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Правообладатель: STATARE BRANDS LTD  Tassou Papadopoulou,  173, Vasiliko,  1st Floor, Flat/Office 111-113  CY-8021 Paphos  (CY)Представитель:Oslo Patentkontor AS  PO Box 7007 M  N-0306 Oslo  (NO)
Венская классификация:26.04.04; 26.04.18; 26.04.24; 27.05.24
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:06, 16, 18, 20, 216 - Common metals and their alloys, ores; metal materials for building and construction; transportable buildings of metal; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; small items of metal hardware; metal containers for storage or transport; safes; accessories for furniture, furnishings for wardrobes, wardrobes, sliding doors [furniture accessories], storage furniture, namely handles, knots, poles for wardrobes, baskets, wire baskets, basket dividers, pulls and holders for trousers, shoes, ties, belts, rods, rods and suspension brackets, the aforementioned goods of metal; metal locks and keys therefor; metal mail slots; metal nameplates and door nameplates; metal safes; metal staples for construction or industrial use; metal stepladders and ladders; mirror hangers of metal; non-electric door chimes; pet doors of metal; picture hangers of metal; plant hangers of metal; portable metal risers for public performances [platforms]; shelf brackets of metal; shower grab bars of metal; skid chains of metal; sliding doors of metal; snowboard locks of metal; speed bumps of metal; staples for construction or industrial use; steel in the form of sheets, plates, foils and reels; storage drums of metal; storage pallets of metal; storage sheds of metal; threaded fasteners of metal; threaded metal rods; towel dispensers of metal; towel hooks of metal; aerosol containers of metal sold empty; aluminium ingots; aluminium siding; awnings [building structures] of metal; baskets of common metal; beverage cans of metal; bicycle locks of metal; bottle stoppers of metal; busts of non-precious metal; cabinet door catches of metal; cabinet stops of metal; cable junction sleeves of metal; cantilevered brackets of metal; cargo slings of metal; cash deposit boxes of metal; casings of metal; chain door guards of metal; chains of common metal for keys; clad steel plates and sheets; commemorative cups made of non-precious metal; containers of metal for the storage and transportation of goods; coverings of metal for ceilings; curtain walls of metal; decking of metal; decorative boxes of metal; desktop statuary made of non-precious metal; door jambs of metal; safe deposit boxes; security lock cylinders of metal; valances of metal; doors and windows of metal; drawer pulls of common metal; electronic safes; escutcheons of metal; fence posts of metal; figures of common metal; fire doors of metal; fired refractory materials of metal [building materials]; fire-resistant safes of metal; floor panels of metal; frames of metal for sliding doors; garage door rollers of metal; garage doors of metal; garden stakes of metal; greenhouses of metal; holiday ornaments of bronze, other than tree ornaments; holiday ornaments of common metal, other than tree ornaments; house numbers of metal; iron and steel; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; landscape edgings of metal; lawn edgings of metal; lids of metal; loading and unloading pallets of metal; lock boxes of metal; locking mechanisms of metal; locksets of metal; locks of metal; materials of metal for scaffolds; metal bells; metal cans, sold empty; metal clothesline wire; metal connectors for decking and decking joists; metal door viewers [non-magnified]; metal drawer trim; metal expanding sleeves for affixing screws; hardware of metal, small; junctions of metal for pipes; packaging containers of metal; tanks of metal; sills of metal; bells for animals; bells; aluminium foil; thread of metal for tying-up purposes; casks of metal; bicycle parking installations of metal; bottle caps of metal; bottle closures of metal; knobs of metal; slings of metal for handling loads; busts of common metal; clips of metal for cables and pipes; door openers, non-electric; tile floorings of metal; hinges of metal; door frames of metal; partitions of metal; cornices of metal; moldings of metal for cornices; windows of metal; ironwork for doors; runners of metal for sliding doors; hooks of metal for clothes rails; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; scaffolding of metal; bindings of metal; fences of metal; signboards of metal; locks of metal for bags; fittings of metal for furniture; memorial plates of metal; fittings of metal for beds; door fittings of metal; closures of metal for containers; chests of metal; identity plates of metal; advertisement columns of metal; letters and numerals of common metal, except type; manifolds of metal for pipelines; tool boxes of metal, empty; tool chests of metal, empty; wheel clamps [boots]; insect screens of metal; pitons of metal; metals in powder form; trays of metal; slabs of metal for building; step stools of metal; dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal; metals in foil or powder form for 3D printers; door fasteners of metal; pantiles of metal.16 - Paper and cardboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery and office requisites, except furniture; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' and drawing materials; paintbrushes; instructional