Международный товарный знак №923441 WELDOTHERM
Номер регистрации: 923441 Дата регистрации: 12.10.2006Базовая регистрация:DE, 15.12.1987, DE/1115589/11 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:12.10.2026
Правообладатель: WELDOTHERM-Gesellschaft für Wärmetechnik m.b.H.  Westendhof 11 a  45143 Essen  (DE)Представитель:Anwaltskanzlei Saß  Zweigerstraße 51  45130 Essen  (DE)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 119 - Programmer, automatic process controller and switchboards and control rooms for control and registration of thermal treatment process in industry, microprocessor controlled programmers for the control of thermal processes in industry, power thyristors, temperature-dependant voltage compensating lines, calibration units, connecting cables, thermocouple welding units, power rectifier for installations with direct current output.11 - Gas burners, heating facilities, mainly consisting of an enclosure with integrated output transformer, power contractors and contractors, automatic process controller, temperature recorder, heating elements, oven heating elements, thermocouples which provide a measurable and recordable temperature recorders as well as heating accesories, namely heating resistors, heating controls, infrared gas burners, high speed heating air burners, wrap-arounds and furnaces.