Delta Delta

Международный товарный знак №1594779 Delta Delta
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Правообладатель: Rabbath Canning Industry - Delta Foods  Damascus Countryside -  Kiswa Sharkia -  Property 1557-1558  Beside Katakit  (SY)Представитель:Mitri Law Office - Ghayth G. Mitri (att.)  Mitri Law Office  P.O.Box 35630  Damascus  (SY)
Венская классификация:05.03.13; 05.03.15; 26.13.25; 27.05.01; 27.05.03; 27.05.24; 28.01.00; 29.01.13
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:2929 - Preserved, frozen, dried, cooked fruits and vegetables; fruit jellies, jams, stewed fruit; eggs, milk, milk products; oils and edible fats; snacks from potato; kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; fruit-based snack food; fruit-based snack food; rennet; escamoles [edible ant larvae, prepared]; ajvar [preserved peppers]; tofu patties; soya patties; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; alginates for culinary purposes; peas, preserved; milk substitutes; sunflower seeds, prepared; seeds, prepared; protein milk; prostokvasha [soured milk]; onions, preserved; beans, preserved; pectin for culinary purposes; mussels, not live; hazelnuts, prepared; eggs; snail eggs for consumption; snail eggs for consumption; edible birds' nests; powdered eggs; arrangements of processed fruit; dates; cranberry compote; berries, preserved; tofu; preserved garlic; cheese; crayfish, not live; spiny lobsters, not live; spiny lobsters, not live; jellies for food; coconut, desiccated; gelatine; edible insects, not live; onion rings; milk; rice milk for culinary purposes; oat milk; peanut milk; almond milk; coconut milk; coconut milk for culinary purposes; albumin milk; powdered milk; milk shakes; condensed milk; hummus [chickpea paste]; compotes; artichokes, preserved; vegetables, dried; frozen vegetables; vegetables, preserved; vegetables, cooked; vegetables, tinned; seaweed extracts for food; milk ferments for culinary purposes; sea-cucumbers, not live; gherkins; coconut fat; lard; suet for food; edible fats; sweet corn, processed; low-fat potato chips; potato flakes; potato chips; fruit chips; curd; ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; butter; peanut butter; coconut butter; peanut butter; cocoa butter for food; raisins; white of eggs; albumen for culinary purposes; maize oil for food; linseed oil for food; flaxseed oil for food; extra virgin olive oil for food; coconut oil for food; sunflower oil for food; corn oil for food; olive oil for food; sesame oil for food; bone oil for food; soya bean oil for food; palm kernel oil for food; colza oil for food; palm oil for food; olives, preserved; oils for food; laver, preserved; lobsters, not live; vegetable salads; fruit salads; margarine; smetana [sour cream]; non-alcoholic eggnog; silkworm chrysalis for human consumption; soups; yolk of eggs; tahini [sesame seed paste]; eggplant paste; aubergine paste; vegetable marrow paste; lentils, preserved; vegetable juices for cooking; tomato juice for cooking; vegetable juices for cooking; lemon juice for culinary purposes; pollen prepared as foodstuff; guacamole [mashed avocado]; potato-based dumplings; potato fritters; cottage cheese fritters; mushrooms, preserved; falafel; crystallized fruits; frozen fruits; fruit, preserved; fruit preserved in alcohol; fruit, stewed; fruits, tinned; frosted fruits; peanuts, prepared; soya beans, preserved, for food; cream [dairy products]; whipped cream; crustaceans, not live; fruit peel; caviar; croquettes; vegetable-based cream; buttercream; kephir [milk beverage]; kefir [milk beverage]; truffles, preserved; kumys [milk beverage]; koumiss [milk beverage]; kumiss [milk beverage]; fruit pulp; rice milk; peanut milk for culinary purposes; almond milk for culinary purposes; yogurt; yoghurt; soya milk; whey; almonds, ground; lecithin for culinary purposes; oysters, not live; fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; sauerkraut; pickles; ginger jam; marmalade; jams; bouillon; tomato paste; bouillon concentrates; vegetable soup preparations; preparations for making soup; preparations for making bouillon; milk beverages, milk predominating; peanut milk-based beverages; almond milk-based beverages; coconut milk-based beverages; nut-based spreads; tomato purée; pressed fruit paste; liver pastes; candied nuts; flavored nuts; milk products; black pudding; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; vegetable mousses; apple purée; fruit jellies; meat jellies; yakitori; yuba [tofu skin].