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Венская классификация:05.07.02; 27.05.02; 29.01.12
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:07, 11, 31, 37, 42, 447 - Apparatus for screening the ground (machines); apparatus for moving earth (machines); automatic feeding equipment, harrows, disc harrows (equipment in the form of trailers to tractors); tractor-towed harrows, harrows (machines); plows to remove turf; devices to stun cattle (machines); harrows (equipment in the form of trailers for tractors); milling machines; milking machines, teat cups for milking machines; electronic feeding machines for animals feeding; electric alternators machines, elevators for agricultural use; elevators for materials, agricultural elevators, incubators for eggs, poultry incubators, rototillers, mowers (equipment in the form of trailers to tractors); mowers-binders, mowers (machine), agricultural implements, machinery mowers, lawn mowers (machine), combine harvesters, combines (farm equipment), combines, cultivators (agricultural instruments); motor-cultivators, engines for cultivators; motorized cultivators; cultivators (agricultural implements); loaders for agricultural machinery, loaders (conveyor); power-operated sprayers for agricultural purposes; baling machines; grain hullers, fodder cutting machines, turnips cutting machines, grain separation machines, machines for separation of cereals; sowing machines, machines for sowing the seeds one by one; machines for chopping mulberry leaves; hair cutting machines for animals, machines for binding bales of hay, hay binding machines, machines for use in agriculture, agricultural machines, farm equipment, namely cultivators, tractor-towed agricultural implements, agricultural equipment to cultivate the land, fertilizer spreading machines; agricultural machinery for cutting grass; agricultural machinery for sowing, earth moving machines; farm equipment to collect grass, heavy equipment for harvesting, fertilizer spraying machines, agricultural implements, threshers for maize (equipment in the form of trailers to tractors); mills for grinding flour (machine); agricultural tools mounted to a trailer; mechanical agricultural hoes (machines); sprayers to be mounted on trailers, sprayers for mounting on tractors, sprayers for agricultural purposes, fungicide sprayers, herbicide sprayers, insecticide sprayers; chaff cutter blades, chaff cutter blades (parts of machines); plows (equipment in the form of trailers to tractors); plows forming machines, presses machines, presses for agricultural use; sifting (machines); installations for sifting; tedding machines, conveyors for farm machinery and horticultural crops and their parts and accessories; devices for marking cattle (machine); tools (mechanical) for control of technological processes; power-operated sprayers; tractor-towed manure spreaders, manure spreaders with two disks; tractor-towed fertilizer distributors; silage spreaders (machine); fertilizer spreaders (machine); manure spreaders; sprayers attached to vehicles to spray agricultural farms; sprayers (machines); insecticide sprayers, tractor-towed sprayers for agricultural purposes; shredders (agricultural implements); agricultural implements other than hand-operated; sowers, sowers (machine); agricultural sowers, drill seeders (parts of machines); drill seeders (agricultural implements); drill seeders (farm equipment); broadcast sowers (farm equipment in the form of trailers to tractors); drills in the form of trailers to tractors, sheaf-binding machines; grain dryers, fertilizer spreading machines; machines for making straw rope; blowing machines for moving grain, for the packaging of grains, for sucking beans and for removal of hay and grain (blowers or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grains); grain husking machines; reapers, reapers (mowing); reapers (agricultural machines); reapers (equipment in the form of trailers for tractors); cyclones (air cleaning machines); cyclones (air purifiers), cyclones (machine air purification); cyclones (air purifiers).11 - Apparatus and equipment for purification of air; heat recuperators, heat trays, filters for air, air filters for use as components in the process of stopping dust industrial; air filters for use as dust extractors in industrial processes, systems to recirculate air, air purification systems, air filtration systems, air extraction systems, air cleaning systems, equipment and machinery for air purification; air filters for use as a dust-retaining elements in industrial processes, air filters for use as a dust extractor in industrial processes for air recirculation, air purification systems, air cleaning systems; irrigation apparatus for agricultural purposes; air dryers; drying equipment and installations; apparatus for drying feed; apparatus for drying, refrigerated dryers for compressed air, food dryers.31 - Algarobilla (feed for animals), active dry yeast for animal; food for cattle; edible gum for animal food; food for chickens, food for sheep; pig food, food for