Cold Oak

Международный товарный знак №1052078 Cold Oak
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Правообладатель: PESCHKE GmbH & Co. KG  Adolf-Kolping-Weg 3  57250 Netphen  (DE)Представитель:24IP Law Group Sonnenberg Fortmann  P.O. Box 33 08 65  80068 Munich  (DE)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:06, 07, 35, 37, 41, 426 - Common metals and their alloys.7 - Mechanical conveyors and mechanical hoisting devices and installations composed thereof, in particular conveying apparatus, shaft hoisting installations, such as skip and cage hoisting installations for shafts, incline hoisting installations, hoisting machines, such as Koepe machines, drum machines, blair machines, reels, winding towers, headgear, hoisting vessels, conveyor belts, skips, trolleys (as far as contained in this class) and trolley circulation systems, mechanical winches, in particular for rope handling, mobile friction winches, mobile shaft winches, loading and unloading machinery, mechanical transfer and unloading devices, equipment for the above-mentioned hoisting installations as far as contained in this class, such as rope lifting gears, fixing devices, rope changing devices; brake systems, disk brake systems for hoisting machines and windlass; mechanical flow conveyors and installations composed thereof, in particular hydraulic conveyors for the horizontal or vertical transport of solid materials in pipelines or shaft pipes, mechanical conveyors for liquids, in particular cooling liquids, and installations composed thereof, in particular pressure exchangers, mechanical conveyors and installations composed thereof for disposal engineering, in particular for disposal of materials underground; mechanical conveyors for transporting waste and installations composed thereof in particular for radioactive and toxic waste; transfer casks (parts of machines), cumulative transport casks (parts of machines), crane devices for handling transfer casks, roller-conveyor installations, lifting and loading devices, radiation-protection and operating panels for hot cells including blind and machine plugs (parts of machines), equipment for packaging installations such as surge bin and filling box, tablet bin with outward-transfer box, bore-hole pipes including sample types for high active waste (HAW) molds and installations composed thereof for storing radioactive and toxic waste (all the aforesaid goods as parts of machines), control devices for automating the above-mentioned machines and installations, as far as contained in this class; parts of the above-mentioned goods, as far as contained in this class; construction-dependent connecting and fixing parts, as far as contained in this class, such as lifting and clamping devices (parts of machines).35 - Organizational project management and project analysis in the field of engineering and construction.37 - Installation, servicing, repair and maintenance; assembly and construction of technical installations.41 - Organization and implementation of training courses; organization and implementation of seminars and workshops; all aforementioned services in the field of engineering and construction.42 - Engineering services; planning of technical installations; development of automation software; technical project management.