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Правообладатель: Jose Bay e.U.  DC Tower,  Donau-City-Straße 7/2/30.Stock  A-1220 Wien  (AT)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:38, 4138 - Telecommunications; telecommunication services by means of networks; telecommunication services; online messaging services; online communication services; transmission of information on-line; online services, namely the sending of messages; consultancy relating to data communications; advice in the telecommunications sector; automatic transfer of digital data using telecommunications channels; information about telecommunications; audio text services; remote data transmission; remote data transmission by means of telecommunications; data transfer through telecommunications; data transfer by means of telecommunications; data transmission by laser beam; data transmission via satellite; data transmission services via telecommunication networks; sending of data and transmission of documents by telematic services; data transmission services; digital transmission of data; digital transmission of data via the Internet; digital communication services; digital transmission services; wireless communication services; electronic information communication; electronic communication services for data transmission; electronic communication services for the remote transmission of data; electronic communications services; electronic communication services within the framework of credit card verification; electronic communication services; electronic communication services for financial institutions; electronic communication services for the presentation of financial information; electronic voice transmission; electronic telecommunications services; electronic transmission of information; electronic transmission of messages and data; electronic transmission of documents; electronic transmission of images; electronic transmission and retransmission of sounds, images, documents, messages and data; electronic telecommunications services for the transmission of data; electronic transmission of instant messages and data; electronic transmission of written communications; electronic and telecommunications transmission services; transmission of information via national and international networks; radio telecommunication services; communication services for the exchange of data in electronic form; communication services for the electronic transmission of images; communication services for the electronic transmission of voice; communication services for the transmission of information; communication services by means of telex messages; communication services via multinational telecommunication networks; communication services for electronic remote data transmission; telecommunications services between financial institutions; telecommunication services via cellular networks; telecommunication services via digital networks; telecommunication services for the dissemination of data; telecommunication services between computer networks; telematic sending of information; transmission of data, messages and information; message sending; transmission of data, sound and images by satellite; transmission of information for business purposes; transmission of information by satellite; transmission of information via digital networks; transmission of messages by electronic media; transmission of sound, video and information.41 - Providing on-line training; providing on-line tutorials; organization of online teaching courses; business education; providing of training; training advice; legal education; coaching [training]; instruction and training; computer-based training; training in computer programming; training in corporate matters; training for managers; computer training; educational services from universities; education, upbringing, entertainment and sports; publishing and reporting; translation and interpreting; preparation of language translations; translation services.