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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 16, 25, 28, 419 - Apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound or images; audiovisual receivers; blank DVDs and CD ROMs; prerecorded audio and video DVD and pre-recorded audio and video CD-ROMs; compact discs (audio-video) containing music, entertainment, film, animations and computer games; DVD containing musical and animations films and containing games; recorded video discs and tapes containing musical film, animations and games; cinematographic film, exposed; discs and cartridges for video games; video game programs; downloadable video game programs; video games software; video game joysticks; audio books for kids; books recorded on audio tapes, video tapes, CD-ROMs and DVDs; audio books, downloadable; electronic game software; computer games software; optical glasses; sunglasses; eyeglasses cases; cords for spectacles; frames for spectacles; spectacle glasses; field glasses; telescopes; optical apparatus and instruments.16 - Printed matter; stationery; stationery-type portfolios; agendas and diaries; pocket diaries; note books; drawing pads; writing pads; scrapbooks; exercise books; printed cards; gift cards; envelopes, stationery; wrapping paper; document holders, stationery; folders, stationery; ring binders; calendars; drawing paper; note paper; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; collectable trading cards and stickers; artists' materials; paint brushes; drawing instruments; pens; pencils; bookmarks; book ends; photographs; photograph stands; newspapers; magazines, periodicals; books; typewriters and office requisites, except furniture; instructional and teaching material, except apparatus; plastic materials for packaging, not included in other classes; printers' type; printing blocks; bookbinding material.25 - Clothing namely sweaters, cardigans, waistcoats, suits, trousers, shorts, jerseys, raincoats, leather clothing, woolen clothing, stockings, stocking suspenders, sock suspenders, wind resistant jackets, ski pants, fur coats, coats, skirts, suits, jackets, undershirts, T-shirts, clothing for gymnastics, ladies' shirts, collars, shirts, foulards, swimming costumes, tracksuits, wedding dresses, underwear, brassieres, corsets, slips, underpants, briefs, nightshirts, housecoats, pyjamas, gloves, shawls, scarves, ties, bow ties, belts (clothing), braces, hats, caps; shoes; boots; ankle boots; leather shoes; galoshes; rain boots; sports footwear; sandals; slippers; soles for footwear; heels; footwear uppers.28 - Games and playthings; dolls; dolls' clothing; accessories for dolls; play sets for dolls; bean bag dolls; wind-up toys; carnival masks; collectable toy figures; action figures and accessories therefor; plush toys; marionettes; puppets; parlour games; board games; educational games for the teaching of arithmetic, reading, language, geography, science, astronomy, history, rules of the road; electric action toys; hand-held electronic video games; video game apparatus; electronic amusement apparatus incorporating a liquid crystal display; standalone video game machines; protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games; games apparatus adapted for use with display monitors; mechanical toys; building games; toy building blocks; jigsaw puzzles; action skill games; chess games; magic tricks; playing cards; music box toys; party games; bath toys; snow globes; marbles; yo-yos; spinning tops; inflatable toys; squeeze toys; stuffed toys; bubble making wand and solution sets; soap bubbles, toys; kites; toy bucket and shovel sets; mobiles, toys; toy vehicles; toy scooters; toy cars; toy trucks; water squirting toys; gymnastic and sporting articles; rubber balls; balloons; soccer balls; basketballs; baseballs; beach balls; bowling balls; tennis balls; golf balls; golf gloves, accessories for games; baseball bats; catcher's mitts, accessories for games; hockey pucks; roller skates; skateboards; jump ropes; table tennis tables; target games; punching balls; badminton sets; disc toss toys; paper party hats; paper party favors; decorations for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; Christmas stockings, accessories for games.41 - Entertainment; entertainment in the nature of cinema films; production, distribution and rental of films, of television and radio programmes, of sound and video recordings; production of entertainment live performances; showing of cinematographic films; presentation of recital; television entertainment in the nature of action, live, comic, dramatic and/or cartoon television programmes; rental of video cassettes; production of multimedia presentations (recording studio and film studio services); providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; interactive entertainment via a global computer network; providing movies available on-line on the Internet, not downloadable; providing games from the Internet, not downloadable; publication of books, magazines and electronic publications on cinema, music and video games; information on services related to games, music and cinema services available on-line, not downloadable; booking of entertainment halls; booking of seats for shows; booking of theater and cinema tickets; booking of seats for shows using electronic ticketing systems; instruction services; education; providing of training; sporting and cultural activities.