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Правообладатель: IP HOLDINGS (ANTIGUA) LTD  The Ursula Jones Building,  Coolidge, P.O. Box 3511  St. John's  (AG)Адрес для переписки:IP HOLDINGS (ANTIGUA) LTD, at Stanislav Dashin  FXTM Tower,  35 Lamprou Konstantara,  Kato Polemidia  CY-4156 Limassol  (CY)
Венская классификация:26.11; 29.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 35, 36, 38, 419 - Magnetically encoded cards for carrying data; multifunction cards for financial services; charge cards, cash cards, bank cards, cheque cards, credit cards, debit cards; computer software and publications in electronic form supplied on-line from databases or from facilities provided on the Internet (including web pages and web sites); computer software and telecommunications apparatus (including modems) to enable connection to databases, computer networks and the Internet; computer software to enable searching of data; parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid goods; hand-held devices for payment and value exchange services and for enabling processing of other personal information services; remote access devices; data carriers; computer software for the provision of banking services, financial services, bank account management services, monetary transfer services, payment services, financial analysis and financial reports, financial management services, and information services relating to banking and finance; computer software to enable the searching of data relating to the a foregoing; publications, newsletters, magazines, periodicals, pamphlets and leaflets, all in electronic form supplied on-line from databases or from facilities provided on the Internet (including web sites); publications, newsletters, magazines, periodicals, pamphlets and leaflets, all in digital or electronic format, or provided by CD-ROM or diskette.35 - Business appraisals, enquiries, investigations and research; business and commercial information services, all provided on-line from a computer database, computer network, global computer network or the Internet; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the Internet; business management services; compilation of directories for publishing on global computer networks or the Internet; provision of space on web sites for advertising goods and services; business administration services for the processing of sales made on the Internet; business planning; market analysis and research; data collection, storage and processing; information relating to economic services (business related) provided on-line (not downloadable); publication of advertising material relating to banking, financial, insurance, economic and investment on-line (not downloadable).36 - Monetary transfer; payment services; savings services; payment and credit services; charge card, cash card and bank card services; cash management; safe deposit services; bankers' clearing services; account debiting services; escrow services; cheque encashment services; credit brokerage; financing of loans; loans (financial) against security; financial investment services; capital investment services; trustee services; financial management services; brokers and agents (for bonds and other securities); financial consultation services; investment advice; financial guarantees (surety services); financial analysis and providing reports; financial information services; financial research services; financing services (securing funds for others); financial advisory services; services for the provision and purchase of financial and/or credit information; administration of financial affairs; computerized financial services; advice and enquiries regarding credit; services for the provision of credit; acceptance of deposits; discount of bills (notes); domestic remittance, liability guarantee, acceptance of bills, lending securities, acquisition and transfer of monetary claims; trustee services; trusteeship of money; futures contracts; securities, monetary claims, personal property, land, land fixture surface rights and land leasing rights; money exchange, foreign exchange transactions, currency exchange services, travellers cheque services; letter of credit-related business, securities trading, index futures, securities options, overseas market securities futures, underwriting securities, selling securities, handling subscriptions and offerings of securities, providing stock market information, life insurance brokerage; mortgage services; information relating to economic (finance related) services provided on-line (not downloadable); information relating to financial, banking, insurance and investment services provided on-line (not downloadable).38 - Data transmission and transfer services; telecommunication services provided in relation to the Internet; telecommunication of information (including web pages and web sites), computer programs and any other data; online access to financial information and service; electronic mail services; provision of telecommunications access and links to computer databases, computer networks and the Internet; providing access to and rental of access time to computer databases and computer networks.41 - Electronic publications provided on-line; arranging and conducting of seminars, congresses, conventions, conferences and exhibitions; education and training related to banking, financial, insurance, economic and investment services; publication of printed matter, periodicals, newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, leaflets and other text relating to banking, financial, insurance, economic and investment on-line (not downloadable).