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Номер регистрации: 1596852 Дата регистрации: 25.03.2021Базовая заявка:KZ, 29.09.2020, 98339 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:25.03.2031
Правообладатель: Zheleznyakov Konstantin Vadimovich  17 Street 3, apartament 86,  Akbulak microdistrict  050000 Almaty city  (KZ)Представитель:Limited Liability Partnership International Patent Center “EURASIAN BRANDS”  13 Charles de Gaulle Street, office 103  010000 Nur-Sultan  (KZ)
Венская классификация:01.15.15; 05.03.13; 26.04.07; 26.04.16; 26.11.12; 27.05.01; 29.01.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:01, 03, 351 - Antioxidants for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; vitamins for the food industry; vitamins for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; protective gases for welding; toxic gas neutralizers; preparations for preventing the tarnishing of lenses; preparations for preventing the tarnishing of glass; descaling preparations, other than for household purposes; fire extinguishing preparations; chemical preparations which penetrate through walls, floors and ceilings used for fire prevention in buildings; anti-incrustants; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in the textile industry; solvents for varnishes; fire extinguishing compositions; fire extinguishing and fire prevention compositions; fireproofing preparations; industrial chemicals; colour-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes.3 - Abrasives; amber [perfume]; descaling preparations for household purposes; antistatic preparations for household purposes; aromatics [essential oils]; air fragrancing preparations; cake flavourings [essential oils]; flavourings for beverages [essential oils]; food flavourings [essential oils]; breath freshening sprays; canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; balms, other than for medical purposes; basma [cosmetic dye]; lip glosses; nail glitter; polishing stones; abrasive paper; emery paper; polishing paper; petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; shoe polish; cobblers' wax; cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; sachets for perfuming linen; drying agents for dishwashing machines; adhesives for cosmetic purposes; scented water; Javelle water; lavender water; toilet water; wax for parquet floors; floor wax; non-slipping wax for floors; depilatory wax; moustache wax; polish for furniture and flooring; shoemakers' wax; polishing wax; tailors' wax; massage gels, other than for medical purposes; heliotropine; dental bleaching gels; geraniol; make-up; deodorants for pets; depilatory preparations; air fragrance reed diffusers; scented wood; perfumes; non-slipping liquids for floors; windscreen cleaning liquids; greases for cosmetic purposes; volcanic ash for cleaning; perfumery; decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; ionone [perfumery]; shaving stones [astringents]; smoothing stones; eyebrow pencils; cosmetic pencils; silicon carbide [abrasive]; carbides of metal [abrasives]; alum stones [astringents]; tripoli stone for polishing; adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; adhesives for affixing false hair; hair conditioners; quillaia bark for washing; corundum [abrasive]; beard dyes; colorants for toilet purposes; cosmetic dyes; starch for laundry purposes; laundry glaze; shoe cream; polishing creams; cosmetic creams; skin whitening creams; polishing rouge; incense; hair spray; nail varnish; hair lotions; lotions for cosmetic purposes; after-shave lotions; beauty masks; oils for cleaning purposes; oils for perfumes and scents; oils for cosmetic purposes; oils for toilet purposes; essential oils; essential oils of cedarwood; essential oils of lemon; essential oils of citron; bergamot oil; gaultheria oil; jasmine oil; lavender oil; almond oil; rose oil; oil of turpentine for degreasing; whiting; cleaning chalk; almond milk for cosmetic purposes; cleansing milk for toilet purposes; musk [perfumery]; soap; deodorant soap; shaving soap; soap for brightening textile; cakes of toilet soap; antiperspirant soap; soap for foot perspiration; almond soap; mint for perfumery; cosmetic kits; emery; gel eye patches for cosmetic purposes; nail art stickers; false nails; eau de Cologne; bases for flower perfumes; joss sticks; pastes for razor strops; pumice stone; lipstick cases; hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; breath freshening strips; teeth whitening strips; sandcloth; glass cloth [abrasive cloth]; lipsticks; pomades for cosmetic purposes; breath freshening preparations for personal hygiene; shaving preparations; bath preparations, not for medical purposes; cosmetic preparations for baths; hair straightening preparations; hair waving preparations; laundry soaking preparations; grinding preparations; smoothing preparations [starching]; colour-removing preparations; leather bleaching preparations; polishing preparations; denture polishes; mouthwashes, not for medical purposes; cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; starch glaze for laundry purposes; preparations to make the leaves of plants shiny; preparations for giving gloss; eye-washes, not for medical purposes; fabric softeners for laundry use; laundry bleach; dry-cleaning preparations; paint stripping preparations; lacquer-removing preparations; make-up removing preparations; floor wax removers [scouring preparations]; varnish-removing preparations; rust removing preparations; nail care preparations; cleaning preparations; preparations for cleaning dentures; wallpaper cleaning preparations; preparations for unblocking drain pipes; chemical cleaning preparations for household purposes; collagen preparations for cosmetic purposes; bleaching preparations [decolorants] for household purposes; laundry preparations; aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; sunscreen preparations; colour-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]; shining preparations [polish]; make-up powder; diamantine [abrasive]; stain removers; nail varnish removers; vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes; scouring solutions; false eyelashes; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; tissues impregnated with make-up removing preparations; baby wipes impregnated with cleaning preparations; safrol; massage candles for cosmetic purposes; laundry blueing; turpentine for degreasing; potpourris [fragrances]; bleaching soda; bath salts, not for medical purposes; bleaching salts; fumigation preparations [perfumes]; leather preservatives [polishes]; ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent]; astringents for cosmetic purposes; eyebrow cosmetics; make-up preparations; sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; hair dyes; neutralizers for permanent waving; cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; cosmetic preparations for skin care; cosmetics; cosmetics for children; cosmetics for animals; mascara; detergents, other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes; cleansers for intimate personal hygiene purposes, non medicated; douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; degreasers, other than for use in manufacturing processes; toiletry preparations; antiperspirants [toiletries]; phytocosmetic preparations; talcum powder, for toilet use; cotton swabs for cosmetic purposes; terpenes [essential oils]; emery cloth; cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; henna [cosmetic dye]; shampoos; shampoos for pets [non-medicated grooming preparations]; dry shampoos; sandpaper; soda lye; herbal extracts for cosmetic purposes; extracts of flowers [perfumes]; ethereal essences; badian essence; mint essence [essential oil]; creams for leather; deodorants for human beings or for animals; shampoos for animals [non-medicated grooming preparations]; bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes; washing soda, for cleaning; toothpaste.35 - Demonstration of goods; business information; marketing; retail services provided by shopping centers; auctioneering; sales promotion for others; advertising; sales of goods through online store; retail services provided by supermarkets; wholesale and retail store services; on-line ordering services; provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; wholesale or retail services; promoting and conducting of trade shows.