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Правообладатель: SCT Lubricants Limited  Arch. Makariou III,  5. Mesa Geitonia  CY-4000 Limassol  (CY)Представитель:GLAWE DELFS MOLL Partnerschaft mbB von Patent- und Rechtsanwälten  Postfach 13 03 91  20103 Hamburg  (DE)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 341 - Chemicals used in industry, especially chemical and non-chemical effecting additives of lubricants, greases, industrial, motor, gear, compressor, and hydraulic oil as well as chemical additives of fuels (including motor spirit); chemical additives of coolants; anti-freeze for coolants and for water of wiper blades; impregnating agents; glue for industrial use.2 - Corrosion protector; lacquer as an agent with anti-gliding properties.3 - Rust remover, cleaning agents against oiled up motors and other oiled up technical objets; cleaning agents for fuel pipes and injectors of motors, especially of motors of vehicles; car care, namely wash conservator, lacquer cleaner and lacquer conservator in paste and fluid form, lacquer wax, wax shampoo, wash powder for car wash, powdered and fluid wash powder for steam jets and high pressure cleaners, chrome protector, and cleaning agents for vehicle tops; rim cleaner, car perfumes, deodorant, soaps; anti-stench preparations, stench blankers, either solid or liquid; cleaning preparations for the care of plastics.4 - Contact sprays; lubricants; industrial oils and greases, including motor, gear, compressor, hydraulic and industrial oils; contact oils and contact greases; oil additives as well as additives for fuel, especially for car fuel; non-chemical additives for industrial greases, industrial oils, motor oils, gear oils, compressor oils and hydraulic oil.6 - Sealing bolts, lamellas of metal for couplings and brakes; metal clips; tube binders, tube clamps, tube couplings, tube screws of metal, number plates of metal; rings, rivets, screws of metal.7 - Electrical and/or manual machines for cleaning fuel systems, injector pumps and injector nozzles of motors, especially motors of vehicles; filters for gaseous and fluid materials, especially for air, gas, fuel and oil proper fitting in all kinds of motors, whole or partly of non porous materials, namely of paper, cardboard, asbestos, felt, pebble, ceramic materials and also textile of metal, natural and artificial threads; parts of aforementioned products as replacement parts; V-belt of rubber as machine parts, conveyor belts; V-belts; V-belts of rubber as vehicle parts; brake linings, brake discs, clutch linings, brake pads, brake tapes; hydraulic and electric brakes, couplings and gears, cardan shafts, silencers, vibration dampers, fluid couplings, compressed air couplings, namely pressure couplings; mechanic tools, mechanic machines to stick linings; sparking plugs, sparking plug wrenches, textiles discs, rubber racks, asbestos brake linings; hydraulic junctions, namely tubes, as parts of engines.8 - Manual tools, manual gluing machines to stick linings; manual tools (included in this class).9 - Signalling systems, cigarette lighters, smoking sets for vehicles, navigation systems, rescue systems and fire extinguishers and tools for vehicles.11 - Defrosters, lights, interior fittings of vehicles, namely for lamps, lights, heating, cock, cool, drying and ventilation systems, cooling and heating of vehicles; reflectors.12 - Brake linings, brake discs, clutch linings, brake pads, brake tapes; hydraulic and electric brakes, couplings and gears, cardan shafts, tyres for vehicles, asbestos brake linings, bumpers, shock absorbers, joint discs for steering systems in cars; rims, water vehicles, bikes, accessories of bikes and vehicles, namely floodlights and other light systems, optical and acoustical signal systems, glare shields and wind shields as vehicle accessories, wiper blades, observation mirrors, mechanical anti-theft devices, vehicle parts; products as vehicle parts of plastics, vehicle interior fitting parts; switch cases and plugs for vehicles; rack boots for vehicles.16 - Calendars; packs of cards, included in this class.17 - Gaskets, also for motor parts and packers for isolating materials; heat isolating, and isolating materials; asbestos products for gaskets and fire prevention; friction lining for vehicles and machines.20 - Tube screws not of metal, number plates not of metal.21 - Wet rags, cleaning rags, steel wool.22 - Gummed textiles for industrial use.34 - Ashtrays.