Международный товарный знак №1604416 ('asil)
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Правообладатель: Metref Naual-Khaiat  vul. Olhiivska, 6, kv. 4  m. Odesa 65029  (UA)
Венская классификация:24.17.01; 27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:14, 18, 25, 40, 4214 - Agates; amulets [jewellery]; anchors [clock- and watchmaking]; atomic clocks; barrels [clock- and watchmaking]; bracelets [jewellery]; watch bands; bracelets made of embroidered textile [jewellery]; brooches [jewellery]; alarm clocks; retractable key rings; retractable key chains; jet, unwrought or semi-wrought; watches; clocks; clocks and watches, electric; watch chains; clockworks; watch springs; watch glasses; diamonds; precious stones; wire of precious metal [jewellery]; copper tokens; cuff links; clasps for jewellery; tie clips; ingots of precious metals; badges of precious metal; gold thread [jewellery]; gold, unwrought or beaten; iridium; rings [jewellery]; cabochons; rosaries; key rings [split rings with trinket or decorative fob]; split rings of precious metal for keys; jewellery findings; control clocks [master clocks]; clock cases; watch cases [parts of watches]; chains [jewellery]; key chains [split rings with trinket or decorative fob]; pendulums [clock- and watchmaking]; medals; lockets [jewellery]; precious metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; misbaha [prayer beads]; coins; necklaces [jewellery]; beads for making jewellery; pearls made of ambroid [pressed amber]; semi-precious stones; wristwatches; threads of precious metal [jewellery]; olivine [gems]; osmium; palladium; peridot; pearls [jewellery]; charms for key rings; charms for key chains; platinum [metal]; busts of precious metal; presentation boxes for watches; presentation boxes for jewellery; ornaments of jet; ornamental pins; spun silver [silver wire]; rhodium; crucifixes of precious metal, other than jewellery; crucifixes as jewellery; ruthenium; movements for clocks and watches; stopwatches; earrings; jewellery boxes; boxes of precious metal; sundials; alloys of precious metal; silver, unwrought or beaten; silver thread [jewellery]; statuettes of precious metal; statues of precious metal; paste jewellery; clock hands; watch hands; works of art of precious metal; figurines of precious metal; jewellery rolls; chaplets; chronographs [watches]; chronometers; chronometric instruments; chronoscopes; dials [clock- and watchmaking]; pins [jewellery]; jewellery hat pins; tie pins; spinel [precious stones]; jewellery; jewellery of yellow amber; cloisonné jewellery; ivory jewellery; jewellery charms; shoe jewellery; hat jewellery.18 - Mountaineering sticks; whips; luggage tags; goldbeaters' skin; valises; trunks [luggage]; curried skins; reins for guiding children; business card cases; compression cubes adapted for luggage; boxes of vulcanized fibre; key cases; bits for animals [harness]; bridles [harness]; purses; chain mesh purses; parts of rubber for stirrups; labels of leather; chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; fastenings for saddles; cat o' nine tails; handbag frames; frames for umbrellas or parasols; attaché cases; pocket wallets; umbrella rings; valves of leather; casings, of leather, for springs; boxes of leather or leatherboard; hat boxes of leather; butts [parts of hides]; kid; leathercloth; saddle trees; saddlery; slings for carrying infants; furniture coverings of leather; haversacks; moleskin [imitation of leather]; travelling sets [leatherware]; knee-pads for horses; reins; muzzles; collars for animals; halters; vanity cases, not fitted; music cases; harness fittings; clothing for pets; trimmings of leather for furniture; umbrellas; parasols; leather straps; straps for soldiers' equipment; straps for skates; chin straps, of leather; straps of leather [saddlery]; shoulder belts [straps] of leather; horseshoes; pads for horse saddles; leather leashes; covers for horse saddles; covers for animals; horse blankets; girths of leather; briefcases; conference folders; traces [harness]; randsels [Japanese school satchels]; stirrup leathers; umbrella handles; grips for holding shopping bags; suitcase handles; walking stick handles; rucksacks; backpacks; riding saddles; net bags for shopping; travelling trunks; cases of leather or leatherboard; umbrella or parasol ribs; stirrups; bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging; shopping bags; wheeled shopping bags; bags for climbers; tool bags, empty; sling bags for carrying infants; garment bags for travel; travelling bags; handbags; beach bags; saddlebags; bags for sports; bags for campers; bags; pouch baby carriers; nose bags [feed bags]; bridoons; umbrella sticks; hiking sticks; walking sticks; walking stick seats; tefillin [phylacteries]; harness for animals; harness straps; card cases [notecases]; credit card cases [wallets]; horse collars; fur; saddlecloths for horses; suitcases; motorized suitcases; suitcases