and teaching materials; plastic sheets, films and bags for wrapping and packaging; printers' type, printing blocks; boxes of cardboard or paper; covers (stationery), wrapping paper; time managers (diaries); spiral-bound notebooks; sports trading cards; stationery boxes; stationery cases; sticker books; stick markers; sticks of writing chalk; teaching materials of paper; training manuals; trash can liners [trash or garbage bags]; treated paper for wrapping flowers and floral displays; ungraduated rulers; wall covering sample books; wallpaper sample books; waterproof paper; wedding albums; wedding books; wirebound books; boxes of paper; brag books [photograph albums]; business cards; cake boxes of cardboard; calendar desk pads; cardboard boxes; cardboard carriers for food and beverages; cardboard packaging boxes in collapsible form; cardboard packaging boxes in made-up form; carrying cases made of paper; cat box liners in the form of plastic bags; christmas cards; coasters of cardboard; coin albums; collapsible cardboard boxes; coloring books; commemorative books; composition books; computer game hint books; containers made of cardboard; containers made of paper; containers, made of paper or cardboard, for ice; corkboard pins; corners for mounting photographs; magnetic boards [office requisites]; manuscript books; marking tabs; masking paper; mechanical pencils; memorandum boards [office requisites]; memorandum books; mini photograph albums; motivational cards; murals; name badges of paper; notebook paper; grocery bags of paper or plastic; guest books; guide books; gummed tape for stationery or household purposes; hand towels of paper; hanging folders; hat boxes of paper; heat sensitive paper; holders for adhesive tapes; holders for desk accessories; holders for notepads; hole punches [office requisites]; honeycomb paper; hosho-gami [thick Japanese paper]; hymn books; invitation cards; iron-on transfers of paper; knitting patterns; laminated paper; letter files; letter openers of precious metal; letters and numbers made of paper; logbooks [aviation]; lunch bags of paper or plastic; magnetic boards for scheduling activities and appointments; address plates; paper sacks; paper sandwich bags; paper take-out cartons for food; pencil cases; pennants made of paper; photograph albums; photograph mounts of paper or cardboard; photograph storage boxes; picture books; picture mounts made of cardboard; picture mounts made of paper; plastic bags for packing; plastic pages with pockets for holding photographs; plastic pages with pockets for holding receipts; plastic pages with pockets for holding trading cards; plastic sandwich bags; pop-up books; prescription reminder pads; appointment diaries; art pads; art pictures; bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for merchandise packaging; ball-point pens; binding materials for books and papers; birthday books; blackboards for school and home use; blank or partially printed paper labels; blank or partially printed postcards; duplicating paper; event albums; exercise books [blank]; felt-tip pens; file folders; flip charts; fluting paper [corrugating medium]; gift bags of paper or plastic; gift books; gift boxes of cardboard or paper; gift tags of paper; corrugated paper; date indicators; date stamps [daters]; day planners; decorative paper bows for wrapping; desk baskets for desk accessories; opaque paper; organizers for stationery use; packaging containers of paper; packing cardboard; paint boxes and brushes; paint paddles; paper and cardboard; paper bags; paper boxes for storing greeting cards; paper cartons for delivering goods; paper clip holders; paper closures for containers; paper folding machines for office use; protective covers for books; recycled paper; religious books; resource books; road maps; rubber document stamps; rubber finger tips [office requisites]; rubber stamps; school yearbooks; scorebooks; score pads.18 - Leather and imitations of leather; animal skins and hides; luggage and carrying bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars, leashes and clothing for animals; credit card holders; envelopes of leather; baggagetags; bumbags; drink belts; hydration packs; toilet bags; boxes of leather and imitations of leather; bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for merchandise packaging; jewelry bags of textile material [empty]; key bags; leather bags, suitcases and wallets; luggage; luggage label holders [leatherware]; luggage tags of leather; name card cases; nappy bags; overnight bags; overnight suitcases; pouches for holding make-up, keys and other personal items; bags for carrying animals; bags for umbrellas; beach umbrellas; boston bags; card wallets [leatherware]; carrying cases; carrying cases for documents; carry-on bags; clutch bags; coin holders in the nature of wallets; cosmetic bags sold empty; cosmetic cases sold empty; credit card cases and holders [leatherware]; credit card holders of leather; drawstring pouches; duffle bags; duffle bags for travel; evening purses [handbags]; felt pouches; flexible bags for garments; folding briefcases; footlockers; garment bags for travel made of leather; garment carriers for suits, shirts and dresses; gentlemen's handbags; gladstone bags; golf umbrellas; gym bags; harness fittings, not of precious metal; harness fittings of precious metal; hat boxes for travel; hiking