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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:38, 41, 4238 - Telecommunications; telecommunications systems and networks management; rental of access time to worldwide online computer network and computer databases; rental of access time to computer databases.41 - Entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; news reporters services; press photographer services.42 - Computer programming; maintenance, updating and design of computer software and programmes; design of information technology and telecommunications systems; preparation and maintenance of Internet sites and other electronic service sites; technological consultation services related to the use of electronic services; design, drawing and commissioned writing for the compilation of the electronic publication services; online provision of information from database by the aid of an electronic service in the fields of information systems, electronic databases and other electronic products; scientific and professional expert services; technical and engineering expert, consultancy, testing and laboratory services; research and development services; design and inspection services; surveillance, supervision, positioning, access control, safety and access monitoring services, all and/or individually relating to communications networks and systems, computer programming, computer hardware, data and information processing, information systems, electronic databases, sound and image processing, notification handling, electronic information connections, alarm and safety nets and systems, electric and electronic products; technical and construction planning and advising related to the design and development of computer hardware and software; technical and construction planning and advising related to the design and development of electronic and digital systems for telecommunications; analysis of computer and telecommunications systems and networks; rental of computers, computer programmes and computer databases; computer systems management.