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Правообладатель: Strellson AG  Sonnenwiesenstrasse 21  CH-8280 Kreuzlingen  (CH)Представитель:Leo Schmidt-Hollburg Witte & Frank Attorneys-at-Law Partnerschaftsgesellschaft  Neuer Wall 80  20354 Hamburg  (DE)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:14, 1814 - Badges of precious metal, agate, amulets (jewellery), pins (jewellery), bracelets (jewellery), watch bands, wristwatches, ingots of precious metal, charms (jewellery), jewellery of yellow amber, brooches (jewellery), busts of precious metal, chronographs (watches), chronometers, chronoscopes, diamonds, boxes of precious metal, threads of precious metal (jewellery), precious stones, clocks and watches (electric), ivory (jewellery), cases for clock and watch making, figurines (statuettes) of precious metal, clock cases, watch cases, watch glasses, gold thread (jewellery), silver thread, semi-precious stones, necklaces (jewellery), hat ornaments of precious metal, jewellery, ornaments (jewellery), boxes of precious metal, chains (jewellery), watch chains, cufflinks, tie clips, works of art of precious metal, medals, medallions (jewellery), coins, ornament pins, earrings, pearls (jewellery), platinum (metal), pearls made of ambroid (pressed amber), rings (jewellery), key rings (trinkets or fobs), shoe ornaments (of precious metal), spun silver (silver wire), silver ornaments, sun dials, spinel (precious stones), stopwatches, paste jewellery (costume jewelry), watches, clocks, cases for watches (presentation), alarm clocks; jewellery cases of precious metal.18 - Attaché cases, backpacks, bags for campers, bags (envelopes, pouches) of leather, for packaging; beach bags, boxes of leather or leather board, boxes of vulcanised fibre, briefcases, canes, card cases [notecases], cases (of leather or leather board), casings (of leather, for springs), chain mesh purses (not of precious metal), fur skins, leather trimmings for furniture, game bags (hunting accessory), garment bags for travel, handbags, haversacks, key cases (leather ware), kid, net bags for shopping, parasols, pocket wallets, purses, school satchels, shopping bags, suitcases, tool bags of leather (empty), travelling bags, travelling trunks, umbrella covers, umbrellas, valises, vanity cases (not fitted), wheeled shopping bags.