livestock, food for dairy animals, food containing phosphate for animal feed, cattle fattening (meat) bulbs used in agriculture, live poultry, poultry for breeding, preparations for egg laying poultry; poultry (alive); yeast for animal feed; yeast-to-eat by animals, yeast as feed for animals, malt extracts for animal consumption, extracts of yeast for animal consumption, animal biscuit malt, oat biscuits for animal consumption; biscuits cereals for animal; hybrid wheat seeds, flaxseed for animal consumption, flaxseed meal for animal consumption, corn processed for animal consumption; corn (unprocessed), corn for animal feed, corn, silage (pet food); barley, barley for use in the production of beer, barley for beer, barley (unprocessed), barley (the pods); salt licks for animals, animal meal, flax meal (fodder); ground food products for animals, non-breeding mixes grain, mixes feed for animal; seeds, rye seed; seeds for agriculture, seeds for agricultural purposes, seeds for sowing, seeds for crops, seeds coated with fertilizer, seeds coated with antiparasitic preparations; seeds prepared for consumption by animals, seeds of wheat, pulses for animal feed, sunflower seeds, seeds of grain; unprocessed maize; unprocessed wheat, feed, cattle feed, animal feed, wheat bran, rice bran (pet food), bran cereal, oats, oats for animal consumption; oats processed for consumption by animals, oatmeal for animal consumption, animal food, pet food, chopped straw for animal bedding, oil seed meals for animal feed, cereal preparations which are animal feed, pet food preparations; mash for fattening livestock, livestock fattening preparations, livestock feed, agricultural products (unprocessed); products from corn for animal consumption; cereal products for animal consumption, by-products of the manufacturing process of cereal grains as animal feed, wheat proteins for animal food, processed maize products for animals consumption, wheat, hay, linseed as animal feed, hay bales drying in the air, linseed (flour) as feed for animals, malt barley, malt containing animal protein (other than for medical purposes); malt cereals (unprocessed); malt jumper animal protein (other than for medical purposes), sweet corn (fresh); straw, straw for bedding, straw (feed), fresh oats, fresh corn (unprocessed), fresh legumes, fresh wheat, fresh corn, dried alfalfa for animal; raw corn; processed cereals for animal feed, cereals, grain unprocessed (beans), canned beans to feed for animals, grain (seed); natural grains, seeds for sowing agricultural, by-products of grain cereals as animal feed, grains (cereals), grain for animal feed; rye; live poultry.37 - Construction and repair of warehouses, construction of industrial real estate, cleaning construction, industrial, agricultural plant structure; installation, maintenance and repair of machinery; equipment installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems, maintenance and repair burners, maintenance and repair of buildings, industrial maintenance; application of anti-graffiti coatings on the surfaces of the containers, application of anti-graffiti coatings for buildings, application of anti-graffiti coatings on the surfaces of buildings; repair or maintenance of agricultural machinery and tools, repair or maintenance of feed mixers, repair or maintenance of machines and equipment for soil, repair or maintenance of equipment for grinding feed, repair or maintenance of fodder presses, repair or maintenance of storage tanks, machinery repairs, maintenance services.42 - Research and development in agriculture, research and development in the field of drying in agriculture, building design, technical project planning; research on products, research and development of products, research and development of products and consultancy services relating to research in the field of environmental protection; research services, research and development services, advisory services relating to research in the field of pollution control; technical advice related to the design, design of industrial machinery; studies of industrial processes, professional advice relating to research and development of productivity; advisory services related to energy efficiency, agricultural research; technical research, engineering services for the analysis of machines, industrial machinery development, consulting services on technological research, design of storage systems; technology study design, engineering design studies, engineering works, engineering services, technology research, research on technology; design of industrial buildings, design of specialized machinery, scientific and technical research.44 - Expert advice in the field of agriculture, agricultural advisory, consultancy relating to agriculture and rental of farming equipment, agricultural information services, advisory services in agriculture, agricultural services, agricultural horticultural and forestry services; seed-sowing services, rental of agricultural machinery, rental of agricultural equipment, hire of agricultural tractors.