Международный товарный знак №1596328 EVELINE COSMETICS Via BOTANICA naturalnie!
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Правообладатель: BEAUTY BRANDS CONCEPT sp. z o.o.  ul. Żytnia 19  PL-05-506 Lesznowola  (PL)Представитель:Mikołaj Stępkowski  ul. Żytnia 19  PL-05-506 Lesznowola  (PL)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 053 - Non-medicated beauty preparations; body scrub; creams for cellulite reduction; artificial tanning preparations; exfoliants; body cleaning and beauty care preparation; lotions for cellulite reduction; after sun moisturisers; exfoliants for the care of the skin; make-up removing preparations; hair preparations and treatments; nail hardeners [cosmetics]; creams for tanning the skin; sun-tanning gels; slimming aids [cosmetic], other than for medical use; soaps for body care; hair preparations and treatments; cosmetics for the use on the hair; cosmetic moisturisers; cuticle oil; creams for tanning the skin; cosmetics for use in the treatment of wrinkled skin; washing creams; nail varnish removers; douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; cosmetics; tooth care preparations; washing wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser; after-sun oils [cosmetics]; skin conditioners; nail care preparations; soap free washing emulsions for the body; hair nourishers; skin cleansers [cosmetic]; make-up preparations; skin care preparations; soaps; skincare cosmetics; nail polish; sun-tanning gels; non-medicated toilet soaps; exfoliant creams; skin whitening creams; styling lotions; styling lotions; shampoo; hair moisturisers.5 - Pharmaceutical creams; antiseptic cleansers; medicinal ointments; bath salts for medical purposes; sea water for medicinal bathing; pharmaceutical products and preparations for hydrating the skin during pregnancy; medicinal creams for the protection of the skin; acne creams [pharmaceutical preparations]; night creams [medicated]; antibacterial sprays; therapeutic medicated bath preparations; antibacterial wipes; disinfectant soap; acne treatment preparations; skin tonics [medicated]; pharmaceutical products and preparations for preventing skin blemishes during pregnancy; antibacterial lathering cleanser; hand creams for medical use; medicated lotions; skin care lotions [medicated]; antibacterial gels; antibacterial facial cleanser; skin care creams for medical use; anti-bacterial preparations; face scrubs (medicated -); clay for treating skin conditions; hair growth stimulants; moisturising creams [pharmaceutical]; body creams [medicated]; feminine hygiene products; creams (medicated -) for application after exposure to the sun; bacteria fighting cleanser; medicated skin lotions; salts for mineral water baths; antibacterial soap; creams (medicated -) for the lips; antibacterial hand lotions; scrubs [preparations] for medical use; protective creams (medicated -); pharmaceutical lipsalves; foot balms (medicated -).