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Правообладатель: Byk-Chemie GmbH  Abelstraße 45  46483 Wesel  (DE)Представитель:KROHER - STROBEL, Rechts- und Patentanwälte PartmbB  Bavariaring 20  80336 München  (DE)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:01, 02, 171 - Chemical products for commercial and scientific purposes; unprocessed synthetic resins and plastics; adhesives for commercial purposes; emulsifying agents; dispersing agents, wetting agents; material for influencing the surface tension of paints and lacquers (tensides); silicones; chemical additives for the production of ink, printing ink and toner; toning salts (photography); carbon black for commercial purposes.2 - Paints, varnishes, lacquers; pigments, in particular carbon black (paints and pigments) and organic pigments (iron pigments), pearl gloss pigments, metal effect pigments, interference pigments; powder coatings, anti-corrosives, anti-rust preparations, dyes; unprocessed natural resins; lacquer aids, included in this class, namely levelling agents, hardeners, drying agents, binding agents, thickeners, fixing agents, thinners (all are additives for paints and lacquers); printing ink; printing pastes (ink), printing varnishes (lacquers); toner and toner cartridges (filled) for printers and copiers; paints; lacquers, pigments for the production of printing ink.17 - Resins in liquid form (semi-finished products); synthetic, conductive and thermosetting resins (semi-finished products); natural rubber, gutta-percha, rubber, mica and goods made of it included in this class; goods made of plastics (semi-finished products); sealing, packaging and insulating materials; liquid electrical insulation materials.