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Правообладатель: Fargeot & Cie  Le Petit Gué  F-24800 Nantheuil-de-Thiviers  (FR)Представитель:Justine Rosset  10 rue Marbeuf  F-75008 Paris  (FR)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:10, 25, 3510 - Mobility and orthopedic materials; accessories for orthopedic treatments (terms too vague in the opinion of the International Bureau - Rule 13 (2) (b) of the Common Regulations); medical apparatus for use as walking aids; orthopedic apparatus for clubfeet; vertebral orthopedic apparatus; orthopedic hosiery articles; orthopedic articles; spinal column bases for medical use; fasteners for the fixation of joints; orthopedic braces; braces for the human body; orthopedic support bandages; orthopedic bandages; orthopedic bandages for joints; plaster bandages for orthopedic use; bandages for joints; tubular support bandages; elastic tubular bandages for supporting joints; elastic tubular bandages for supporting limbs; elastic bandages; triangular support bands [slings]; support bands for joints; orthopedic bandages; slings [supporting bandages]; orthopedic belts; exercise footwear for medical rehabilitation purposes; orthopedic footwear; orthopedic exercise footwear; orthopedic pads for shoes; orthopedic pads for slippers; orthopedic pads for the arch of the foot; pads for crutches; pain-relief pads for toes [orthopedic]; orthopedic cushions; orthopedic pads for the feet; orthopedic fixation devices; body support medical devices; silicone orthopedic devices; sheets intended for orthopedic operations; corsets for medical use; orthopedic knee bandages; orthopedic knee support bandages; knee supports for medical use; toe inserts for shoes [orthopedic]; orthopedic instruments; compression material for medical use; orthopedic material for medical use; models for orthopedic use (terms considered too vague by the International Bureau - Rule 13 (2) (b) of the Common Regulations); pillows for orthopedic use; ortheses; orthotics for feet; orthotic inserts for footwear; orthopedic toe straighteners; orthopedic cast padding; corrective insoles for the treatment of diseases of the lower limbs; shoe insoles for orthopedic use; orthopedic foot arch insoles; insoles to correct the position of the feet; orthopedic soles; removable orthopedic insoles; lag screws in the form of orthopedic surgical instruments; heelpieces for orthopedic use; toe separators [orthopedic]; foot arch supports intended for orthopedic shoes; foot arch supports intended for orthopedic boots; supports for flat feet; toe supports [orthopedic]; knee supports for medical use; ankle supports for medical use; arch supports for flat feet; orthopedic supports for the arch of the foot; orthopedic supports for heels; orthopedic supports for feet; orthopedic compression supports; orthopedic supports; ankle supports for medical use; foot arch supports for shoes; flexible orthopedic insoles; orthopedic insoles and shell insoles; orthopedic soles of leather; orthopedic joint prostheses [implants]; orthopedic hip prostheses; prostheses; prostheses for surgical treatment; prostheses for medical treatment; prostheses for medical use; orthopedic implants; orthopedic slippers; special orthopedic slippers; special orthopedic leather slippers.25 - Footwear; sneakers; boots; winter boots; rain boots; women's boots and half-boots; boots for babies; half-boots; tips for footwear; toe boxes; shoe straps; non-slipping devices for footwear; sports footwear; ballet flats [dance slippers]; ballet flats [shoes]; rubbers [footwear]; lace boots; special comfort slippers; footwear with Velcro; aqua shoes; shoes excluding orthopedic shoes; high-heeled shoes; vinyl shoes; leather footwear; canvas footwear; footwear for sports; dress shoes; rain footwear; beach shoes and sandals; beach footwear; footwear for walking; dancing shoes; footwear not for sports; flat shoes; footwear for babies; footwear for children; footwear for women; footwear for men; bath shoes; leisure footwear; slip-on shoes; stiffeners for boots; heel stiffeners for footwear; half-boots; waders; footwear uppers; uppers for footwear; esparto shoes or sandals; fittings of metal for footwear; protective metal fittings for shoes and boots; galoshes; tongues for shoes and boots; moccasins; special comfort slippers; special comfort leather slippers; insoles for boots and shoes; wooden shoes; clogs-sandals; sandals; bath sandals; pedicure sandals; straps for shoes and boots; soles for footwear; slipper soles; shoe soles; embossed rubber or plastic soles and heels; midsoles; inner soles; shoe inserts for non-orthopaedic purposes; insoles for shoes and boots; soles for repairing shoes; shoes; bath slippers; sports shoes; heel inserts; heelpieces for footwear; heels; boot uppers; flip-flops; welts for footwear; valenki [felt boots]; footwear covers other for medical use; gymnastic shoes.35 - Retail sale services concerning footwear; retail services relating to medical apparatus; retail sale services concerning medical instruments; wholesale services concerning medical apparatus; wholesale services concerning medical instruments; wholesale services concerning footwear; retail sale or wholesale of pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies.