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Правообладатель: The London Metal Exchange  10 Finsbury Square  London EC2A 1AJ  (GB)Представитель:Haseltine Lake Kempner LLP  Redcliff Quay,  120 Redcliff Street  Bristol BS1 6HU  (GB)
Венская классификация:26.07.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:06, 35, 36, 38, 39, 416 - Common metals and their alloys; included in this class.35 - Compilation and provision of trade, business, price and statistical information and databases; computerised data base management; business supervision, regulation and appraisal services; preparation and compilation of reports; advisory, consultancy and information services, all relating to the aforesaid, included in this class.36 - Operation, supervision, regulation, administration and organisation of markets and exchanges; market-making, issuing and dealing in contracts; brokerage of and dealing in commodities, futures, options, indices, stocks and bonds; clearing, matching and clearing-house services; hedging, arbitrage and risk-management services; compilation and provision of financial information; preparation and compilation of financial reports and analyses; supervision, information and advisory services, all relating to the recordal and regulation of financial, security and commodity transactions; quotation of commodity exchange prices and advisory, consultancy and information services relating thereto, included in this class.38 - Provision, communication and transmission of data and information by electronics or computer; transmission, provision and display of information from computer databases; data communications services; information services, all the aforesaid services relating to the common metals and their alloys, included in this class.39 - Transportation and storage services, all relating to metals and their alloys; management and information services, relating to all the aforesaid, included in this class.41 - Arranging and conducting of lectures, conferences and seminars; information services relating to the aforesaid; publication of periodicals and statistical and financial information; included in this class.