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Правообладатель: Do.da.co srl  Via de Riso 6  I-84018 Scafati (SA)  (IT)
Венская классификация:05.07.21; 05.07.24; 05.09.21; 27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:05, 29, 30, 325 - Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations.29 - Processed fruits, fungi and vegetables (including nuts and pulses); birds eggs and egg products; soups and stocks, meat extracts; edible oils and fats.30 - Coffee, teas and cocoa and substitutes therefor; processed grains, starches, and goods made thereof, baking preparations and yeasts; ice, ice creams, frozen yogurts and sorbets; salts, seasonings, flavourings and condiments; sugars, natural sweeteners, sweet coatings and fillings, bee products.32 - Soft drinks; non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages.