Международный товарный знак №1036400 ATEbank AGROTIKI TRAPEZA ELLADOS.
Номер регистрации: 1036400 Дата регистрации: 02.06.2009Базовая заявка:EM, 30.04.2009, 008266322 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:02.06.2019
Правообладатель: PIRAEUS BANK Société Anonyme  4 Amerikis str.  GR-105 64 Athens  (GR)Представитель:MALAMIS & ASSOCIATES  8 Pal. Tatoiou str.,  Kifissia  GR-146 71 Athens  (GR)
Венская классификация:02.01.01; 02.01.22; 24.05.01; 24.05.02; 28.07.00; 29.01.13
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 16, 35, 36, 38, 419 - Codified magnetic cards, electronic card for current bank account, magnetic credit cards; apparatus for sending electronic messages, magnetic encoders; money counting and money sorting machines, automatic cash registers, calculators; computer programs and multimedia programs concerning financial, banking and monetary services.16 - Printed matter, newspapers, magazines, books, leaflets; bookbinding material, adhesive and non-adhesive labels; stationery, paper and envelopes for correspondence, wishing cards, professional cards; teaching and instructional material (except of apparatuses); typing elements; adhesive and non-adhesive printing types (clichés); paper knives; paper and articles of paper, not included in other classes; ballpoint pens, pencils, fountain pens; office requisites (except furniture).35 - Business administration services, business management services, office functions, management and exploitation of commercial affairs; provision of business and commercial information, advice and research; business enquiries; advice on business organization and administration; advertising and promotion services; marketing studies and research; distribution of advertising material; providing information regarding cultural activities of all kind (artistic, educational, sports, entertaining); retail services for banking and monetary products, insurance services and real estate services provided in person, via the Internet or via correspondence; organization of cultural activities for commercial or advertising purposes; sales promotion for third parties for educational, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; systematization of information on computer data-bases; compilation of information into data bases and data banks.36 - Banking services, monetary services, credit services, insurance, financial affairs, real estate affairs, electronic money transfer, intermediary services for the above services; providing guarantees; credit cards services, issuing of credit cards, controlling the validity of checks; financing of loans; financial sponsorship; operation of slots and safe deposit vaults; issuing and management of any means of payment, such as, among others, credit cards, travel checks, letters of credit, mutual funds; leasing; factoring; underwriting; collecting funds for charitable purposes; promoting and fulfillment of the above services through Internet web pages; banking services provided through an electronic network.38 - Communication via computer terminals, communication via optical fiber networks, communication via phones, computer-aided transmission of messages and images; telephone services; telecommunications; providing access to the Internet; telegraph communication services; rental of telecommunication appliances; chat services via Internet; all the aforementioned services for supporting financial, banking and monetary affairs and real estate affairs.41 - Education, training of people, entertainment, sport and cultural activities; organizing and conducting of congresses, symposia, seminars; organizing of exhibitions for entertainment or cultural purposes; reservations for shows; providing the aforementioned services via Internet and web pages; ticket and seat reservation for entertainment events of all kind (educational, sports, cultural); information for education and entertainment; enabling ticket sales for cultural activities of all kind (artistic, educational, sports, entertaining).