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Правообладатель: Cisco Systems International Sarl  Avenue des Uttins 5  CH-1180 Rolle  (CH)Представитель:Bryn Aarflot AS  P.O. Box 449 Sentrum  N-0104 Oslo  (NO)
Венская классификация:27.05.01; 29.01.04
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 38, 419 - Videoconferencing systems; videoconferencing apparatus and equipment; systems, apparatus and equipment including software and web-based software applications for real-time, multimedia and multiparty communications over computer networks; apparatus for the reception, storage, reproduction, playback, recording and transmission of sounds and images including cameras, microphones, television monitors, video monitors, computer monitors, desktop video systems; audio modules; amplifiers, echo cancellers, audio mixers, loudspeakers, remote control transmitters, television sets, radio sets, disc players, memory-based players, telephones, video telephones, mobile telephones and portable terminals; software applications and web-based software applications for communication, interaction and data sharing; analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters; systems and equipment for streaming of audio, data and video across various networks including cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP and telecom; systems and equipment for communication infrastructure including servers, archives, multipoint control units, switches, data mixers, gateways, gatekeepers, firewalls and network management software; systems, equipment and software for surveillance, security, encryption and authentication of data; equipment and software for management of time, appointments, schedules, assets and meeting room management; electronic publications (downloadable); electronic publications, namely books, manuals, brochures in the field of videoconferencing.38 - Telecommunications; telecommunications services, teleconferencing and video conferencing services; audio, video, data and graphics communications via networks; collaboration services, namely providing real-time, multimedia and multiparty communications over computer networks; telecommunications services for media and data creation, maintenance exchange and collaborative services; communications services via Intranets, Extranets, Internet and other electronic and optical means; rental or hire of data networks and telecommunication equipment, infrastructure, software and equipment; rental, hire of computer databases or servers; communications services, namely, transmitting streamed sound and audio-visual recordings via the Internet; streaming of audio and video material via the Internet; information about communication and broadcasting by electronic media.41 - Arranging and conducting of videoconferences, including arranging and conducting of videoconferences within the areas of education, business, telemedicine, field operations, judiciary and healthcare.