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Правообладатель: ONEY BANK  40 avenue de Flandre  F-59170 CROIX  (FR)Представитель:TMARK CONSEILS  9 avenue Percier  F-75008 PARIS  (FR)
Венская классификация:16.01.11; 16.01.25; 26.01.18; 27.05.10; 29.01.13
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 16, 35, 36, 38, 41, 429 - Apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound or images; magnetic recording media; magnetic or optical data media; data storage media such as discs, diskettes, tapes, cassettes; telecommunication apparatus; data processing apparatus, computers, computer peripherals, software, floppy disks; readers (data processing equipment); optical character readers; integrated circuit cards [smart cards]; magnetic cards; credit and payment cards; magnetic identity cards; phone cards; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; automatic coin and bank note dispensers; electrical, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic payment apparatus; electronic payment terminals, electronic wallets; automated check-reading apparatus; apparatus used for for securing, identifying and authenticating instructions from computers or any type of computer or telephone terminal; apparatus and software used to secure and authenticate payment orders made by computers, or any type of computer or telephone terminal; apparatus used for securing bank operations and electronic data transfers; biometric identification and authentication apparatus and systems; apparatus and instruments for analysis and recognition of fingerprints; sensors , biometric; access, identification and authentication control equipment and apparatus; identification terminals and software using biometric data; magnetic identification tickets and cards especially using biometrics; magnetic loyalty cards; magnetic identity cards.16 - Printed matter (printing products); stationery; albums, books, periodicals; almanacs, brochures, exercise books, catalogs; manuals; guides; calendars; lithographs, engravings; paintings (pictures); posters, geographic maps, newspapers; greeting cards; postcards; coupons, discount coupons, tickets; payment gift cards; gift vouchers used for payment; non-magnetic loyalty cards; non-magnetic identity cards.35 - Advertising; publication of advertising texts; direct mail advertising (leaflets, prospectuses, printed matter, samples); dissemination of advertisements; advertising agencies; rental of advertising material; rental of advertising space; rental of advertising time on all communication media; marketing; on-line advertising on a computer network; advertising by mail order; writing of advertising texts; marketing by telephone; production of advertising films; business management assistance to industrial or commercial companies; business management; rental of vending machines; arranging newspaper subscriptions; electronic newspaper subscription services; telephone subscription services; mobile telephone and paging subscription services; arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services, to a global telecommunication network (the Internet) or private access networks (intranets), to a supplier of access to a computer telecommunications network or data transmissions network; arranging subscriptions to a database or multimedia server center; arranging subscriptions to telematic services, to data transmission services by telematic means; subscription to a supplier of access to a computer network for telecommunication or data transmission; subscription services to television or radio programs, videograms, phonograms, audiovisual programs; subscriptions to computer databases; administrative management and supervision of multimedia and telecommunications networks; business information agencies; cost price analysis; market study; market research; opinion polling; price comparison services; compilation of statistics; public relations; demonstration of goods; shop window dressing; presentation of goods on all communication media for retail sale, namely sales promotion; Commercial information and advice for consumers; administrative processing of purchase orders; organization of exhibitions and trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; computerized file management; collection and systematization of information into computer databases; data search in computer files (for others); document reproduction; commercial information and consulting, commercial promotions in all forms and on all media, including via a computer communication network (such as the Internet or an intranet) and especially by the provision of privileged user cards; commercial entertainment, promotion and advertising services; promotional offer services, namely sales promotion for others; organization and management of commercial operations for customer loyalty especially by means of loyalty cards.36 - Insurance underwriting; general insurance services; banking, financial and monetary affairs; financing and lending services; electronic payment services; services involving bank, credit, debit, payment and other cards or checks providing financial advantages; online banking services accessible via the Internet or any telecommunication network, including via mobile telephone; issuance of gift cards for payment and gift checks for payment ; issuance of discount coupons; issuing of travelers' checks; consultancy in the field of finance and insurance; financial sponsorship; organizing payment for the supply of gifts and any goods or services by the issuance, distribution, clearing of purchase vouchers, tickets, checks, coupons, tokens, prepaid cards or credit cards or any other means of payment particularly via computer networks; provision of payment facilities and financing whether via a telephone or a computer terminal; financial services in connection with holding loyalty cards; services involving payment by loyalty cards; financial services in connection with holding promotional loyalty coupons; services involving payment by promotional loyalty coupons; issuance and financial management of payment facilities, particularly purchase vouchers; sales promotion for others by issuing loyalty cards enabling the accumulation of purchasing points and the award of purchase vouchers, promotional offers and gifts.38 - Telecommunications; telecommunication information; technical advice in the field of telecommunications; wire service (news agencies); news agencies; communications by radio, telegram; broadcasting of television programs; broadcasting of radio and television programs; communications and telephone services; cellular telephone communication services; mobile telecommunications services available via a prepaid card system; services for call transfer, call forwarding, directory inquiries, voice mail, video messaging; rental of telecommunications apparatus, message transmission apparatus, fax machines, telephones, modems; transmission of messages; facsimile transmission; communications by computer terminals; communications by fiber-optic networks; computer-aided transmission of messages and images; transmission of information contained in databases or in a telematic server; telematic or electronic messaging service; online or non-real time communication and transmission of messages, information and data, from data processing systems or computer network systems, including the global telecommunication network called the ''Internet'' and the global network called the ''World Wide Web''; providing access to telecommunication networks, to a global computer network, including the global network called the ''Internet''; electronic bulletin board services (telecommunication services); teleconferencing services; rental of access time to a database server center; rental of access time to databases and to computer or data communication database server centers, to wireless networks (short or long distance) telephone, mobile telephone, data communication networks, to world communication networks (such as the Internet) or private or reserved access networks (such as intranets), to an Internet-type global communications server center, to private or restricted access networks (such as intranets); providing access to databases; providing telecommunication channels for home-shopping services; providing access to chat forums on the Internet; secured transmission of data, particularly with access codes; directory inquiry services; provision of access to a mobile telephone network including a subscription or package deal; providing access to computer or data communication databases and database server centers; teleconferencing services; provision of access to web sites for digital music on the Internet; providing access to Internet websites (files in MP3 format); providing access to film downloading and viewing services; downloading of video games, digital data, computer software, ringtones, images, moving images, films, music files; transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound, games, ringtones by mobile telephone; transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound via a local wireless network; transmission of photographs, images, moving images, music, sound, games, ringtones via a radio communication network; transmission of music, images, moving images, sound, data, games, ringtones by means of downloading; audiovisual program broadcasting via computer terminals; audiovisual program broadcasting via a global communication network (of the Internet type) or private or reserved access (intranet), or cable, or satellite, or VHF; assistance services (inquiry, information) by telephone in the field of telecommunications; online information services relating to telecommunication; providing online discussion groups and chat rooms.41 - Education; training; practical training (demonstration); training and education in the area of programming, installing, operating, maintaining, computers, telephones, telecommunications apparatus; entertainment; providing museum facilities (presentation, exhibitions); club services (entertainment or education); cultural activities; publication of books, magazines; publication of texts other than for advertising; Electronic desktop publishing; publication of electronic books and journals on-line; providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); electronic library services for providing electronic information, audio or video information and data, games and entertainment; game services provided online (from a computer network); videotape editing; organization of competitions relating to education or entertainment; organization and conducting of colloquiums, conferences, congresses; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; booking of seats for shows, for entertainment, sporting and cultural events; ticket agency services (entertainment); operating lotteries; education or entertainment information; entertainment on radio and television; production of radio and television programs; digital imaging services; photography; photographic reporting; organization and conducting of online conferences; providing (making available) digital music (non-downloadable) from the Internet; providing (making available) digital music (non-downloadable) from Internet websites (files in MP3 format).42 - Chemical analyses; bacteriological research; chemistry services; chemical research; biological research; technical research; physics research; mechanical research; geological research; cosmetic research; underwater exploration; quality control; materials testing (quality control); textile testing (quality control); surveying (engineering work); engineering; technical project study; analysis for oil-field exploitation; oil-field surveys; oil-well testing; oil prospecting; geological surveys; vehicle roadworthiness testing; programming for computers; computer system design; computer software design, installation, updating, maintenance; rental of computers, computer software; computer and software consultancy; technical consultancy in the field of computers; analysis for the installation of computer systems; recovery of computer data; creating and maintaining web sites for others; rental of Web servers; hosting of computer sites (websites); providing search engines for the Internet; duplication of computer programs; conversion of computer programs and data (not physical conversion); conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; construction drafting; architecture, design of interior decor; land surveying; land surveys; calibration (measuring); urban planning; construction consultation; consultancy on environmental protection; technical advice in the field of saving energy; meteorological information; research and development of new products for others; packaging design services; fashion designer services (dress designing); graphic arts designing services; industrial design services; styling (industrial design); authentication of works of art.