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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:01, 02, 06, 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 35, 37, 40, 411 - Chemical products for use in industry; unprocessed epoxy resins; chemical spray and dip solvents for corrosion protection for mass-produced small parts; galvanizing baths; zinc-galvanizing baths, nickel-free; zinc-flake coatings; cataphoretic coatings; electrolytic coatings; cathodic coatings; industrial chemicals used in the production of flame-retardant coatings; chemicals for the manufacture of paints; adhesive agents; adhesives used in industry; solvent welding agents for sealing pond films (adhesives); unprocessed plastics; salt hydrates and mixtures containing salt hydrates, included in this class.2 - Dyes, colorants, pigments and inks; thinners and thickeners for painting and colouring agents; paints and whitewashes; coatings; preparations for coating of surfaces for corrosion- and wear protection; tinting pastes being paints or colorants for colour-mixing installations; tinting pastes being paints or colorants for industrial manufacturing.6 - Metal materials for building and construction; roof ridge copings, roof hip copings, of metal, in particular with plastic inserts or plastic backfilling; metal sheets for construction; facade sheets of metal; metal films, aluminum compound films; linings of metal for buildings.17 - Goods of plastics or resins in extruded form for use in manufacturing processes; sealing-, packing- and insulating material for use in construction; hoses (not of metal) for construction purposes; sealing and insulating sheets; underlay sheets of plastic; underlay membranes of plastic; carrier webs; dimpled sheets of plastic for insulation and drainage purposes; underlay sheets with laminated insulating elements; insulating panels for building purposes, not of metal; underlay membranes, underlay nonwovens for building purposes, also for installation under photovoltaic or solar coverings; repair webs of plastic for insulating purposes; plastic nonwovens, including coated plastic nonwovens, included in this class; insulating plastic foils; plastic foils and objects made thereof, namely coverings for storerooms and for horticulture; garden and pond foils; insulating and drainage membranes of plastic; insulating foils; insulating fabrics; spreadable insulating material for buildings; water-impermeable sealings; sealing compounds; sealing preparations; sealing-strips; pipe sleeves, not of metal; elbow joints for hoses, not of metal; pipe couplings and joints, not of metal; waterproof foil membranes for use in manufacture; waterproof insulating membranes; microporous synthetic sheets for use in manufacture; foils (semi-finished products) as plastic material; translucent two-walled foils made of polycarbonates; nonwovens of crude fibres of glass [for insulation purposes]; nonwovens of crude fibres of carbon [for insulation purposes]; nonwovens of crude fibres of stone [for insulation purposes]; carbon fibre reinforced synthetic resins for use in manufacture; fibres for insulating purposes; chemical and synthetic fibres, other than for textile use; adhesive tapes for industrial use; separation-, protection-, sealing- and drainage sheets of metal.19 - Materials, not of metal, for construction purposes; transportable buildings (not of metal); cladding components for buildings, not of metal; formwork liner sheets, not of metal; heat storage plates for building purposes; plastic composite panels; building materials (not of metal) in the form of reinforced and non-reinforced separating and protective webs, carrier webs, dimpled sheets for building purposes, included in this class; knitted and woven fabrics (not of metal) for building purposes, included in this class; geotextiles; building materials (not of metal) for wall and foundation protection as well as for soil stabilization and drainage, included in this class; high-strength technical woven and knitted fabrics, not of metal, for building purposes; small greenhouses; repair webs for building purposes, namely valleys and reinforcements, not of metal; roof ridge copings, roof hip copings, not of metal, in particular with plastic inserts or plastic backfilling; drainage, storage and filter webs for green roofs; bituminous products for building purposes; drainage pipes, not of metal; run-off channels, not of metal; floor drainage channels, not of metal; downpipes, not of metal, for rain water; run-off drains (channels), not of metal; non-woven fabrics for area protection [building materials]; damp proof membranes of synthetic plastics for building purposes; separating- and filter-nonwovens for building paths and terraces.20 - Fasteners of plastic for building purposes, included in this class.22 - Tarpaulins for construction purposes, included in this class; protective and covering tarpaulins; wind-break fabric; textile screens for protection against the wind; scaffolding tarpaulins; scaffolding nets.24 - Breathable waterproof fabrics; non-woven fabrics in the form of webs for use in manufacture; cut-to-size nonwovens for manufacturing purposes; non-woven fabrics of synthetic fibres; reinforced fabrics of non-woven material.35 - Wholesale and retail services, including through distribution companies, through independent commercial agents, as well as through mail order (including the internet) in relation to construction materials and chemical preparations, paints, lacquers, coatings as well as in relation to unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, adhesives for industrial use, varnishes, corrosion protection preparations, wood preservatives, colouring agents, mordants, unprocessed natural resins, metal in foil and powder form for use in painting, decorating, printing and art, washing and bleaching preparations, cleaning-, polishing-, scouring- and abrasive preparations, industrial oils and greases, lubricants, dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions, building materials of metal, goods made of plastics (semi-finished), sealing, packing, insulating material, flexible pipes (not of metal), construction materials (not of metal), pipes (not of metal) for construction purposes, asphalt, pitch, and bitumen, nets, tarpaulins, padding, cushioning or stuffing materials (except rubber or plastics), raw fibrous textile, hooks and eyes; mediation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; arranging of commercial and business contacts; assistance to commercial or industrial enterprises in the conduct of their business; professional business consultancy for franchising concepts; arranging of contracts for providing of craftsmen's services; professional business consultancy; business organization consultancy.37 - Construction consultancy, in particular for building protection, on tinting paste techniques, building insulation in civil engineering, landscaping and horticulture; all the aforesaid services also online via the internet or other wireless media.40 - Coating of plastic, metal and ceramic components for wear and corrosion protection; treatment of metal parts for corrosion protection; electroplating; applying of micro corrosion protection layers in dipping-, drawing-, spinning-, injection- and spraying processes, for others; nickel-free zinc galvanizing, for others; anti-corrosion coatings consultancy.41 - Training, education; arranging and conducting conferences, exhibitions and competitions; arranging and conducting courses, seminars, training courses and workshops; all the aforesaid services in the fields of anticorrosive coatings, tinting paste technology, color technology and building insulation technologies in the fields of civil engineering, landscaping and horticulture; all the aforesaid services also online via the internet or other wireless media.