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Правообладатель: TOKYWOKY  Incubateur Descartes,  23 rue Alfred Nobel  F-77420 Champs sur Marne  (FR)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:38, 41, 4238 - Telecommunications; information on telecommunications; communications by computer terminals or by fiber-optic networks; communications by radio or telephone; cellular telephone communication services; provision of user access to global computer networks; provision of on-line forums; provision of access to databases; electronic bulletin board services (telecommunication services); connection by telecommunications to a global computer network; news or information agencies; rental of telecommunication apparatus; transmission (or broadcasting) of radio or television programs; teleconferencing or videoconferencing services; electronic messaging services; rental of access time to global computer networks.41 - Education; training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; information relating to entertainment or education; vocational retraining; provision of recreational facilities; publication of books; book lending; videotape film production; rental of motion pictures; rental of sound recordings; rental of video cassette recorders or of radio and television sets; rental of show scenery; videotape editing; photography services; organization of competitions (education or entertainment); organization and conducting of colloquiums, conferences or congresses; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; booking of seats for shows; game services provided on-line from a computer network; gambling services; electronic publication of books and journals online; electronic desktop publishing.42 - Evaluations and assessments in the fields of science and technology provided by engineers; scientific and technical research; design and development of computers and software; research and development of new products for others; technical project study; architecture; design of interior decor; development (design), installation, maintenance, updating or rental of software; computer programming; computer system analysis; computer system design; consultancy relating to computers; digitization of documents; software as a service (SaaS); information technology (IT) consultancy; hosting of servers; vehicle roadworthiness testing; graphic arts design services; styling (industrial design); authentication of works of art; energy auditing.