rucksacks; hip bags; holdalls for sports clothing; rainproof parasols; shaving bags sold empty; shoe bags for travel; shopping bags with wheels attached; shoulder bags; shoulder straps; small backpacks; small bags for men; small clutch purses [handbags]; small purses [handbags]; small suitcases; sportsman's hunting bags; straps for luggage; straps for purses [handbags]; telescopic umbrellas; tie cases for travel; tool pouches sold empty; train cases; trunks and travelling bags; vanity cases sold empty; wallets, not of precious metal; wallets of precious metal; leather and imitations of leather; animal skins and hides; luggage and carrying bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars, leashes and clothing for animals; purses; music cases; game bags [hunting accessories]; school satchels; card cases [notecases]; leatherboard; hat boxes of leather; travelling trunks; umbrellas; sling bags for carrying infants; tool bags, empty; rucksacks; chin straps, of leather; parasols; pocket wallets; wheeled shopping bags; shopping bags; attaché cases; bags for campers, beach bags; handbags; travelling bags; bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging; briefcases; suitcases; boxes of leather or leatherboard; cases of leather or leatherboard; trunks [luggage]; vanity cases, not fitted; shoulder belts [straps] of leather; boxes of vulcanised fibre; haversacks; garment bags for travel; key cases; net bags for shopping; valises; furniture coverings of leather; bags for sports; pouch baby carriers; bags; credit card cases [wallets]; business card cases; randsels [Japanese school satchels]; luggage tags; labels of leather; suitcases with wheels; clothing for pets.20 - Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; containers, not of metal, for storage or transport; unworked or semi-worked bone, horn, whalebone or mother-of-pearl; shells; meerschaum; yellow amber; furnishings for wardrobes being partitions, doors, brackets and drawers (furniture parts); wardrobes; sliding doors [furniture accessories]; storage furniture being boxes, containers, shelves, book shelves, cupboards, lockers and drawers (furniture parts) not of metal; parts and components of the aforesaid goods; accessories for the aforesaid goods, namely handles, furniture legs, drawers, poles for wardrobes, baskets, wire baskets, basket dividers, rods, bar stools, pulls and holders for trousers, shoes, ties, belts, the aforementioned goods not of metal; computer furniture; computer keyboard trays; computer workstations [furniture]; decorations of plastic for cakes; desktop statuary made of bone, ivory, plaster, plastic, wax or wood; doorknobs of plastic; doorknobs of porcelain; doorknobs of wood; door stops of plastic; door stops of wood; dovecotes; workstations having multi-use work surfaces for use in a wide variety of fields; worktables; worktops; hutches for animals; infant beds; letter boxes of plastic; letter boxes of wood; portable baby bath seats for use in bath tubs; portable back supports for use with chairs; portable bath seats; portable beds for pets; portable desks; portable kennels; shaving mirrors; maternity pillows; egg cartons of plastic for commercial use; ergonomic chairs for seated massage; expanding sleeves, not of metal, for affixing screws; figures made of rattan; figures of bone, ivory, plaster, plastic, wax or wood; fishing chairs; fishing rod racks; fishing stools; floating recreational lounge chairs; folding beds; movable office partitions [furniture]; novelty license plates of plastic; pet crates; photograph frames; photograph frames made of paper; picture frames made of leather; picture frames, not of precious metal; picture frames of precious metal; picture hangers, not of metal; plant hangers, not of metal; plugs for showers, not of metal or rubber; shower curtain hooks, shower curtain rods; shower grab bars, not of metal; shower rods; shower seats; shower shelves; tubs of plastic; arm rests for furniture; baby bolsters; baby bouncers [seats]; baby changing tables; baby gates; baby gates of metal; bamboo blinds; baseball and softball bat racks; bath pillows; bathroom furniture; bathroom mirrors; bathroom stools; bathroom vanities [furniture]; bathtub rails, not of metal; benches for sports fields; billiard cue racks; boxes of plastic; boxes of wood; busts of bone or ivory; butsudan [Buddhist family altars]; caps of plastic; carpet coasters for protecting furniture legs; CD storage racks [furniture]; furniture, mirrors, picture frames; containers, not of metal, for storage or transport; unworked or semi-worked bone, horn, whalebone or mother-of-pearl; shells; meerschaum; yellow amber; clips, not of metal, for cables and pipes; casks of wood for decanting wine; benches [furniture]; fishing baskets; library shelves; corks for bottles; bottle racks; embroidery frames; brush mountings; filing cabinets; containers, not of metal, for liquid fuel; counters [tables]; containers, not of metal [storage, transport]; floating containers, not of metal; tables; trays, not of metal; tea carts; towel dispensers, fixed, not of metal; divans; packaging containers of plastic; furniture fittings, not of metal; flower-stands [furniture]; door fittings, not of metal; newspaper display stands; latches, not of metal; plaited straw, except matting; bakers' bread baskets; table tops; doors for furniture; tanks, not of metal nor of masonry; tables of metal; vice benches [furniture]; dinner wagons [furniture]; busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; bottle casings of wood; bamboo curtains; high chairs for babies; book rests [furniture]; door handles, not of metal; knobs, not of metal; door bolts, not of metal; door bells, not of metal, non-electric; door knockers, not of metal; bathtub grab bars, not of metal; dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal; door stops, not of metal or rubber; labels of plastic; bookcases; boxes of wood or plastic; moses baskets; footstools; air mattress for recreation purpose; scratching mats for pets; scratching posts for pets; clear plastic holders for badges; clips of plastic for sealing bags; closures for containers, not of metal, nor of paper; closures of plastic for containers; clothes rods; coat racks; cold cast resin figurines; combination kneeler and seat for gardening; cookbook holders; cotter pins, not of metal; crates of plastic; crates of wood; cup hooks, not of metal; curtain rings, not of metal; curtain rings of metal, dog beds; dog gates of metal [furniture]; door viewers, not of metal [non-magnified]; headboards for beds; holders of plastic for signboards; holders of wood for signboards; hooks, not of metal; identification bands, not of metal, for blood collection systems; indoor blinds of textile; industrial worktables; kimono racks; kitchen cabinets; knobs of plastic; knobs of wood; lap desks; lockboxes, not of metal; locker mirrors; recliners [furniture]; safety gates, not of metal, for babies, children, and pets [furniture]; safety gates of metal for babies, children, and pets [furniture]; shelf brackets, not of metal; shelving of metal; shims, not of metal; mattress cushions; engine stands, not of metal; entertainment centers [furniture]; floor units of cardboard for displaying merchandise; freestanding office partitions [furniture]; freestanding tool racks; freestanding towel racks [furniture]; furniture chests; furniture for camping; furniture for displaying goods; furniture frames; furniture handles, not of metal; furniture handles of plastic; furniture made from steel tubing; furniture made of wood or wood substitutes; furniture, mirrors, picture frames; furniture moldings; furniture partitions; furniture parts; futon mattresses; futons [furniture]; garden furniture; garden furniture of plastic; gift package decorations made of plastic; glass knobs; hand-held fans; hand-held flat fans; hand-held folding fans; hand-operated garden hose reels, not of metal; hat racks of metal; mattresses made of flexible wood; mattress toppers; nursing pillows; office armchairs; office chairs; office tables; pet grooming tables; plastic medication containers for commercial use; playhouses for pets; shipping and storage boxes of plastic; storage cabinets of metal; storage containers of plastic for commercial or industrial use; storage drums of plastic; storage racks; storage racks for athletic training equipment; storage racks for firewood; storage racks for paintball guns; storage racks for ski and sports equipment; storage racks for storing works of art; storage racks for surfboards; storage racks for water sports equipment; storage racks to hold vehicle mats; threaded fasteners, not of metal; towel hooks, not of metal; wardrobes; wazukue [Japanese style low desks]; air mattresses; air mattresses for recreational use; air mattresses for use when camping; antlers; casters, not of metal; casters of plastic; ceramic knobs; ceramic pulls for cabinets; ceramic pulls for cabinets, drawers and furniture; ceramic pulls for drawers; ceramic pulls for furniture; chains, not of metal; kennels for household pets; curtain rings; medicine cabinets; playpens for babies; corks; office furniture; furniture; taps, not of metal, for casks; index cabinets [furniture]; head-rests [furniture]; hat stands; loading pallets, not of metal; hinges, not of metal; dog kennels; coat hangers; shelves for file cabinets; armchairs; mannequins; chests of drawers; coral; mattresses; hooks, not of metal, for clothes rails; vats, not of metal; cabinet work; nuts, not of metal; meerschaum; curtain holders, not of textile material; closures, not of metal, for containers; gun racks; curtain rollers; meat safes; crates; covers for clothing [wardrobe]; furniture of metal; hampers [baskets] for the transport of items; coatstands; furniture partitions of wood; standing desks; identity plates, not of metal; house numbers, not of metal, non-luminous; pillows; air pillows, not for medical purposes; straw mattresses; straw plaits; clothes hooks, not of metal; curtain rails; furniture shelves; curtain rods; curtain hooks; curtain tie-backs; locks, not of metal, for vehicles; settees; shelves for storage; deck chairs; wickerwork; showcases [furniture]; works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; chests, not of metal; barrels, not of metal; rivets, not of metal; bottle closures, not of metal; identification bracelets, not of metal; binding screws, not of metal, for cables; picture frame brackets; massage tables; stools; locks, other than electric, not of metal; baskets, not of metal; garment covers [storage]; chests for toys; infant walkers; scratching posts for cats; indoor window blinds [shades] [furniture]; hand-held mirrors [toilet mirrors]; mats for infant playpens; towel stands [furniture]; step stools, not