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Правообладатель: MEDICUS HOLDING SA, c/o EXPERCO PARTENAIRES SA  9, rue du Valais  CH-1202 Genève  (CH)Представитель:Alain VEUILLET  Place du Port 1  CH-1204 Genève  (CH)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 05, 443 - Perfumery; cologne, scented water, toilet water; essential oils, oils for cosmetic purposes, oils for toilet purposes; soaps, cakes of toilet soap; shaving lotions and balms, after-shave lotions and balms; deodorant preparations for personal use; bath salts for non-medical use; cosmetic preparations for skin care, including cosmetic creams, milks and lotions; make-up and make-up removing products; beauty masks; depilatory preparations; hair lotions, shampoos; nail care preparations, nail polish, nail varnish; anti-perspirants; sunscreen products.5 - Pharmaceutical preparations, sanitary preparations for medical purposes, including dermatological and sanitary preparations and creams; skincare preparations, in particular skincare creams for pharmaceutical purposes; food supplements for medical use; food for babies; dietetic drinks and foods for medical use; vitamin and trace element preparations for human consumption; mineral food supplements; food supplements for medical use; plasters; disinfectants.44 - Medical services; healthcare services; hospital services, in particular medical and surgical services for clinics; medical services, namely cosmetic, plastic, reconstructive surgery; medical and health services, namely cosmetic phlebology; medical services, namely cardiovascular medicine; health care, namely cosmetic dermatology; beauty care for human beings, namely peelings; medical and health services, including via laser beam apparatus and instruments for medical purposes; micro-nutrition for medical purposes; medical services, namely anti-age medicine; beauty care, namely revitalization and drainage treatments; services relating to dental cosmetics and the whitening of teeth; healthcare services, namely cosmetic and postoperative kinesitherapy; healthcare services, namely osteopathy and rebalancing of the body; physical therapy; healthcare services, namely hydrotherapy and therapeutic care; beauty care for human beings; sauna services; turkish baths; massages; beauty salons; hair salons; manicuring.