units for controlling of the current of a supply current supplied to a toy, electric resistors, electric cables, couplings for cables; lead cables for the connection of electric consumption units to voltage sources; apparatus for the recording, reproduction or transmission of image and sound signals, loudspeakers, headphones; accessories for apparatus for the recording, reproduction or transmission of image and sound signals included in this class, namely power supply leads, connecting leads or extension cables, sockets, boxes and bushes for such cables, cable adapters, couplings for cables; batteries and accumulators; charging equipment for accumulators; peripheral devices for data and message processing, namely computers, laptop computers, printers, plotters, equipment for reading electronically-stored data, scanners, terminals, monitors, keyboards, magnetic, optical and magneto-optical drives, CD and CDI drives, tape drives, storage media for use in the aforesaid drives, computer mice and trackballs; organisers, namely electronic organisers and address books; plug-in cards for computers and laptops, including PCMCIA plug-in cards; modems; networks and the components therefore, and peripheral devices for networks included in this class; unrecorded data carriers and data carriers containing stored software or with video and/or sound sequences, including video and audio cassettes, DVDs and CDs; apparatus for, television games, adapted for use with televisions only; glasses and sun glasses; luminous signs.35 - Procurement of subscriptions of telecommunication services (for third parties); arranging of trading and economical contacts, also over the Internet; procurement of addresses; presentation of companies on the Internet and other media; arranging contracts for the buying and selling of goods, in particular advertising and merchandising articles, in particular within the framework of operating an electronic marketplace on the Internet; procurement of contracts for the purchase and sale of goods or services provided by third parties for others; compilation and systematization of data in databases; selection, recruitment and placement of personnel, in particular for exhibitions, and for the media and advertising sector; personnel management consultation; office work; call centre services, included in this class, namely the commercial treatment of customer inquiries, orders and complaints, telephone information services regarding the processing of commercial transactions and regarding the stage of the order processing for others; telephone answering for unavailable subscribers, cost-price analysis; drawing up statistics; importing and exporting agencies; auctioneering, in particular in the form of online auctions via the Internet; conducting and organisation of seminars and promotional events for advertising purposes; wholesaling or retailing services in connection with the trade in radio or television related goods, computer hard- and software, in particular trade in computer accessories and periphery devices for the establishment of data or telecommunication networks and trade in recorded and unrecorded data carriers containing video, audio or data signals; advertising and other advertising agency services; publication of publicity texts; rental of advertising space and brokerage services in connection with the rental of advertising space, including in the form of banner advertising on the internet; rental of advertising time on radio, television and the Internet, and brokerage services in connection with the rental of advertising time, namely concluding rental contracts for advertising time; rental of publicity material; distribution (delivery) of samples and advertising material; conducting and evaluating questionnaires; business administration; management of business affairs; business inquiries, business investigations, business information, business research, organisation consultancy and business appraisals; business evaluations; business management consultation; planning, being business management assistance, and other advisory services for business management; efficiency expert services and economic forecasting; opinion polling, market studies, market research; organisation of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; demonstration of goods, including tasting; demonstration of services and of the application of goods for others (product demonstration); organisation of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purpose; public relations.36 - Financial affairs; collection services, namely billing and collection of fees for downloads against payment from the Internet or downloads via other remote data transmissions and for the use against payment of television, Internet and other data transmission services, for the use of telecommunication services and interactive television services; financial consultancy regarding tariffs of phone services and the tariffs for the access to global computer networks, in particular in connection with tariffs for the access to the internet; billing service for third parties; charitable fund-raising; electronic capital transfer; handling of credit cards transactions; insurance.38 - Telecommunications, in particular collecting and delivery of electronic messages over fax, telex, telephone, telegram, email, transmission and relaying services for data, speech and video signals, including the aforesaid services for transmission on the Internet; Internet-provider services, included in this class, namely providing of software for the access to the internet via telecommunication lines or providing of Internet access points (software) for the wire less access to a server for the connection with the Internet; providing of electronic bulletin boards, portals or plat forms in the internet; technical transmission of live pictures from an Internet camera (webcam); collecting and delivery of press news; telegram transmission; forwarding of phone calls; arranging of teleconferences and SMS-services as value added services; operating chat lines, chat rooms and discussion forums; services of a press agency; video conferencing; procurement of advertisements (telecommunication); personal calls via broadcasting, telephone or any other means of electronic communication; forwarding of any kind of messages to addresses in the internet (web messaging); providing of platforms in the internet; broadcasting and other technical transmission of radio and television programmes, terrestrial over the internet or other network lines; rental of apparatus for telecommunications and for sending or retrieval of data and messages; technical transmission of data in connection with video-on-demand programmes, news transmission services, home shopping services; data transmission services between networked computer systems, in particular within the framework of a news server in the Internet; technical providing of information in the Internet for others, providing of telecommunication channels for tele-shopping services; operating of a tele-shopping channel; tele-text services; paging services by radio, telephone or other electronic communications systems; providing of the access to computer networks (software).42 - Internet provider services, included in this class, namely providing of memory capacity for external use (webhousing), providing of web space (webhosting), technical projecting of data processing devices; consultancy with regard to the design of homepages and internet pages; consultancy with regard to telecommunication technology; consultancy with regard to intellectual property rights; data administration on servers; design of homepages and Internet pages; services of a certifying body (trust-centre), namely issuing and management of digital keys and/or digital signatures; services of a software engineer; graphic-design services; services for the protection against computer viruses; digital image editing; editing, formatting and transmission of data to blank CDS (premastering); specialist EDP consultancy; saving and storing of electronic data; research and development of new products (for others); software configuration of computer networks; converting of computer programs and data (except physical modification); conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; conceptual design of web pages; copying of computer programs; performance monitoring and analysis of the operation of networks; licensing of computer software; server administration; rental of data processing units and network devices; rental of web servers; procurement and rental of access time to data bases; franchising, namely procurement of technical and legal knowledge; recovery of computer data; trade in movie, television and video licences; granting of licences regarding copyrights of images or texts, consultancy regarding intellectual property rights and copyrights.