of metal; collars, not of metal, for fastening pipes; sleeping mats; door fasteners, not of metal; shelving units; console tables; jerrycans, not of metal; birdhouses; legs for furniture; feet for furniture; wardrobes; kitchen interiors being kitchen benches, kitchen drawers, kitchen door handles and kitchen drawer handles; kitchen modules being kitchen frames, kitchen cupboards, kitchen doors, kitchen drawers, kitchen drawer fronts, kitchen shelves, kitchen benches, kitchen drawer handles, kitchen door handles, and kitchen knobs not of metal; bean bag chairs; screw tops, not of metal for bottles; seating pads; chair legs; chair pads; cheval glasses; cushions filled with hair; dining chairs; dining tables; display cabinets; display cases; display cases for merchandise; display stands of metal; display tables; door latches, not of metal; drawer dividers; wine racks; wooden beds; hose clamps, not of metal; hose hangers, not of metal; inflatable float mattresses or pads for recreational use; inflatable mattresses; inflatable neck support cushions; key cabinets; ladders, not of metal; life-size forms of the human body to display clothes; living room furniture; love seats; mailing tubes of plastic; presentation boards; reed, unworked or semi-worked; rollers of plastic for garage doors; room dividers; scoreboards for sports, other than mechanical or electrical; screens made of reed or reed substitutes [furniture]; sculptures of bone, ivory, plaster, plastic, wax or wood; sculptures of plastic; seat cushions; seating furniture; security cabinets; drawer pulls, not of metal; drawer pulls of glass; drawer pulls of glass, porcelain or earthenware; drawer pulls of plastics or wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these materials; drawers [furniture parts]; drawer trims, not of metal; extendible sofas; fair stands [display stands]; figurines [statuettes] of bone or ivory; fitted furniture covers, not of fabric; fitted furniture covers of fabric; fitted plastic inserts for use as container liners; folding shelves; gazing globes; general purpose storage containers, not of metal; gun cabinets; mirrored cabinets; mirror frames; mirror hangers, not of metal; mirrors enhanced by electric lights; mirrors [furniture]; name badges of plastic; nap mats [cushions or mattresses]; neck support cushions; nesting boxes for animals; nightstands; ornaments of bone, ivory, plaster, plastic, wax or wood, other than Christmas tree ornaments; outdoor furniture; pallets, not of metal; paper racks [furniture]; pedestals; personal compact mirrors; pin boards of cork [notice boards]; pipe clips, not of metal; plant stands; plaques of bone, ivory, plastic, wax or wood; plastic covers for metal hose clamps; plastic drawer lining material; plastic handcuffs in the nature of plastic strips to immobilize the hands of individuals; plastic handcuff strips; plastic inserts for papermill cores used to facilitate roll winding; plastic inserts for use as container liners; plastic mesh cushioning sheets for lining shelves; plastic molds for making soap; plastic squeeze tubes, empty; plugs for sinks, not of metal or rubber; point- of-purchase displays [furniture]; porcelain knobs; porcelain pulls; shoe cabinets; shoe dowels, not of metal; shoe racks; signboards of plastic; sink liners; slanted shelves; stadium cushions; statues of bone, ivory, plaster, plastic, wax or wood; surfboard display racks; tack racks for equestrian equipment; tea tables; three-mirror dressing tables; tie racks; tool boxes, not of metal [furniture]; tool cabinets of metal; tool chests, not of metal [furniture]; tsuitate [oriental single-panel standing partitions]; upholstered furniture; upright signboards of wood or plastics; valves of plastic, other than parts of machines; wall-mounted gun racks; wall-mounted tool racks; wall plaques made of plastic or wood; water beds; water tanks of plastic; water tanks of plastic for agricultural purposes; water tanks of plastic for household purposes; water tanks of plastic for industrial purposes; weather vanes, not of metal; back support cushions, not for medical purposes; bag closures, not of metal; barrels of wood; bed frames; bed frames of metal; bed rails; bedroom furniture; bedsprings; bicycle locks, not of metal; bicycle racing number plates, not of metal; blinds of reed, rattan or bamboo [sudare]; box springs; byoubu [oriental folding partition screens]; cabinet door catches, not of metal; cabinets for tea services; cabinets of metal; cabinet stops, not of metal; cast stone household and garden furniture; chair beds; display boards; decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; beds for household pets; silvered glass [mirrors]; cupboards; cradles; bedsteads of wood; wood ribbon; sideboards; desks; costume stands; imitation tortoiseshell; bird houses.21 - Household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; brushes, except paintbrushes; brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; unworked or semi-worked glass, except building glass; glassware, porcelain and earthenware; mixing bowls; neoprene zippered bottle holders; non-electric frying pans; pastry boards; pastry molds; personal dispensers for pills or capsules for domestic use; pet feeding and drinking bowls; pet feeding dishes; pillar candle plates; place card holders; plastic egg holders for household purposes; plates for hors