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Правообладатель: ABB Automation Technology Products Management AG  Affolternstrasse 44  CH-8050 Zürich  (CH)Представитель:ABB Schweiz AG Intellectual Property (CH-LC/IP)  Brown Boveri Strasse 6  CH-5400 Baden  (CH)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:11, 16, 35, 38, 39, 41, 4211 - Lighting apparatus as well as heating, cooling and ventilation apparatus, including fans, sanitary installations including accessories for all the aforementioned articles.16 - Printed matter including prospectuses, brochures, manuals and technical literature.35 - Advertising; public relations; distribution of poster advertising; management-related consultancy; information on business matters; company organization and management consultancy; market study; television commercials; publishing of advertising texts; distribution of advertising materials; computer-assisted data management; systemization of data in computer databanks; collection of data in computer data banks; information on business matters; sales promotion.38 - Telecommunications; provision of access to data banks, provision of access to global computer networks; collection and distribution of information; communication of information; communication of information and images by computer; communication of electronic information; network communication.39 - Transport; energy and electricity distribution; water distribution; gas distribution.41 - Education, training, organization of sporting and cultural events; organization and conducting of seminars.42 - Provision of computer programs on data networks, particularly on the Internet and Web, of technical support and information regarding the use of computers, computer hardware, software and networks via on-line connections to computer data banks or via computer networks; professional consultancy; sorting of waste and reusable materials; computer consultancy services; computer data reproduction; maintenance of computer software; computer systems analyses; research and development services concerning new products; leasing of access time to data banks; rental of computer software and of data processing apparatus; development of computer software.