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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 35, 38, 41, 429 - Software; software for creating electronic signatures; software for digital customer advice and support; screen sharing software; digital whiteboard software; computer software platforms for e-commerce; computer programs [recorded]; computer programs (downloadable); magnetic data carriers; optical data carriers; DVDs; electronic publications [downloadable]; data processing equipment; storage devices for data processing installations.35 - Business consulting with regard to the use of computer hardware and computer software as well as new media and the internet for and in companies; business assistance and consultancy services, especially business consulting, business project management as well as business management consulting with regard to the optimization of business processes as well as the use of software; business consulting in the field of sales, customer service, customer support, complaints management, archiving; business advice on the distribution of goods; business data analysis service; updating and maintaining of data in computer databases; commercial administration of the licensing of goods and services of others; retail and wholesale services in the field of software and software packages.38 - Telecommunications; telecommunications using platforms and portals on the internet; transmission of digital files; providing access to computer programs on data networks; provision of email services; provision of chat lines, chatrooms and forums via the internet; rental of access time to global computer networks; electronic transmission of data and documents over the internet and other databases; electronic transmission of texts via multimedia devices; providing access to content, websites and internet portals; providing access to databases, dealer sites and a multi-sales platform via the internet.41 - Training in the field of computer hardware and computer software; training in the areas of sales and distribution training; providing electronic publications [not downloadable]; coaching [education and training]; publication of texts, other than publicity texts; personnel development through basic and advanced training; arranging, conducting and organization of seminars, symposia, workshops, congresses, conferences, advanced training courses and scientific events; education, teaching, advanced training, including via offline and online media; video film production.42 - Consultancy in the field of information technology [IT]; technological consultancy and information services relating to computer networks; creating software; creating programs for data processing systems; implementation, maintenance and care of computer programs [software]; rental of software; provision and rental of storage space on servers and on the internet; application service providing [ASP], namely providing and hosting software for use over public or private data networks; platform as a service [PaaS]; hosting services, software as a service [SaaS]; cloud computing; electronic backup and storage of data and user support and technical user support through IT consultancy; recovery of computer data; computer virus protection services; graphic design services; software design; advice relating to hosting e-commerce platforms on the internet; software programming consultancy for e-commerce platforms; providing online non-downloadable software for digitally signing files, photographs and other electronic documents; rental of digital platforms [motherboard, RAM, server software, basic software, operating systems, infrastructure for network connection, storage and backup]; certification of educational services; checking, analyzing and evaluating the services of third parties for certification purposes.