d'oeuvres; shaving bowls; shaving pots; steamer baskets; tablecloth holders; tempered glass, not for building; thermally insulated containers for food or beverages; thermally insulated tote bags for food or beverages; trash containers for household purposes; trays for use in fingernail polishing; trouser presses, non-electric; trouser stretchers; water bottles, empty, for bicycles; water bottles for bicycles; wine coasters of precious metal; colanders for household purposes; colored sheet glass, not for building; compostable bowls; compostable cups; compostable plates; compostable trays for domestic purposes; confectioners' molds; containers for ice, for household purposes; containers of precious metal for household or kitchen use; cooling racks for baked goods; cotton ball dispensers; cotton ball jars; coupes [bowls]; cream and sugar sets; cream jugs; cruets, not of precious metal; cruets of precious metal; cruet stands of precious metal, for oil or vinegar; cupcake molds; decorations of porcelain for cakes; decorative ceramic tiles, not for use as building materials; decorative crystal prisms; decorative glass, not for building; decorative plates; decorative sand bottles; decorative stained glass; dessert plates; dispensers for cellulose wipes, for household purposes; dispensers for facial tissues; disposable gloves for household purposes; disposable paperboard bakeware; double boilers; drinking cups, not of precious metal; drinking cups of precious metal; drinking troughs for animals; dustpans; egg cups, not of precious metal, egg cups of precious metal; egg poachers; egg separators; electrically heated hair brushes; electric lint removers; electric rotating hair brushes; electronic pet feeders; epergnes, not of precious metal; epergnes of precious metal; flower baskets; flower bowls of precious metal; flower pots of porcelain; flower syringes; flower vases; foot exfoliating pads; fruit bowls; fruit bowls of glass; greenhouse syringes; hair combs, electric; hard brooms; household containers for storing pet food; insulated containers for beverage cans, for household purposes; insulated containers for food or beverages, for household purposes; insulated lids for plates and dishes; luminous glass, not for building; shower caddies; apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums using high-pressure water for home use; appliances for removing make-up, electric; appliances for removing make-up, non-electric; applicator sticks for applying make-up; articles for cleaning purposes; baby bath tubs; bait buckets; baking cups of paper; bath brushes; bath sponges; bathtub brushes; beverage stirrers; beverage ware; biodegradable bowls; biodegradable cups; biodegradable paper pulp-based bowls; biodegradable paper pulp-based cups; biodegradable paper pulp-based plates; biodegradable paper pulp-based plates, bowls and cups; biodegradable plates; biodegradable trays for domestic purposes; bird baths, not being structures; bird feeders; bird feeding tables; bota bags; bottle brushes; bottles for applying hair color; bottle stands; brushes for basting meat; brushes for cleaning automobile wheels; brushes for cleaning bicycle components; brushes for cleaning for household purposes; brushes for cleaning golf equipment; brushes for cleaning medical instruments; brushes for cleaning musical instruments; brushes for grooming golf putting greens; brushes for parquet floors; brushes for pets; brushes for pipes, brushes for use in hair tinting; brushes for use on tree bark; busts of china, terra-cotta or glass; camping grills [cooking utensils]; carver rests; cattle hair for brushes; ceramic figurines; champagne buckets; champagne flutes; chocolate molds; cleaning cotton; coasters of leather; coasters of plastic; file brushes; filters for use in cat litter boxes; window-boxes; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; baking mats; fly traps; food steamers, non-electric; cooling bags; cooling backpacks; mug trees; non-electric griddles [cooking utensils]; non-electric wall sconces [candle holders]; non-mechanized animal feeders; ornamental glass spheres; oven-to-table racks; ovenware; pet brushes, electric; pot and pan scrapers; pot cleaning brushes; pouring spouts for household purposes; preserve jars; roasting dishes; rubber gloves for household purposes; ship-scrubbing brushes; slotted spoons [kitchen utensils]; solid glass beads to be used as fillers for plastic and rubber compounds; spice mills, hand-operated; spice racks; squeeze bottles; stone floor vases; thermally insulated wraps for cans to keep the contents hot or cold; towel racks [bathroom fixtures]; towel rings; training cups for babies and children; vegetable mashers; wine drip collars specially adapted for use around the top of wine bottles to stop drips; wine pourers; coffee grinders, non-electric; coffee servers, non-electric, of precious metal; coffee services, not of precious metal; coffee services of precious metal; coffee stirrers; cold packs used to keep food and drink cold; combs and sponges; combs for back combing hair; compost containers for household purposes; cookie sheets; cooking pans, non-electric; cooking pots and pans, non-electric; cookware for use in microwave ovens; crumb brushes; cups, not of precious metal; cups of precious metal; dusting gloves; egg beaters, non-electric; floor vases; floor wax applicators mountable on a mop