with wheels; umbrella covers; school bags; leather, unworked or semi-worked; imitation leather; leatherboard; animal skins; cattle skins; leather cord; blinkers [harness]; game bags [hunting accessories].25 - Albs; wimples; bandanas [neckerchiefs]; neck gaiters; vests; berets; boas [necklets]; teddies [underclothing]; ankle boots; breeches for wear; football shoes; brassieres; adhesive bras; camisoles; valenki [felted boots]; wooden shoes; football boots; bath slippers; beach shoes; footwear; cuffs; non-slipping devices for footwear; knitwear [clothing]; embroidered clothing; stuff jackets [clothing]; wet suits for water-skiing; shirt yokes; veils [clothing]; leggings [leg warmers]; gaiters; ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; corselets; fittings of metal for footwear; sweaters; bibs, sleeved, not of paper; bibs, not of paper; esparto shoes or sandals; waistcoats; detachable collars; galoshes; hats; paper hats [clothing]; hoods [clothing]; slippers; hat frames [skeletons]; caps being headwear; pockets for clothing; kimonos; judo uniforms; karate uniforms; cap peaks; visors being headwear; tights; slips [underclothing]; combinations [clothing]; collars [clothing]; bodices [lingerie]; corsets [underclothing]; suits; bathing suits; masquerade costumes; neckties; spats; skull caps; swimsuits; leotards; jackets [clothing]; leggings [trousers]; liveries; wristbands [clothing]; shirt fronts; mantillas; sleep masks; mitres [hats]; mittens; muffs [clothing]; footmuffs, not electrically heated; heelpieces for footwear; ear muffs [clothing]; headwear; fur stoles; underwear; tips for footwear; outerclothing; ready-made clothing; motorists' clothing; cyclists' clothing; clothing for gymnastics; clothing of leather; clothing incorporating LEDs; gabardines [clothing]; jerseys [clothing]; latex clothing; clothing of imitations of leather; waterproof clothing; paper clothing; beach clothes; clothing; clothing containing slimming substances; maniples; overcoats; knickers; hosiery; stockings; sweat-absorbent stockings; parkas; pelerines; sashes for wear; footwear uppers; hairdressing capes; fingerless gloves; half-boots; heels; garters; soles for footwear; dress shields; braces for clothing [suspenders]; pyjamas; bathing trunks; ascots; coats; headbands [clothing]; ponchos; belts [clothing]; money belts [clothing]; layettes [clothing]; heel protectors for shoes; jumpers [pullovers]; heelpieces for stockings; welts for footwear; rash guards; fishing vests; chasubles; overalls; smocks; ski gloves; gloves [clothing]; sandals; bath sandals; jumper dresses; saris; sarongs; pullovers; shirts; short-sleeve shirts; skirts; petticoats; skorts; girdles; underclothing; sweat-absorbent underwear; boots for sports; sports jerseys; sports singlets; dresses; leg warmers; togas; underpants; babies' pants [underwear]; panties; boxer shorts; shoes; gymnastic shoes; sports shoes; turbans; inner soles; aprons [clothing]; uniforms; tee-shirts; dressing gowns; bath robes; boot uppers; pocket squares; headscarves; scarves; furs [clothing]; top hats; ski boots; boots; lace boots; shawls; shower caps; bathing caps; scarfs; neck tube scarves; studs for football boots; socks; sweat-absorbent socks; suspenders; stocking suspenders; sock suspenders; trousers; gaiter straps; pelisses.40 - Custom 3D printing for others; abrasion; applying finishes to textiles; fulling of cloth; fabric bleaching; wine making for others; key cutting; custom fashioning of fur; pottery firing; custom manufacturing of bread; production of energy; skin dressing; vulcanization [material treatment]; galvanization; electroplating; engraving; decontamination of hazardous materials; air deodorizing; printing; pattern printing; photographic printing; tanning; textile dyeing; cloth dyeing; fur dyeing; providing information relating to material treatment; slaughtering of animals; freezing of foods; boilermaking; destruction of waste and trash; gilding; gold plating; timber felling and processing; cadmium plating; permanent-press treatment of fabrics; blacksmithing; food and drink preservation; consultancy in the field of wine making; food smoking; custom tailoring; laser scribing; laminating; saddlery working; metal casting; lithographic printing; fur glossing; tin plating; flour milling; cloth fireproofing; textile fireproofing; cloth waterproofing; magnetization; nickel plating; framing of works of art; leather working; waste treatment [transformation]; wool treating; water treating; woodworking; processing of cinematographic films; metal treating; processing of oil; crease-resistant treatment for clothing; stripping finishes; paper treating; textile treating; cloth treating; fur conditioning; cloth edging; air freshening; paper finishing; offset printing; air purification; bookbinding; pasteurizing of food and beverages; soldering; recycling of waste and trash; upcycling [waste recycling]; clothing alteration; beer