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Правообладатель: OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.  18C02, 18C03, 18C04, And 18C05,  Shum Yip Terra Building,  Binhe Avenue North, Futian District,  Shenzhen  Guangdong  (CN)Представитель:Chofn Intellectual Property  Room 1217, Zuoan Gongshe Plaza 12th Floor,  68 North Fourth Ring Road W., Haidian  Beijing    100080  (CN)
Венская классификация:27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:18, 25, 35, 36, 41, 4218 - Leather straps; pocket wallets; leather, unworked or semi-worked; travelling trunks; rucksacks; bags; umbrellas; mountaineering sticks; leather leashes; trimmings of leather for furniture.25 - Shirts; clothing; footwear; hats; hosiery; gloves [clothing]; neckties; girdles; sashes for wear; sleep masks.35 - Advertising; rental of advertising time on communication media; business research; provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; personnel management consultancy; administrative services for the relocation of businesses; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; accounting; retail or wholesale services for medicines; rental of sales stands.36 - Insurance underwriting; financial management; loans [financing]; art appraisal; real estate agency services; surety services; charitable fund raising; lending against security; financial customs brokerage services; trusteeship.41 - Organization of lotteries; booking of seats for shows; teaching; arranging and conducting of conferences; lending library services; online publication of electronic books and journals; production of music; providing online videos, not downloadable; entertainment services; zoological garden services.42 - Research and development of new products for others; design and development of multimedia products; surveying; chemical analysis; meteorological information; design of telephones; technical project studies in the field of construction; dress designing; unlocking of mobile phones; software development in the framework of software publishing; platform as a service [paas]; software as a service [saas]; design and development of software in the field of mobile applications; cloud computing; recovery of smartphone data; design and development of virtual reality software; off-site data backup; develop data processing programs based on third-party orders; design and development of electronic data security system; decryption of data; authenticating works of art; cartography services.