Международный товарный знак №1608640 PARADISO RELOUIS
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Правообладатель: Limited Liability Company "RELOUIS BEL"  office 26, Pobediteley Avenue 104  220062 Minsk  (BY)Представитель:Goryachko Mariam Sh.  P.O. Box 133  220012 Minsk  (BY)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:033 - Cosmetics used as a base for make-up; lip balms, non-medicated; balms for cosmetic purposes; color balms; lip glosses; lip balm-glosses; nail glitters; bronzers; scented water; tonics [lip gels]; beauty gels; body glitters; make-up; nail polish remover; lipstick top coat; nail polish top coat; cosmetic pencils; eye pencils; lip liners; eyebrow pencils; concealers (pencils); cosmetics; concealers (decorative cosmetics); hypoallergenic cosmetics; tattoo cosmetics; cosmetics for intimate personal hygiene purposes, non-medicated; professional cosmetics; enhancers [foundation]; eyebrow colors; eyelash dyes; creamy powder; creamy powder (concealers); nail varnish; nail polish base coat; cosmetic preparations for enhancing elasticity and smoothing skin (liftings); lotions; cosmetic decorative preparations for glittering skin (luminizers); beauty masks; non-woven cosmetic masks; masking foundations (cosmetics); oils for cosmetic purposes; beauty milk; perfumery and cosmetics of liquid or gel form (mousse) to be foamed by a dispenser; cosmetic kits; lipstick cases; make-up removing foams; cosmetic preparations (peelings) for chemical removing of surface cells of epidermis; cosmetic preparation for short-termed enhancing lips (plumpers); eyebrow liner; eyeliner; lipsticks; pomades for cosmetic purposes; lipslick-balm; lipstick-gloss; non-medicated lip protectors; make-up primers; cosmetic small samples; cosmetic products; cosmetic preparations for removing cuticles; nail hardeners (cosmetics); concealers (cosmetics); make-up powder; base powder; rice powder for cosmetic purposes; sunscreen powder with ultraviolet filters; foundation powder; blush; tissues impregnated with cosmetic preparations; tissues impregnated with make-up removing preparations; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; lip exfoliants; sprays (cosmetics); eyebrow cosmetics; cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; nail cosmetics; eyebrow and eyelash mascara; cosmetic nail care preparations; pencil-like solid perfumery and cosmetics [sticks]; nail varnish drying agents (cosmetic substances); eyebrow shadow; eyeshadow; skin foundations; lash mascara; lash mascara, waterproof; lash mascara, water-resistant; make-up fixers (cosmetics); nail varnish fixers; felt-tip liners (cosmetics); cosmetic preparations with minimum concentration of fats (fluids); highlighters (perfumery and cosmetics); decorative cosmetics to make skin, hair and nails glazing (shimmers); nail enamel.