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Международный товарный знак №1180111 Easy Cut SMART
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Правообладатель: tesa SE  Hugo-Kirchberg-Straße 1  22848 Norderstedt  (DE)Адрес для переписки:tesa SE  Intellectual Property / Kst. 9500  22839 Norderstedt  (DE)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:16, 1716 - Adhesive tapes for stationery and household purposes; adhesive pads (stationery); adhesives known as "glue dots"; adhesive corners; self-adhesive plastic sheets for lining shelves; adhesive paper; adhesive films and adhesives for stationery or for craft, office and household purposes; adhesive articles of paper/cardboard; packaging materials made of plastic; adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use; paper carton sealing tape; glueing and marking apparatus for stationery and household use; correcting implements and tapes for stationery or for craft, office and household purposes; correcting film for type and dispensers therefor; office requisites, except furniture; plastic materials for packaging, included in this class; labels (not of textile); packaging materials and packaging of paper, cardboard and plastic.17 - Adhesive tapes for industrial purposes; adhesive strips for industrial purposes; adhesive films; adhesive papers for packing, stopping or insulating purposes; (self-) adhesive films; all the aforesaid goods, other than for medical purposes, for stationery or household purposes; rubber; guttapercha; gum; substitutes for gum and goods thereof, all the aforesaid goods included in this class.