handle; food blenders, non-electric; food preserving jars of glass; garden syringes; glass carafes; glass dishes; glass floor vases; glass goldfish bowls; glass mugs; glass pans; glass rods; glass statues; glass tubing for use in making signs; glassware, porcelain and earthenware; grass sprinklers; grilling planks of wood; hairbrushes; holders for cutting boards; holders for household irons; holders for plastic bags, for household purposes; holiday ornaments of ceramic, other than tree ornaments; holiday ornaments of porcelain, other than tree ornaments; hollow ware; horse brushes of wire; horsehair for brushes; household containers; household gloves for general use; household or kitchen utensils and containers; ice cream makers, non-electric; ice cream scoops; ice cube molds for refrigerators; indoor terrariums for animals or insects; insulated jars; insulating sleeves for holding beverage cans; insulating sleeves for holding bottles; jars for cooking grease, empty; jars for pet treats; jugs, not of precious metal; jugs of precious metal; juice box holders made of plastic; juicers, non-electric; kitchen utensils, not of precious metal; knife blocks; knife boards; knife rests; metal cooking pans; back scratchers; bathroom glass holders; bottle stoppers of glass; brushes, except paintbrushes; brushes for billiard tables; cake brushes; cake rings; cake stands; candy boxes, not of precious metal; candy boxes of precious metal; cat litter boxes; caviar coolers [dishes]; ceramic grinding beads for use in wet milling; chawan [Japanese rice bowls]; chawan [Japanese rice bowls], not of precious metal; clothes brushes; clothes drying hangers; clothes drying hangers specially designed for specialty clothing; cloths for polishing; cloths for polishing shoes; coal scuttles; coffee cups; fireplace brushes; coffee filters, not of paper, being part of non-electric coffee makers; floor brushes; crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; potholders; oven mitts; make-up brushes; cold packs for chilling food and beverages; reusable ice cubes; decanter tags; pig bristles for brush-making; horsehair for brush-making; ice tongs; ice cream scoops; broom handles; glass bulbs [receptacles]; cooking pot sets; pouring spouts; glass jars [carboys]; demijohns; glass stoppers; corkscrews, electric and non-electric; glass bowls; refrigerating bottles; cruets; decanters; menu card holders; stew-pans; ceramics for household purposes; cauldrons; horse brushes; combs for animals; combs; microdermabrasion sponges for cosmetic use; milk cans; modified sheet glass, not for building; money boxes made of precious metal; money boxes, not of metal; money boxes of metal; mosaics of glass and ceramic tiles, not for building; muffin pans; mugs, not of precious metal; mugs of precious metal; mustard pots; napkin holders, not of precious metal; napkin holders of precious metal; napkin rings, not of precious metal; napkin rings of precious metal; pads of metal for cleaning; paper cups; perches for birdcages; perfume atomizers, empty; pie pans; pill boxes for personal use; pill boxes [not for medical purposes]; pilsner glasses; pizza peels; pizza stones; plant baskets; plant syringes; plastic buckets; plastic buckets for storing bath toys; plastic cups; plastic gloves for household purposes; plastic molds for household use in making soap; plastic molds for ice pops; plastic plates; popcorn tins, empty, for household purposes; porcelain eggs; porcelain mugs; potpourri dishes; potties for children; powder compacts of precious metal; powder compacts sold empty; pressed glass; pudding molds; reusable plastic water bottles; reusable plastic water bottles, empty; reusable stainless steel water bottles; reusable stainless steel water bottles, empty; rings for identifying birds; ritual flower vases; rotary cheese graters, non-electric; sake cups; salad spinners; salt and pepper shakers; salt cellars of precious metal; sandwich boxes; saucepan scourers; serving bowls; serving dishes; serving platters; serving platters of precious metal; serving trays; serving trays made of rattan; serving trays of precious metal; shamoji [Japanese-style scoops for cooked rice]; shirt stretchers; shot glasses; squeegees for dishes; squeegees for household purposes; stands for dishes; storage jars of glass; Swedish pancake pans; syrup jugs; tankards of precious metal; tissue box covers of ceramic; tokkuri [sake serving bottles]; whistling kettles; wooden cutting boards for kitchen use; works of art made of glass; zen [Japanese-style personal dining trays or stands]; commemorative plates; common sheet glass, not for building; corn holders; cutting boards; demitasse sets comprised of cups and saucers; dish drying racks; facial cleansing sponges; facial sponges for applying make-up; flour sifters; food grinders, hand-operated; frames for drying and maintaining the shape of clothing items; gravy boats; grinders, hand-operated [kitchen utensils]; hachi [Japanese-style serving bowls]; incense burners; jubako [Japanese nests of food boxes]; laminated flat glass, not for building; laundry bins for household purposes; laundry sorters for household purposes; lemon squeezers; lids of plastic for plant pots; lint brushes; lip brushes; lockable household containers, not of metal, for food; lunch boxes made of metal; lunch boxes made of plastic; lunch pails; mane brushes; meal trays; medicated