brewing for others; sawing of materials; fruit crushing; metal plating; burnishing by abrasion; cloth pre-shrinking; embroidering; colour separation services; cryopreservation services; sandblasting services; refining services; taxidermy; photocomposing services; welding services; services of a dental technician; dyeing services; rental of boilers; knitting machine rental; rental of generators; rental of air-conditioning apparatus; rental of space heating apparatus; textile mothproofing; fur mothproofing; photographic film development; cloth cutting; fur satining; custom assembling of materials for others; glass-blowing; warping [looms]; sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]; incineration of waste and trash; silver plating; planing of materials; quilting; metal tempering; tinting of car windows; window tinting treatment being surface coating; shoe staining; leather staining; photogravure; millworking; chromium plating; dressmaking; grinding; optical glass grinding; silkscreen printing.42 - Water analysis; analysis for oil-field exploitation; computer system analysis; handwriting analysis [graphology]; architectural consultancy; architectural services; construction drafting; material testing; oil-well testing; textile testing; recovery of computer data; authenticating works of art; geological surveys; geological prospecting; graphic arts design; graphic design of promotional materials; business card design; interior design; packaging design; off-site data backup; bacteriological research; biological research; geological research; cosmetic research; medical research; technological research; chemical research; research and development of new products for others; mechanical research; research in the field of building construction; research in the field of environmental protection; research in the field of welding; research in the field of telecommunications technology; research in the field of physics; duplication of computer programs; oil-field surveys; electronic data storage; electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft via the internet; electronic monitoring of credit card activity to detect fraud via the internet; energy auditing; providing information relating to computer technology and programming via a website; providing scientific information, advice and consultancy relating to carbon offsetting; providing search engines for the internet; cloud seeding; engineering; installation of computer software; information technology services provided on an outsourcing basis; calibration [measuring]; cartography services; clinical trials; computer programming; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; conversion of computer programs and data, other than physical conversion; computer technology consultancy; telecommunications technology consultancy; consultancy in the field of energy-saving; internet security consultancy; data security consultancy; information technology [IT] consultancy; computer software consultancy; computer security consultancy; consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware; website design consultancy; quality control; meteorological information; dress designing; monitoring of computer systems for detecting unauthorized access or data breach; monitoring of computer systems to detect breakdowns; monitoring of computer systems by remote access; scientific research; surveying; scientific and technological research in the field of natural disasters; scientific and technological research relating to patent mapping; maintenance of computer software; updating of computer software; digitization of documents [scanning]; quality evaluation of wool; quality evaluation of standing timber; vehicle roadworthiness testing; underwater exploration; urban planning; platform as a service [PaaS]; user authentication services using technology for e-commerce transactions; user authentication services using single sign-on technology for online software applications; exploration services in the field of the oil, gas and mining industries; hosting computer sites [web sites]; data encryption services; scientific laboratory services; chemistry services; computer virus protection services; conducting technical project studies; weather forecasting; software as a service [SaaS]; design of interior decor; computer system design; computer software design; rental of web servers; computer rental; rental of computer software; rental of meters for the recording of energy consumption; industrial design; unlocking of mobile phones; oil prospecting; development of computer platforms; software development in the framework of software publishing; technical writing; creating and maintaining websites for others; creating and designing website-based indexes of information for others [information technology services]; technological consultancy; land surveying; chemical analysis; cloud computing; server hosting; styling [industrial design].