Международный товарный знак №908649 GARBIS DEVAR
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Правообладатель: GARBIS DEVAR  4, rue Gaspard André  F-69002 LYON  (FR)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:14, 18, 2514 - Jewellery; bijouterie; precious stones; precious metals and their alloys; timepieces and chronometric instruments; coins; works of art of precious metal; jewellery cases or boxes of precious metals; casings; cases for watches; watch springs or glasses; jewellery articles; fashion jewellery; fancy key rings; statues or figurines of precious metals; cigar or cigarette cases of precious metal; cigar or cigarette cases of precious metal; clock and watch cases; medals; kitchen or household utensils of precious metal; tableware of precious metal; silverware (dishes); rings; earrings; bracelets (jewellery); watch straps; ashtrays of precious metal for smokers; chains (jewellery); hat ornaments of precious metal; chronograph watches; shoe ornaments of precious metal; necklaces; diamonds; ivory ornaments; watches; silverware; paste jewellery.18 - Leathers and their imitations; animal skins, hides (fur); unworked or semi-worked leather; furs (animal skins); exotic hides (alligator, crocodile, porosus crocodile, ostrich, ostrich leg, shagreen, python, anaconda, snake, shark, lizard, iguana); trunks and suitcases; school satchels; briefcases; card cases; portfolios; key cases (leatherware); umbrella; parasols and walking sticks; whips; saddlery and saddlery items; wallets; purses not of precious metal; handbags, back bags, wheeled bags and shopping bags; climbing, camping, travel, beach, school, sports and town bags, garment bags; cases for holding toiletry articles; travelling trunks; travelling sets; collars and clothing for animals; shopping nets or bags; bags or sachets (wrappings, pouches) for packaging (leather); boxes of leather or leatherboard; cases of leather or leatherboard; coverings of skins (fur); leather trimmings for furniture; furniture coverings of leather; leather hatboxes.25 - Clothing, footwear, headgear; shirts, leather and imitation leather clothing; made-to-measure leather clothes; clothing made of exotic hides (alligator, crocodile, porosus crocodile, ostrich, ostrich leg, shagreen, python, anaconda, snake, shark, lizard, iguana); made-to-measure clothes of exotic hides; belts (clothing); furs (clothing); made-to-measure furs; gloves (clothing); neckscarves; ties; hosiery; berets; bonnets; caps; hats; socks; slippers; shoes; beach, ski or sports footwear; sandals; textile babies' nappies; underwear; bras swimming trunks; bathing suits; swimsuits; leotards (bodysuits); boots; half-boots; briefs; suits; stoles (fur); waistcoats; raincoats; skirts; strapless tops; coats; dresses; trousers; overcoats; parkas, dressing gowns; pelisses; pullovers; pyjamas; dressing gowns; tee-shirts; knitwear (clothing); uniforms; jackets.