dental floss; menorahs; signboards of glass; signboards of porcelain; all-purpose portable household containers; animal-activated animal feeders; animal-activated livestock feeders; animal-activated livestock waterers; baskets for domestic use, not of metal; boxes of metal, for dispensing paper towels; candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; candle extinguishers of precious metal; candle rings, not of precious metal; candle rings of precious metal; candlesticks of glass; candlesticks with wind protection; canister sets; cheese graters; china mugs; citrus reamers; cleaning combs; cloths for cleaning camera lenses; cloths for cleaning optical fiber connectors; cloths for cleaning spectacles; cocktail picks; mop wringers; waste paper baskets; hip flasks; dripping pans; candle jars [holders]; bulb basters; ski wax brushes; plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents; lint removers, electric or non-electric; polishing cloths; serving ladles; mortars for kitchen use; nutcrackers; poultry rings; nozzles for watering hose; rings for birds; boxes for dispensing paper towels; wet mops; metal wool for cleaning; mirror balls; mitts for polishing shoes; money boxes, not of precious metal; mushroom brushes; non-electric teapots; non-electric woks; plastic bath racks [caddies]; raccoon dog hair for brushes; rinsing buckets; rinsing tubs; saucers for flower pots; scoops for the disposal of pet waste; scouring pads for household purposes; scouring sponges; scrapers for household purposes; scrub sponges; shoe stretchers of wood; small animal feeders; souvenir plates; sponges; sponges for applying body powder; spoon rests; spray bottles; spray bottles, empty; sprayers for cleaning gums and teeth; spray nozzles for garden hoses; stained glass figurines; statues of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; stemware; sugar bowls of precious metal; tea infusers of precious metal; teapots of precious metal; tea services of precious metal; terra cotta figurines; tetsubin [Japanese cast iron kettles], non-electric; toilet brush holders; toothbrush cases; toothbrushes, non-electric; toothbrush holders; toothpick holders of precious metal; upright signboards of glass or ceramic; vacuum pumps for wine bottles; vases of precious metal; wall-mounted soap dishes; wan [Japanese-style soup bowls]; washing brushes; window glass for vehicles, unfinished; wine bottle cradles; wine buckets; wine glasses; wine jugs; wine strainers; wire brushes, except parts of machines; woks; wooden chopping blocks [utensils]; yunomi [Japanese-style teacups]; cooking skewers; cosmetic spatulas for use with depilatory preparations; dental care kits comprising toothbrushes and floss; dental floss dispensers; dental tape; droppers, empty, for cosmetic purposes; dusters; dusting brushes; Dutch ovens; exfoliating gloves; exfoliating pads; exfoliating slippers; eyelash separators; feather brooms; fiberglass figurines; foam toe separators for use in pedicures; funnels for kitchen use; glass cartridges for medication, empty; glass grinding beads for use in wet milling; hot air hair brushes; insulated bags for food or beverages, for household purposes; kotedai [Japanese-style ironing boards]; kyusu [Japanese-style teapots]; lotion containers, empty, for household purposes; mesh sponges for scrubbing the body; mesh sponges made of nylon for cleaning the body; skillets; acid- proof wash brushes used for the application of acid to vehicles for cleaning purposes; aluminum water bottles, empty; beer pitchers; boot stretchers of wood; bottles, empty, for pharmaceuticals; bowls of precious metal; butter coolers; butter pans; carpet cleaners, non-electric; carpet sweepers, non-electric; chopstick cases; chopstick rests; cleaning mitts of fabric; cleaning sponges; figurines [statuettes] of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; filaments for making brushes; finger bowls; fitted trash receptacle covers; flavored toothpicks; drinking straws; tea cosies; make-up removing appliances; boot trees [stretchers]; cosmetic spatulas; make-up sponges; car washing mitts; tortilla presses, non-electric [kitchen utensils]; eyelash brushes; foam toe separators for use in pedicures; place mats, not of paper or textile; wine aerators; coin banks; pestles for kitchen use; sugar tongs; ladles for serving wine; household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; brushes [except paintbrushes]; brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; unworked or semi-worked glass, except building glass; glassware, porcelain and earthenware; drinking troughs; steel wool for cleaning; washing boards; thermally insulated containers for food; carpet beaters [hand instruments]; watering devices; sprinklers; watering cans; carpet sweepers; basins [receptacles]; currycombs; butter dishes; butter-dish covers; beer mugs; heat-insulated containers for beverages; soap boxes; tea caddies; bowls [basins]; boot jacks; insulating flasks; cooking skewers of metal; toilet brushes; heat-insulated containers; saucepan scourers of metal; toothpicks; washtubs; dusting apparatus, non-electric; flat-iron stands; toilet cases; broom handles of wood; accessories for furniture, furnishings for wardrobes, wardrobes, sliding doors [furniture accessories] and storage furniture namely laundry bins and laundry sorters for household purposes, and ironing board.