ActO by Angelo Po

Международный товарный знак №1397702 ActO by Angelo Po
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Правообладатель: ANGELO PO GRANDI CUCINE - SOCIETA' PER AZIONI  Strada Statale Romana Sud 90  I-41012 Carpi (MO)  (IT)Представитель:LUPPI INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY S.R.L.  Viale Corassori, 54  I-41124 MODENA  (IT)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:07, 11, 207 - Kitchen machines, electric; food processors; machines for mixing foodstuffs; electric food processors; electric kitchen tools; machine tools; food preparation machines, electromechanical; electric mixing machines; electric food choppers; electric food grinders; electric mixers for mixing food; electric blenders; washing apparatus; dishwashers; motors and engines (other than for land vehicles); machine couplings and transmission components (other than for land vehicle); agricultural implements other than hand-operated; incubators for eggs; vending machines.11 - Apparatus for lighting; apparatus for heating; apparatus for steam generating; apparatus for cooking; apparatus for refrigerating; apparatus for drying; apparatus for ventilating; apparatus for water supply; sanitary installations; refrigerators; blast chillers; refrigerated display cases; deep freezing apparatus; refrigerating cabinets; open burners cooking appliances; solid top ranges; electric plates; gas or electric pasta cookers; bain-marie cooking appliances; fry top griddles; chargrill; cooking ovens; gas cooking ovens; electric cooking ovens; electric or gas bratt pans; electric or gas fryers; electric or gas boiling pans; cooking hobs; cooking utensils, electric; appliances for cooking foodstuffs; heated cabinets for foodstuffs; food drying cabinets; proving cabinets; drying machines; extractor hoods for kitchens.20 - Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; worktops; work benches; kitchen units; furniture for kitchens; kitchen cabinets; racks; trolleys [furniture]; sideboards; display furniture.