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Правообладатель: Implus Footcare, LLC  2001 T.W. Alexander Drive  Durham, NC 27709  (US)Представитель:MARK & LAW  7 rue des Aulnes, Bâtiment B  F-69410 CHAMPAGNE AU MONT D'OR  (FR)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:10, 28, 4110 - Apparatus for achieving physical fitness (for medical use); fitness and exercise apparatus for medical or therapeutic purposes; manually operated exercise apparatus for medical use; medical apparatus for performance therapy and exercise; parts, accessories and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.28 - Fitness and exercise machines and apparatus; fitness and exercise appliances and machines; gymnastic and sporting articles; machines and apparatus for physical exercise; bags adapted for sporting articles.41 - Exercise and fitness training services; training services relating to fitness and performance therapy; instructional services relating to physical fitness, performance therapy, gymnastics, weight training, body building, aerobics, physical exercise, physical rehabilitation, diet, nutrition, health and beauty.